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  1. Respectively offer 360$ pp
  2. Fishy do you know if it has the upgraded spool shaft so it could be shimmed?
  3. Interested in some pictures if possible as well
  4. Selling a very good condition VS200SX bailess model purchased winter 2016. I am the original owner (still have original receipt). Used for 2 1/2 seasons, has the usual usage scratches on the handle knob and some rash on the bottom(shown in pics). Comes with orignal box, bag, paperwork, etc. Other than that 10/10 mechanically and 9/10 cosmetically imo. $620.00 shipped via pp insured
  5. Yeah defiantly. I always have some on me but need to keep with it more. When I do hook up I like them obv for strength/simplicity and the single hook vs treble.
  6. Agreed I feel like onboard air is very underlooked and one of those things you dont think about much but end up using a ton. I have an ARB mounted under my Jeeps hood and has come in handy many times a beach/trail etc has no hoses or pumps.
  7. Good info thanks
  8. I need practice on the bucktail I guess. I always start out with one but then move onto weighted/jighead soft plastics, fish them like a bucktail and always seem to get better results.
  9. I like it, was actually considering buying one off amazon just the other day
  10. On my gosa 6K I had the slight gear/handle wobble that drove me nuts. I emailed Alan Hawk about it and said it was normal on the reel and once I spooled it up and fished it I prob wouldnt even notice. He was right, but I dont know if thats the same issue you are having as mine was more gear play than off balance.
  11. They are no doubt sexy looking
  12. Lol, hes right though. Check out his instagram
  13. Reel X/Corrosion X has become my favorite. And a little goes a long way.
  14. Im liking the pool noodle idea
  15. I always wonder how much gulp I’m “eating” whenever I harvest a fluke lol