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  1. JonC good to know. I'll try blazing it with a two handed strip.
  2. Surfrat, I have tried 1.5 ips intermediate line. With all the different combos of line/flies/retrieves you'd think I would have at least foul hooked one Thanks Hilltop. It looks good. I'm constantly checking to make sure the material hasn't bunched up on one side. I'll try a bit of lead wire. Black and purple is one of the few color combos I haven't tried. Going to give it a shot today. And next unfishable day I'm going to tie some Beasts and hollows. The more digging I do the more it seams the Beast is the way to go.
  3. Seadogg, those hollow ties are beautiful. I will use them as a template to gauge my success in trying to duplicate them. Just a bit of context, the area I fish is approximately the size of a pond. I fish it every day, weather permitting from mid-May to the end of June. I know the bass are there as i'll frequently mark a wall of bunker with a mark(s) swimming behind it. Other times, especially on flat days, I'll see bunker pushing a V shaped wake where you know bass are on them waiting for one to separate from the school. Many days, when I get frustrated, I'll grab the spinning rod and snag and drop a bunker and almost always get on. Throwing flies during the day certainly brings lowered expectations, but I've been fishing this area hard for 3 years and don't remember even getting a follow or a tail whack. I'm definitely going to give the Beast and hollow ties a shot. Kicking myself for not spending the winter tying them up.
  4. Thanks Ftyer. The Beast Fleye is one of the few flies I haven't tried. I'm a bit intimidated by that tie, don't know why as I've had reasonable success with every other pattern I've tied. As far as bunker schools, one of the great things about the spot I fish is that once the bunker move in, they're there every day until the end of June, early July. Takes the guesswork out of where to fish for the day. Has anyone purchased a Beast Fleye and been satisfied with the tie?
  5. Frustrated. Can not get get bigger stripers interested in large bunker flies. A salt marsh near my house fills in nicely at the end of April with schoolies. I have pretty good success fishing them-it's a small area that sometimes gets packed with schoolies in the 18-26" range, it can be lights out sometimes. Yesterday, right on time, schools of bunker moved in and as a result bigger bass. My problem is I just can't get them interested in my fly. I throw big jointed bunker flies with a 10wt on a full sink line. I've tried every strip I can think of, quick strips with a pause, sink to the bottom and retrieve, long slow pulls, stripping it as soon as it hits the water, dumping out the whole line and backing up the kayak until it comes tight. I've tried different colors, pink, chartreuse, olive, black, nada. As soon as I switch to my 9 or 8wt and throw smaller flies, it's back to schoolies. Thoughts or ideas?
  6. Thanks to all for the recommendations. I took all of them seriously and used them to research my purchase. In the end I went with the Colton Terrapin. Thanks again fellas.
  7. That Terrapin looks fantastic.
  8. ^telling screen name
  9. I have to spend a few hundred $$ to meet a credit card bonus. Looking to purchase a new reel in the next couple of weeks. Reel will be paired with a 9wt. and will be used primarily as an albie setup. Looking for recommendations from the albie guys. Prefer to keep the price under $400.
  10. Love Hogy lures. Brought some Originals in amber and bubblegum with me to the Vineyard for last years Derby. Outfished everyone in my group (a rare occurrence for me) who were using the standard lures for Albies (dicks, pimples, hammers). Caught most on the blind and had numerous follows/strikes. Can't wait to try them out for stripers here in NY. Highly recommended.
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