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  1. Looking for 8oz egg sinkers. I need 2 dozen and possibly add in some flat banks to fill up a small priority box. Thanks.
  2. Late report. Midway through October my fishing was cut for 3 weeks dealing with the Rona personally and in my house. Sucked but made it through. Was able to get back out fishing 2 weeks ago and boy did I find the skunk. Fished multiple tides, locations, weather patterns and moon phases all to no avail. Finally dialed in this last Saturday night and found fish in places where there were no other anglers. my buddy got everything on the teaser and I got all mine on plugs. Missed more fish than we caught, but definitely bent the rod for a few hours. hit some tog on a buddy’s boat down south Jersey on Sunday in the rough swell, but they had the feed bag on. Had to work through shorts but got 2 nice size keepers. Will be creeping while youre sleeping again soon.
  3. MoCo out front for the pre dawn attempt. Nice waves providing some white water. Went without a hit until the false dawn lit the horizon. Small bait was around, but not visible in large quantities. Saw a fish caught down the beach. Changed tactics and threw a swim shad. Got hit on first cast. Threw back in same location and got hammered behind a wave. Fat schoolie around 24-26”. Got a shad on the teaser and then landed another schoolie before heading off to work. Broke the skunk that’s followed me around my last few trips out.
  4. I’ve been MIA from posting for awhile but thought I’d post up some late reports. ive been back to hitting the surf since early September. Had a short but decent mullet run out front. Caught blues (5-7lbs avg) and bass for 2 full weeks in the same spot. Most days there weren’t any other anglers to deal with. Bite would pick up just around false dawn and last until an hour after sunrise. Even the big blow and high waves didn’t deter the fish from throwing on the feedbag. The second big blow we had ended the run for me. after the mullet run I had some nights of no fish cooperation, but always picking up info. Figuring out some soft structure or lack there of. day break would still have some small blues and fluke around. October hit and the surf dies out. Plenty of bait around, but tougher to find the fish. Calm seas, stained water and wrong spot wrong time. Lost the skunk this morning. Dead low blow out tide, small bait pushed in and a few boils. Landed a decent schoolie and some hickory shad on the teaser. tight lines
  5. offer $95 shipped, immediate PP
  6. Late report from yeaterday. Got out around 0545 in MOCO. Wind was blowing good out of the north with nice clean whitewater. Tough conditions in the dark with timing the casts to the waves. Once visibility improved it was game on with the blues. Hot lures were 1.5oz buck tails, Hopkins shorty and small bottle plugs. Stopped counting at 45.
  7. exactly what was said here. get the blank and put any grips you want on it. the rod is a beast and being less than $100 for the blank you cant go wrong. ive put fluke, blues and bass on the beach with it. it handles anywhere from 1/4oz up to and over the listed 3oz. its so good im going to build a striper special when i get the chance to replace my bigger rod.
  8. What size bottle will this hold?
  9. ill take these. please provide PP information. thanks
  10. I'll take it
  11. could be as far as i know. ive seen seals back there in the colder months and ive see whatever kind of saltwater turtles we have in NJ up in the AK
  12. thread closed. found what i was looking for. thanks SOL
  13. first post in a while in the reports page. not due to a lack of fishing though. hit NOMOCO last night with some free time that i had ( 1730 - 1930 ). worked a section of surfline at the start of the incoming. water was fairly calm with small waves providing a bit of white water over the bars. switched between throwing gulp with jig heads and bucktails for the flat ones. landed 2 short fluke on the gulp and a small snapper as well. first fluke was spitting up mole crabs. nice evenin on the surf.
  14. sorry, i didnt get the notices that you responded. also, ill pass at the price on a used pair. thanks.
  15. as the title says, looking for 7" VS Pliers. let me know what you have.