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  1. 2016 JDM one
  2. like 2016
  3. So you like the certate LT more than the previous certate? Which one is smoother? Thanks
  4. It becomes collection? Just curious, how much does it worth for a brand new one with both 5000 and 6000 spool? Good luck.
  5. Let me think about it. Thanks
  6. I can do $85 pickup. Thanks for considering
  7. I can do $220. thanks for considering
  8. I am glad to take them, but since ALB said take it first, you can give to him. Thanks
  9. Very nice of you morningwood, happy new year
  10. I am this. Or $70 with the sluggo and fluorocarbon. Thanks
  11. I am going to take it if we can meet at jersey shore. Thanks
  12. Yes, lets talk about the details in pm