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  1. How does one go about obtaining the tags originally? I caught quite a few the past 2 summers.
  2. Thanks guys
  3. Recently grabbed a baby VR, Just wondering what’s been the main line most people are spooling on their VR50s? 20# or 30#? According to Daiwa the new j braid grand 30 is equal to PE3...but I also don’t want to cast away my whole spool
  4. I will do that. PM incoming Sold
  5. Thanks for offer but I'll have to decline, Id just be losing too much.
  6. TTT Brand new Spooled Seigler SM still available, lifetime warranty. Price drop $300 firm shipped PayPal
  7. Very true. Thanks for pointing that out. Saltiga Z is Sold.
  8. Selling a Brand New never used Seigler SM star drag in red #305. Purchased, spooled with Jbraid 50# but never saw the outside of my house. Asking $350 shipped. Also for sale is a very good condition, 9/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically Saltiga Z 4000H I recently purchased from a member here. Reel is buttery smooth, spooled with 45#, 100% made in Japan. I hate to sell this one as I never even got a chance to fish it. But things come up. $375 firm. Please see pics for reference.
  9. I just got one to replace my generic “green striper logo” bag. Honestly I like how the flap can hold tins and buck tails, it’s comfortable, price is great......but the overall feel is eh. My main problem is the plug storage, the boxes are tall but not very wide( stuff gets wedged with bigger hooks). Also due to the strong Velcro seal you can’t really have anything pop out higher than the plastic storage cups otherwise it won’t seal. I do like the feel and size, but also find myself missing my simple no name bag that had nice wide storage and hook cut outs.
  10. Yellow SS Darter and an Al-gag jetty shad
  11. White for me