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    uhh fishing...
  1. Are you asking How to hook a tv up to a computer? cause thats easy you can run a HDMI cable if both peices have that hookup, or a regular Computer monitor cable. I hook my laptop up to my 55" with HDMI and watch all my porn on it! Thats some Big Ole Titties!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah i would have that scared sweat going on, depending on if i ate wings and drank beer the night before would determine if I poo myself
  3. KoQ, Stick to it! i need someone to play with that is constantly worse than me.. it keeps my moral up! dude, I have been doing that too I really like Kill confirmed.
  4. This show has had me from day one, You can not beat HBO. I was so excited to see capone show up.cant wait till sunday!
  5. Well ****, I guess if seadog and KOQ and all you other bitches are gonna play then Ill buy it tonight! I want a Full team tonight then!!!!! I remember when Back op 1 was out seems like yesterday with you guys!
  6. Newport, Best place to be.
  7. I just connected with you, only I grew up in PA and moved to RI then Back to PA.... RI is where I really wanna be. Cant beat the fishing.
  8. I like roast beef !!!!
  9. Bringing back and old post with a good answer is a great way to start your tour here at SOL. But I think we still want a joke.... nothing We have heard before.
  10. DAMN!!
  11. Kerrstriperfisher's thread about 100k before age 30 sparked a thread topic, I am curious what line of work are you in? you dont have to give salary but seriously what do you guys do for a living. ME?--Quality Control Manager for Contruction Operations
  12. Ill play BF3 too
  13. "sensi"
  14. Yeah i know the weather is NICE! Hit me up if anyone ever starts again.
  15. yeah spoli why you no play anymore? I stopped for a awile but have been playing MW3 and its always more fun with people you know.