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  1. Selling a Brand New never used Seigler SM star drag in red #305. Purchased, spooled with Jbraid 50# but never saw the outside of my house. Asking $350 shipped. Also for sale is a very good condition, 9/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically Saltiga Z 4000H I recently purchased from a member here. Reel is buttery smooth, spooled with 45#, 100% made in Japan. I hate to sell this one as I never even got a chance to fish it. But things come up. $375 firm. Please see pics for reference.
  2. Can you go $375 shipped?
  3. Ok, good luck with sale
  4. I just got one to replace my generic “green striper logo” bag. Honestly I like how the flap can hold tins and buck tails, it’s comfortable, price is great......but the overall feel is eh. My main problem is the plug storage, the boxes are tall but not very wide( stuff gets wedged with bigger hooks). Also due to the strong Velcro seal you can’t really have anything pop out higher than the plastic storage cups otherwise it won’t seal. I do like the feel and size, but also find myself missing my simple no name bag that had nice wide storage and hook cut outs.
  5. Yellow SS Darter and an Al-gag jetty shad
  6. White for me
  7. If PLajoie doesn’t want it, I respectfully offer $350 via PayPal
  8. I’ve been waiting for this, I literally look forward to your “reviews” every time I open up YouTube
  9. Respectively offer 360$ pp
  10. Fishy do you know if it has the upgraded spool shaft so it could be shimmed?
  11. Interested in some pictures if possible as well
  12. Selling a very good condition VS200SX bailess model purchased winter 2016. I am the original owner (still have original receipt). Used for 2 1/2 seasons, has the usual usage scratches on the handle knob and some rash on the bottom(shown in pics). Comes with orignal box, bag, paperwork, etc. Other than that 10/10 mechanically and 9/10 cosmetically imo. $620.00 shipped via pp insured
  13. Yeah defiantly. I always have some on me but need to keep with it more. When I do hook up I like them obv for strength/simplicity and the single hook vs treble.
  14. Agreed I feel like onboard air is very underlooked and one of those things you dont think about much but end up using a ton. I have an ARB mounted under my Jeeps hood and has come in handy many times a beach/trail etc has no hoses or pumps.