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  1. The key with Tackle Direct is ONLY order an item that shows live stock, if you do that it'll usually get shipped within a day. Never pre-order or order anything that has the "expected guestimates".
  2. Hi, I'm in Port-Jeff Station area, however my work schedule makes meet ups hard. It's easier to ship for me even close. -John
  3. Bump $450 shipped for a brand new VR150B Looking for a quick sale
  4. Selling a brand new VR150B (new gen obviously). Picked it up right around when Ged did his teardown. Has been sitting on my desk since, decided I don't really need it. Comes with Box, Bag, etc. 500$ Shipped paypal
  5. I was literally just thinking this after browsing the BST the last week no joke lol.
  6. Curious as well actually, I sent mine in almost 3 months ago for water intrusion and also told them to hold it until the “upgrades” came in. That might have been a bad choice of words because still nothing, thankfully I have way too many reels
  7. I think their cause is good but they out right lie on what the reel is (at least the previous gen I havent seen the new SW ones). They make claims like we designed these reels from the ground up...blah blah. And they have special saltwater resistant ARs. In the end you can find the exact reel minus the Florida logo on sites like alibaba, etc. All China picked OEM stuff thrown together. They do look nice though lol.
  8. The NE is filled with @ssholes who put the "I'm just trying to make a living for my family" guilt on everyone. Our fishery is all about consumption whether your recreational or commercial. Down South more and more people actually fish for sporting reasons. Things will never change up here until people lose the "old salt" mentality and generational elitism.
  9. The downside of a lot of these documentaries however is a large portion of the people who watch are sheep and do not think or research deeper into whatever they are being presented (I'm not talking about anyone here, but let's say the non-fishing crowd). For example, shady mass commercial fishing is = to the guy standing at the beach with some fishing rods and must hate the environment.
  10. I just saw some silver models of the upgraded VR series that were originally only in black. It seems like everything is all over the place. If you look at the manufacturer date on some of the "new" VR125-150Bs they were made a decent while ago probably sitting in a Chinese warehouse waiting for small parts...it defiantly wasn't for marketing because VS literally put out none. As far as used reels go you have to watch ebay, and the usual marketplaces but the BST here is usually decent people who try to tell the truth. I've sold and bought many reels on the BST here without issue.
  11. I picked up a beater on here a while back. TRQ5 gen 1 black bailess. I literally stripped it to the skeletal frame and bought all new parts from mystic including the side plates (gears and spool were still fine) for under 120$. I sold it for around the same (maybe 50$ more than a Slammer III). I feel you. Even the closeouts some shops had on them I wish I jumped on.
  12. I'll take a slightly upgraded torque 2 with a Ti spool lip and taller spool with better line lay from the factory so you don't have to underspool them. Then just a little bigger gearset and I'll sell all my Japanese reels and China VS for them. Offer a better sealed model for surf fishing and a model for Pelagics with about the sealing it has now.
  13. Tomos is great, especially being out of state for me no tax. Last year around this time because of Covid they offered 15-20% off everything including the high end reels. That's a decent discount off a $1K reel
  14. This was at least 2 or 3 years ago I had a newer Catalina serviced (the tan color). It was only cleaned, re-magsealed, etc (basic service). The reel was pretty new so I can't say if anything major needed replacing iff they would have the parts...probably not but then again it had the same gearing as the 2015 Saltigas so who knows.