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  1. Nice my 4000 is coming this week
  2. Don’t forget the 12 that show up when people ride a dirt bike or ATV in the middle of a unused sandpit lol
  3. Captain America Zeebaas. Cool color combo
  4. Hey guys, I just did a really quick “service” of my JDM Saltiga 5000h (thanks scooby for showing how to deal with mag seal all those times). The bearings were fine, etc, some parts just needed a regreasing in the gearbox. Anyway, it was pretty easy....but stupid me misplaced one damn screw part# h50-3901 on the schematic (one of the three screws that holds the collar to the rotor). If I contact Daiwa will they sell me a few? Would local service centers have this in stock? I never really delt with Daiwa parts other than sending in for full service and no US websites seem to stock Daiwa. I know there’s a rep on here but forget who it is. All for one little screw
  5. The slammer and New VI minus the long cast and live liner have the same exact sealing as per Tackle Advisors/Scoobys video. The difference is bronze gear vs Aluminium, aluminum rotor vs graphite, titanium shaft vs SS, handle, and dura drag vs HT100. So sealing/size being the same it’s up to you if the beefed up internals are worth the extra $$. To me yes, unless you want the bailess 4500.
  6. I was literally just watching Elias use this exact rod on his new kayak bass video. Same question as ThrowinPlugs, does it function well for banks or tossing bombers/SPs in the back bays as well?
  7. I don’t think you can say websites on here per the rules, but the one good thing about Penn be it a vintage US reel, or new China models is there are big sites dedicated to just penn reels with full schematics, etc. I literally rebuilt an entire Torque 1, old International 20T and 30SW last year without ever having to even call Penn itself.
  8. This 100%. Equating responsible C&R to “you might as well just keep/kill the fish” because of a blanket estimate on the small mortality of released fish is like god forbid your Doctor saying “Sir you have cancer, we determined with treatment you have a 91% chance of living a normal healthy life....but you know that 9%...we’re just gonna pull the plug instead”
  9. Beautiful reel I have a 8000DF, and a 5500 Expedition I had to let go. The quality in these is top notch.
  10. Don’t understand why your all attacking OP. The guy posted is somewhat well known around LI and quite easy to find on social media, he even was a “tester” for certain rods and products I will not mention. I see nothing wrong with transparency on any platform. And really calling people “total unknowns” just because they aren’t in the 2000 post club? It’s SOL not Hollywood.
  11. I don’t understand how you can get a BG from literally any big box outdoor geared store, boat store, tackle shop(obviously), Amazon, etc, yet they can’t stock spare parts for it? It’s not like it’s a specialized reel...pretty ridiculous.
  12. I don’t want to stir any pots because I don’t know the guy at all, but me and my friends starting following said individual on IG for a while now and we always are questioning stuff posted...it’s def not just you.
  13. I give you credit, I just turned 30 and am a whimp on the surf jetties. I only have the strap on Korkers but just cant seem to get comfortable with them hopping on sideways boulders that are wet and slime covered. Im looking for something more confidence inspiring as well. Last year while albie fishing I actually slipped and fell between 2, thankfully it was daytime and low tide. Couldve been bad.
  14. I’d also say the new spin fisher, it has good gearing, easy service, and the best sealing of those listed. The saltist backbay is probably the best quality of them, but doesn’t have a perimeter body seal, also the mag seal isn’t the friendliest to dunks.
  15. BlacktipH is obviously one of the most famous youtube anglers and arguably has had the most celebrity figures on his channel. However his release efforts are always questionable. If you watch alot of videos he documents every little thing until release, you rarely see one of his big catches (besides grouper) filmed swimming off very well which alot find strange. A lot of his shark vids just end with a caption "the shark swam away fine". Who knows.