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  1. Visser concept is looking better and better lol. I think ICAST will be a big tell tale this year. I have a strong feeling the Penn Torque was also discontinued, even before the supply chain stuff they haven't been in stock in any of the big online retailers. Only place you seem them is old stock on eBay. I'm guessing Van Staals niche market of the northeast and Florida wasn't selling enough and they are trying to appeal to a larger market.
  2. The people on the two Big Facebook groups are clueless compared to the info you'll get here. Most of it is just buying and selling the same Gold reels in mint condition for 1200-1800 and then fighting about what color braid to put on it.
  3. Nope, saltwaters tackle out here on Longisland sent out a notice that they received the last shipment of the VSX series earlier in the week. Too me it'll come down to the "guts". If it's just a VSB with a lighter rotor and bailess kit not impressed. (Not that I don't like the VSB but you get the point)
  4. Not generation but an upgrade that was sent out to customers or sold on later models. Penn changed the shaft so you could use shims. If you pop off the spool and take a pic you can tell which you have right away.
  5. I'll take it for the $900 shipped @Bugbear
  6. Could you post the serial # range? Or pm me a pic if not comfortable showing it? (Mods not for private dealings but sellers serial # privacy)
  7. Agreed, the OFS/Offshore spinner is basically an old school tank with a modern approach. I know it was one of Alan Hawks favorite reels for the price. I have a 6500 still ticking. Heavy as hell but SS gears, tons of line capacity, backup reverse, all metal. I hope they bring it back. TD only has the 4500 and 5500 left but they're on closeout for like 100 bucks
  8. I think pure-fishing is going for a complete re-design of Fin-Nor. The Marquesa line has been out of production I believe for quite a while (they were dirt cheap BNIB on the auction site a while back as closeouts). Last time I checked maybe a year ago they had two budget conventional options, a really cheap spinner, the Lethal line, and the Offshore line still in stock at most places. Then I saw on social media maybe 3 months ago the new Brand logo and sunglasses being launched. I'm willing to bet with Pure-fishings recent accusations that Fin-Nor will be nothing like it's past self. I mean launching sunglasses as your first new product line seems like a tell tale.
  9. They aren't very good with emails. The key is to call the office imo. I'm selling most of my reels and keeping my Zs. I have all the self service stuff but will send in a reel once in a while, turn around time is usually 2 weeks or less. The big problem for me is availability of the reels themselves nowadays even for generic colors. I know all reels are put together by hand by a small staff and that's part of the main selling point. However people shouldnt be waiting over 8 months for such a simple build if parts are properly stocked. I'm sure they have a lot of orders but it's still a niche market...
  10. New logo is horrible. I always liked the Marlin/sail in gold. Last spinners were the Lethal and big beast Offshore. Last US made was the Ahab tho.
  11. The MQ BG/Saltist has zinc gearing but it's still thick material and large teeth. Most of the problems people have with them are corrosion from surf fishing not actually breaking gears. So if your on a boat that shouldn't be much of a problem. A tip for all the new MQ style reels is take off the bottom plate and grease the rubber seal, they all ship dry, then just put it back together being careful not to over torque the small screws. You can actually even grease the main gear from the bottom if you wanted. This simple bit of "pre-maintance" gets rid of one large water entry point. I'm a daiwa fan but really can't stand magseal no matter how hard I try. Also keep in mind you can find discount codes from some sites where a Certate SW won't break the bank only problem is your stuck starting with an 8K which isn't bad but your looking for a light reel. There's also always the Saltiga BJ which probably has the best gearset, is light, etc but unless you buy from a JDM site will run you $$$. The 4000 is about the size of a 5-6k stella. The Certate HD (older gold model is also a great Daiwa reel but discontinued).
  12. 100% what came to mind. I'd say the only way to confirm is get the schematic for two same size reels and compare part #s. As Alan Hawk pointed out "digigear" has been defined differently on different countries websites multiple times over the years. Digigear in itself base meaning is digitally cut. Example Daiwa Japan uses the term "Tough Digigear" to describe the gearing in the Exist, which is obviously not the same gearing in the BG/Saltist.
  13. Its got to be the same Zinc gear from the BG MQ...I mean that's literally how Daiwas lineup works with spinning reels. Come out with a base "body" then swap parts between 10 different versions even if it's just cosmetic.
  14. Hey man check your pm lol
  15. I guess last bump, anyone?