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  1. 200 here
  2. I am, the max I could go would be $750 respectively
  3. Haha that is a beautiful reel man! But was referring to LeoNYC actually
  4. Has the reel been registered or mounted on a rod? Or is it straight out of box?
  5. Agreed, its not just about internal sealing either but overall longevity as well. Any reel treated with some kind of paint just doesn't hold up compared to something that can be anodized or powder coated. For example I had two Daiwa Expeditions, both were fished from the beach but no where near the wash, reels performed great and were babied after use. Both reels paint started chipping after 2 trips then the bubbling started...effect function? nope. But should a 1000$ reel look like I beat it against the rocks and left it in the salt after a few trips...no. Now as much as I love using my little Stella and Stradic if I do any kind of beach fishing with high salt/mist in the air (or obviously standing in the wash) it has to be something like a VS, ZB, Torque, VR, Slammer, even BG...anything without "fancy" paint.
  6. I have a older Lami GSB built for a VS200, not gonna lie Ive thrown everything on there that isn't larger than the VS200 spool diameter. From a little 5K Shimano size to a big Saltiga. Never had a problem but I'm not a distance enthusiast or rod builder either.
  7. Sounds good. PM incoming
  8. Not a regular VS but have a like new VSX150S I was asking 600$ shipped PayPal for. Pics can be seen in my WTS thread.
  9. If the back bay has enough line capacity for your application then 100% go for the back bay. It has a superior gear train and is super smooth. The regular Saltist (black and blue) is really just a Daiwa BG with magseal. The back bay model has the improved aluminum gear vs cast zinc.
  10. If Saragosas and the Spheros SW hold up well then I see no reason the Stella SWC won’t. I wouldn’t swim with it or drop it in the sand but it definitely has the sealing to stand up to surf casting.
  11. I use Van Staal only because of availability, other wise Zeebaas 100%. From the brilliant side cover access plate to the way they function (no back play similar to a bailed VS), and of course US sourced parts. Also imo the 2 rollers on the traverse guide/main shaft is a huge improvement over the sacrificial metal on metal rails built into the main body of a VS.
  12. Local: J&H for convenience and price, Whitewater Outfitters for knowledge and fly gear Online: Tomos or Saltwater Edge
  13. I almost forget what it feels like to fight a big gorilla blue on a popper let alone getting sore during a blitz of them. I’m 31, I’ve fished all my life but only got into serious surf fishing over the past 10 years or so which is nothing to most guys on here and even I recall considering them a “nuisance” only a few years back when bass were around. Now I miss it, I miss being able to just fight a fish that pulls, over the last 2 years I’ve downsized almost all my tackle and even taken up fly fishing...
  14. Respectfully appreciate all offers but decided to keep and fish for a while, may relist in the near future at a lower price since it will most likely be used more.
  15. I appreciate this post very much, now I just gotta figure out the model #s