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  1. A few over the last weeks. Bob
  2. From the last couple of days, using bucktail and flash. Bob
  3. For hooks of late I am using the AHREX 270 Bluewater hooks or Gami's
  4. Hey Brian, if you look closely, almost all have under wings of white bucktail that will support any synthetic when I use them. There are some that incorporate synthetic, but I like using bucktail from the very end of the tail when I can. It is less or is not hollow(no flaring) and is generally very fine. But yes to answer your question there is some that are tied with synthetics. Bob
  5. A few from today. Bob
  6. A few sand eel patterns tied over the last couple of days. Bob IMG_5295.MOV
  7. Beautiful flies, they will definetly hunt well.
  8. They are, as well a the the tail feathers are saddles.Who said anything about a mystery.
  9. check your messages dannyplug1
  10. Tks FlukeM Bob
  11. It is
  12. Playing with Solarez. Bob
  13. UV