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  1. JnH is my main go to mainly because of inventory and only being a few minutes away. I like dealing with Josh directly however (and he does answer almost all questions himself online) if Im making a large or specific purchase since I know he will get it right. The only thing that ruins it sometimes is well....tax of course. Thats why I will use a place like TD, I always try to support local but lets say I can save even 60$ in tax Im probably going the cheaper route. Both shops Ive never really had a negative experience with, but those are just my experiences. I do wish however JnH implemented some form of rewards type program, I feel thats one of the few things they are missing as Ive spent wayyy too much money there over the past 10 years or so lol, it would be nice to get rewarded say like TD's points system. At the same time I would never attack or blame someone if they had a bad experience at either.
  2. I actually have a stupid question regarding the VR. I picked up a new VR150, reel is smooth/fine but when I took the spool off it sounds like a salt shaker (the spool itself not the reel body). Is this normal on the bigger VRs? It almost feels like my drag stack is half missing and moving around inside lol. Only experience I’ve had is with the VR50 and VSXs which I know have a different sealing design and didn’t notice it.
  3. There’s a thread that’s 27 pages long just a few posts down. Not trying to be an ass just saying. I think they have the SaltX still listed as pre-order for some reason.
  4. Just some input. Placed an order at 12pm for a VR150, received the tracking info by 4pm. They also fixed the TD points I was missing from a previous purchase which I was able to redeem for 60$ off. Free shipping, no tax charged (unlike many sites are implementing for states such as NY)....I can’t complain.
  5. So the parks dept posted this BS "update" as usual. Its horribly vague/worded. Are they saying fishermen have full 24 hour access again, or just access to fish the inlet?
  6. Locking for now, decided I don’t really want to sell it. Might move a Saltiga instead.
  7. Ok if your comfortable doing a money order its yours. Im out east on LI so meet up would be out. If so PM me for info
  8. It would depend where you are located?
  9. Hi, 2nd Generation
  10. No sorry, thanks for offer
  11. Price drop $600 shipped PayPal for a quick sale before it goes on that dirty auction site
  12. Had a Okuma Makaira 10,000, on order for some time. Came in from Okuma yesterday to TD, tracking says it will be here tomorrow(that’s almost less than a day turn around). I agree the system is still messed up, as when you buy a pricier item from them the “points” they give you can really add up. For example I should have received 2000 points which could be redeemed for $60 off a new order. That still hasn’t shown up on my account nor that my reel shipped. It seems email is working but the customer accounts are still not working or behind.
  13. I know there’s an Aussie company (forget the name) that makes booties like above with studs. But I hear they wear down fast, tempting price though.
  14. Selling one of my Zeebaas reels. Its a ZX5 loaded with fresh #50 power pro. I serviced it myself a few months ago, havent fished since. Reel is in great condition, single pickup rotor is new from Zeebaas as it was originally a bailed model so it also has the nicer extended handle. Cosmetics around a 8.5/10, Function 10/10. Only marks are near the bottom right side-side plate as seen in pics. Comes with box, everything seen. Hate to sell it but my pre-order for the Okuma MK-10K came in and I have a ZX-27 already. Asking 725$ shipped via paypal. Please see pics.
  15. It’s about time, Alan Hawk was talking about the release like 3 years ago. I finally saw some in stock on a big site this week