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    Aging sux. There was something else i was going to write but i can't remember what it was.
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    Fish and hunt
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    Retired - Detroit Fire Dept.
  1. I'm fishing with Two Fish Charters. We are allowed 5 rods. I have an Okuma Metaloid 5iin 30lb braid on a Black Hole rod for jigging and bottom fishing #2 is a Penn Fathom 25n 2 speed 65lb braid on a XXH Ugly Tiger Elite for bottom/bait/jigging. #3 is Daiwa BG 5000 40 lb braid on a Shimano Trevala for back up jigging and for switching between right handed spinning and right handed conventional to give my old a$$ arm a break. #4 is Daiwa BG 5000 150 yds 20lb braid and 150 yds of 20lb mono on a 7' Tiger Elite for live lining/fly lining for yellowtail snapper etc. I was going to bring a lighter spinner for catching bait but would rather have a rod ready for pitching iron or plugs for Dolphin, Wahoo, Cobia etc and the only thing I have in my arsenal would be that 9' surf rod with a Penn 704z.
  2. I'm booked on a trip next spring with some friends to the Dry Tortugas. This is mostly bottom bait and jigging but they also do some live lining and plug/iron casting. I don't have a rod specific to that application and was wondering if anyone has ever used there shorter surf rods on a boat casting plugs. I have a 9' Tica surf rod with a Penn 704z and was hoping this might work. Any thoughts?
  3. Daughter lives in Portland so we're coming for a visit and rented a place in Harpswell for a week. Bringing a couple yaks and hopefully some fishing gear. Anything i can target at that time of year? Will be there from the 5th-12th. Or charter party boat options?
  4. I'm going pass on the rod.
  5. Price if you split??? Still interested in the rod.
  6. I would be interested in just the rod if would consider splitting them up. If so, could you give me a price for just the Avid?
  7. BSA=Better Stay Away
  8. I just checked them out on their website and look really good. My only concern would be they are not rated very high in the "lifting" category.
  9. Interested in Pic #1 lot. Can you give me a break down on the whole lot? i.e. how many packages of each size?
  10. Hard to believe that nobody had grabbed this. Just for info, which model Leupold is it? i.e. Vari-x I or II, VX, or ?
  11. I sent a PM stating it was no longer available. I didn't start this thread. Skiharder did and i offered my drytop to him, I didn't offer it to anyone else. While i was waiting for his reply, i changed my mind. There were no underhanded deals by PMs. Just the PMs i got from Atomb busting my chops. I think i will just back out gracefully and hereby rescind my membership. Have a nice day gents.
  12. Took a pic but it came out to dark, Gonna have to get one in the daylight. All i have is a phone for taking pics. In the meantime, here is a link to Stohlquist. It looks just like the one pictured as far as style, but the colors are different. Mine is called Slate/Sand. Slate (dark gray) is the predominant color and Sand i would call "Bone" colored. MSRP is $249.00 ---
  13. I can take some with my phone later this afternoon.
  14. Need any lead?
  15. These are nice rifles, i own one. Unless this rifle was built this year, you can swap barrels with a 17hmr which is what i did. Takes about 3 minutes. You can also turn it into a 22LR but you need to swap the bottom metal and magazine also because of the difference in cartridge length.