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  1. Yes, if it has fins and is the right size they will go for it. Once saw an osprey with someone's expensve Koi from a backyard pond.
  2. When is your guess when they first show up. I'm guessing March 15.
  3. Two reels for sale Tibor Everglades Gold - With pouch, backing and sinking flyline $375 shipped Tibor Riptide Black - With box, pouch, backing $500 shipped Everglades has minor boat rash but is otherwise in excellent condition. Riptide was never fished by me. Previous owner said it was new. Also excellent condition. Comes with warranty registration. :
  4. Search came up with 2 vises I no longer use. Both are well used but function well. Regal clamp-on vise. Not a rotary vise. $65 Universal 2 . Also a clamp-on but does rotate. $35 Both will hold a good-size saltwater hook I notice you're on the North Fork. I'm out in Greenport if you're in the neighborhood and want to check them out.
  5. You still looking for an entry level vise? Might have something buried in my closet if you are still interested. Don't know if it will hold a 6/0 though.
  6. FlukeM and rhahn427 PM me your addresses.
  7. Anyone have a VHS player and is interested in flyfishing topics? Cleaning out my stash of old stuff and discovered these long forgotten tapes. Local library does not want them - 10 in all. In order to offer to more folks would request that you select no more than 2 titles of your choice. If they are not all gone after a reasonable time than if anyone wants them they can have whatever is left. Topics are: Fly tying Masters of Fly Tying Vol. 1 - Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser Handcrafting Effective Flies: Saltwater - Lefty Kreh Sandeels and Silversides with Page Rogers Fly Casting Orvis Flyfishing School Essence of Flycasting II - Advanced Flycasting - Mel Krieger Lessons with Lefty Saltwater Flycasting - George Roberts Misc. Stripers on the Flats of Cape Cod - Jim and Kelly Watt Knot Tying - Chico Fernandez The Making of "A River Runs Through It" Can't vouch for the quality of the tapes since haven't viewed them in some time. But price is right. Would appreciate it if you paid for shipping.
  8. I'm in NYC now - will be in east end tomorrow where the rods are. Will show pictures if you haven't closed the deal already.
  9. Thanks Northfork, let me know what works best for you PayPal or Venmo?

  10. Got 2 rods: GLoomis 8 wt GL3 9' 2 piece with tube St. Croix Legend Ultra 8 wt 9' 3 piece with tube $150 for either.
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