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  1. local
  2. $300 for this and buck tail/jig lot together? Thanks.
  3. $100? Thanks for considering.
  4. I am going to take the 3 9wt line. Thanks.
  5. I am going to take it. Thanks.
  6. I am going to pick up the teremar. thanks
  7. can you do Cortland 8wt & 9wt for $35? thanks
  8. I will take the fly cases. thanks
  9. I will take the rod, thanks.
  10. Can we meet for $60? I just want to take a look the guides. Thanks
  11. i will take both, thanks.
  12. May is fine to me, I can wait.
  13. Can you bring it to NJ for $270 when you come? I can either pp you now or cash when we meet. Thanks.
  14. I will take lot 5, thanks.
  15. I will take it, thanks.