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  1. A room with a bathroom at the Montauket cost me $96 10 years ago haha.
  2. politics schmolitics. these guys appear to be fishing the hurricane where some places are already under 5'+ of water. That's balls.
  3. I have a first gen 11' Genesis built by Lou Caruso when I went looking for a Cousins GSU 11' (I have the GSU10M and wanted the 11'). I think this one was rated 2-6. I use it for Montauk and places I need heavier duty rods. I throw 3/4oz bucktails and up on it. It does everything I need it to.
  4. that's what I thought too watching it over the water deep out in the south side. I wasn't sure what it was until the next day.
  5. I think I agree on the cubera snapper. The body had a reddish tinge to it that you can't really see in the pic. I've never seen something like this washed up on the beach here—any Montauk regulars see one of these before?
  6. UFOs and weird fish. Anyone know what the hell this thing is (the fish, not SpaceX)? Washed up on the south side, relatively fresh. The body was massive, probably 60+ pounds by my armchair estimation. Also saw a huge stingray that was like 5 feet across.
  7. Hi Dan. Can I get: Smiling Bill: (2) .5oz white with silver flash (2) .75oz white with silver flash and red wraps Bullet Head: (2) 1oz white with silver flash Thanks!
  8. would you guys wait until beach-driving season is over before doing the fluid film? (probably a dumb question...)
  9. not that it's an equal vehicle, but my gf's mother's 2021 RAV4 also has no tow points. apparently it was an option. I don't get it either.
  10. just for fun.
  11. ooo yeah, I don't like the Angry Jeeps either. There should be a law.
  12. it should be ok to just loosen and torque to spec.
  13. try a search like this one and dig around in the posts to see if you can find something that fits your budget. lots of good input in these threads."montauk rod" I use an 11' ODM Genesis 2-6oz.
  14. Dan Tinman might be able to help you out in the commercial BST section
  15. I'm not so sure a Kennedy Fisher blank is the most practical suggestion for the OP haha.