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  1. Just curious was the JDM one a reel with a gearing option, etc not offered in the US? Otherwise I'd assume for example a 6000hg would be the same as a USDM 6000hg.
  2. I saw as well, ashame. It did also state they lost a family member, but S&S was in every tackle shop on the east coast...very surprised no one would have took over.
  3. Idk what happened since the lockdowns or w/e but all my spots have become cluster you know what's. Even spots that literally maybe I and 4 friends were the only ones you'd ever see there. I understand fishing in lineups out front or easy access areas...but for me fishing was about getting away from people and the noise. Like the above poster said I guess I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and drive more or fish out front already.
  4. It literally won't change at all for me. Unless I'm on a buddy's boat jigging I rarely catch over slot and even then I don't keep bass anymore. I've learned to simply view it as a sport I enjoy.
  5. jk20a3

    Okuma Tesoro

    Been interested in this reel also. It was introduced at Icast like 2 years ago then they started advertising it again but I have yet to see anything about one other than Okumas site and Alan Hawks website background. I thought he would have a review by now but it seems like he takes 3 years to put out content nowadays.
  6. Platinum service is technically dead. Imo horrible business move, I guarantee Platinum service sold people on Stellas etc vs a competitor on that alone. You'd think after Covid these businesses would find or invest in better supply sourcing.
  7. So much for VS Craig's "from Cabo to the Canal" while showing off the new 300. That rotor will be fine for Stripers and the usual inshore stuff but I wouldn't trust it to any pelagics. Then again it obviously all depends on how much drag you can handle like anything else.
  8. There is a thread about 2 pages back titled "Van Staal VS200X2 New Rotors!" by Ged. It shows some decent closeups of the new rotor that might help better. It is hard to tell without a direct side x side. Also probably depends on the shop...aka the known VS dealers n service centers are getting the fix while big box style stores are most likely still just shipping w/e stock they have.
  9. Dave you can delete this if you want but as the owner of some OTF microtechs but not being a enthusiast, is storing them in my safe in the open position the technical proper way? I would assume this has something to do with compressing a spring like if a magazine is stored loaded for too long?
  10. All I know is when I used to watch John Skinner's videos he'd limit out fluke to seabass 5x over in his tin cans more than I could in a classic whaler or my buddies Parker lol
  11. I think this is where the Florida guys will come into play and be the deciding factor for us. Obviously alot of Van Staals down there are used for anything from shark or tarpon, etc. If it doesn't break on them then our stripers, blues, and occasional sand bars won't be a big deal.
  12. jk20a3

    Magseal oil

    Alan Hawk has changed his homepage image to the Okuma Tesoro which I assume means he will be dropping a review of that reel. It only comes in larger sizes but the specs intrigue me. Which also brings me back to his review of the Saltiga. He called the 20' Saltiga "the perfect reel", which is quite a praise...but still won't add any to his toplist rankings for the simple fact that is magseal.
  13. jk20a3

    Magseal oil

    I remember a old video from tackle advisors that listed the actual supplying company. The problem is (besides opening the reel etc) Daiwa uses different ferrofluid for different applications. For example the magseal bearings use a specific "formula" then say the main seal under the rotor...and the roller might use even a different one. Daiwa does still list the 5 year warranty/clean service with a supposed day or two turn around but I haven't heard of anyone actually trying it personally.
  14. jk20a3

    Magseal oil

    I think if they ditched magseal sales would no doubt increase. Idk how many posts from here to YouTube you have people really wanting the Saltiga, but opt for say the Stella SW just for the mag oil hesitancy. Imo Daiwa probably acknowledges this but is so far down the rabbit hole as others have stated that if they did a complete 180 people would then ask "well what happened to your exclusive and magical ferrofluid?". So imo they are gonna be stuck with it. Also when they put it in the really budget reels like the Fuego LT, when it's time to service its almost not even worth it.
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