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  1. @DEM Parking Lot thanks for the breakdown. I'll give that a shot and report back. @Captain Tuttle yeah, I've gotten way better advice on this site than one of the 4runner forums.
  2. thanks for the input, all. I don't know the code as I just had the motor/accumulator replaced. I will need to check back with the shop to see if they bled the brakes (probably not, is my guess). No problems braking, but every time I step on the brake pedal the unit is cycling through, which it shouldn't be doing. Not hearing any leaks so it might be something else.
  3. I know this isn't a 4runner forum, but there's some pretty mechanically adept people on this board so I figured I'd ask. I was driving my 2004 4runner last week when suddenly the VSC / VSC TRAC / ABS / BRAKE lights went off on the dash and some crazy siren started. Brake pedal became very difficult to press and stop the car. Figured it was the brake booster assembly and found a remanufactured motor and accumulator for $350 off the ebay and got that installed Friday along with a new seal. Now it's been about 30 miles and the VSC / VSC TRAC lights are still on and I can hear the pump cycling on every time I press the brake pedal. I know it's normal for it to cycle on when starting the car and every few brakes, but this is happening every time I press the brake pedal. If I'm stopped at a light it might cycle on again after 20 seconds while holding the pedal down. Occasionally I hear it cycle on when the pedal is not depressed at all. No issues with braking power or anything like that, but I suspect that maybe the system isn't holding pressure as it should. I don't know if this is a thing where I'm hyper aware of it and listening every time I hit the brakes or if it's normal. The manual even states: Brake System, Page 277: "You may hear a small sound in the engine compartment after the engine is started or brake pedal is depressed repeatedly. This is a pump pulsating sound of the brake system, and it is not a malfunction." Am I just being paranoid or does this sound off to anyone else?
  4. where did you get that collapsible rod rack? From BOTE? mine is solid. Nice setup on this. I need to copy haha.
  5. picked up a new benchmade. mini-adamas—full size not legal to carry in NYC, but very comparable in size to the regular griptillian.
  6. Can’t hate. Good for her. Great fish.
  7. i can't find a difference between saltwater waders and freshwater waders. they all rip if you're sliding down rocks.
  8. Hi Bill. Can I do a few size 1/0 Clousers with painted eyes: 2 - olive/white 2 - red/white Thanks!
  9. got it in last night.
  10. i use the viair 88. works fine for my tires (265/70/17) i usually go from 18 to 36psi.
  11. I got my ticket directly from the site (search Breezy Point ORV). The link on the NPS site never appeared for me. Not sure if they are selling more, but they probably should since as of 1005 the link was still not available and I think it sold out for the day already.
  12. too busy laughing at all your crying.
  13. the snowflakes never fail to take offense
  14. if the enemy is lily then consider me compromised.