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  1. would like to see NY join on this. not holding my breath for NJ DE and MD.
  2. Tried fishing south of the fire since downwind was a no-go. Nice looking water but no fish.
  3. i feel like a lot of people don't respect the IRI enough to stay safe. it is a very safe looking jetty. then again, any kind of freak wave can happen. i always tell this story but my uncle was properly geared up and still got knocked in there. He popped his PFD, lost his VS, and a boat picked him up. he got swept up with another guy who nearly drowned, but the boat saved his ass too.
  4. seconded, thirded, quad-ed. have a bunch of Tinman bucktails from 1/2oz to 3oz that did very well for me this season. no reason to buy anywhere else.
  5. will the 8' suzuki's be available on your web site?
  6. just an update on this: insurance covered the electrical caused by flood damage; however they totaled the car as the work was more than 80% of the car's total worth. a look at the harness near where it plugs in to the ECU showed several cracked wires, and like Giant Basshole said, they were quite thin and crumbling apart. No doubt a more electrically savvy dude could piece it back together, but I really feel I would be back in this position again not long from now. Anyhow, insurance gave me $5500 for the car, which is more than I thought I'd get and I didn't have to buy any mice or gerbils to compel them, so that's good. Thanks for all the help, insight, and humor!
  7. was also apparently used as a dumping ground for bodies... great read on it here on this guy's blog * "The isolated nature of Fountain Avenue made it an ideal dumping ground for mafia victims, including those dispatched by Murder Inc., Gambino crime family, and the DeMeo Crew, which operated a car repair shop nearby."
  8. sounds like those gerbils had an interesting life.... i might be able to sell their story to the Enquirer and get enough spare cash to swap the harness... unfortunately I think it's too late to wind up the old insurance-fraud fastball as there's already a couple Subaru diagnostic reports on the problem, and rodents don't appear in any of them.
  9. thanks for the insight and advice, guys. i think the best thing at this point is to part out some of it and get rid of the car. i'm holding on to it like a bad relationship, thinking if i can do just one more thing it'll run again. this has been a year-long process and I've spent almost 3k in repairs in that time. i keep wishing there's gotta be a DIY fix for it, but I think you're right that the harness has to go and that anything less than that in this case would only be temporary. thanks again!
  10. Heyoo. I posted this in a Subaru forum and got no answers. Hoping someone might have some insight here. So I'm at a crossroads with my 2005 Subaru Forester XT. I've had a lingering electrical issue causing a CEL P0447 and the car has been worked over by various mechanics in the past year. A little backstory, the car got flooded with about 2" of water on the passenger side (where the ECU is) a couple years ago and the CEL has been on ever since. The ECU definitely got wet, and after a lot of back and forth, replacing the evaporation can, the CEL was still there. The mechanic swapped ECUs from another 2005 XT and was able to get rid of the CEL, but obviously couldn't start the car due to the immobilizer. Took the car back and drove it for a few months with the CEL and everything was unremarkable. Ran fine, but smog was coming up so I finally bit the bullet and took the car to the dealership, had them do a diagnostic, and we replaced the ECM. Car ran pretty much fine for 2 weeks. No issues, no CEL. Then one morning I go out and it won't start. Try and try and try and one time it kicks over and run it for 15 minutes no issues. Try again later and it won't start again. Get it towed to the dealership and they can't figure out what's going on for a month. Finally today I get the final diagnostic report (attached below). $4400 to replace the wiring harness. Apparently there's a bad ground somewhere leading to the main relay. They're able to "trick" the car into starting by bypassing the main relay, but they think there may be other issues as well. They don't know exactly where the bad wire is, but it's SOA (Subaru of America) SOP to replace the whole thing if there are any issues at all with the harness. SO, a couple things: obviously it's not worth spending $4400 to replace the harness. For that money I could buy the exact same car over again at this point. Replacing the harness myself is beyond my skill level. Subaru suggested maybe contacting an electrical shop, but basically they're throwing up their hands if I'm not going to replace the harness through them (an aside, another Subaru dealership quoted me $3300 just for the harness). Has anyone successfully dealt with a bulkhead harness problem without going to Subaru and having them replace the whole thing? Seems a shame to junk the car because fixing it is more than the car is worth, but it looks like it's going in that direction. Is this the end? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Kil! I got to meet you briefly at the Striper Day show, asking about the 8' Suzuki. Do you know what shops in the NYC/LI area are going to carry those rods? I have some cash burning a hole in my wallet waiting for the 8' to come out, ha!
  12. what about under the wetsuit? do you wear quick drying shirts and/or shorts? avoid cotton? what about socks? I can't imagine walking from spot to spot in a place like Montauk with wet socks and waterlogged boots could be good for your feet over a bunch of hours. how do you avoid this?
  13. hey i'm in brooklyn also. maybe i'll see you on the beach this season.
  14. i said the same exact thing to myself. wonder how many others did.
  15. Don’t worry Dave. I saw you there with the neck brace. I just couldn’t remember who said he was gonna be there with the neck brace haha.