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  1. You are correct on the JC feathers being from the bottom of the cape. As for the grizzly hackle, I use both saddles and neck hackles, it depends what's out. Bob
  2. A few more of these "hollow" squid flies.
  3. A larger hollow tied a couple of days ago. Bob
  4. More squid flies, these are on tubes.
  5. A few more tied over the last couple of days. These are all tied on Ahrex 270 hooks. All bucktail and hackle as well. These are all 8 inches, and the eyes are all tab eyes from the Bears Den.
  6. Yes you are correct, Andrew used these of JC feathers as cheeks of his flies, unbelievable talent. It is to bad he is not gracing these pages with his creations today. I was very grateful when he took the time to guide me over the computer when I started attempting to tie these flies. He has left his mark, his style can be seen in alot of saltwater tiers presently. Bob
  7. thank you
  8. A few hollows tied recently. Bob IMG_20220415_191151143.dng
  9. Yes , mono extension
  10. A few from this week. Bob
  11. Thank you for all the replies and kind remarks guys. Bob
  12. Thank you for all the kind remarks. Bob
  13. Thank you
  14. Thanks
  15. A few hollows over the last month. Bob