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  1. It was my pleasure. It’s great to sit at a tying table and just tie FLEYES and have the chance to talk to everyone.
  2. Hello all! It’s been a long time, I know. I managed to reach Tim to re-do password stuff and now I can join in again. Having dinner now but I promise to return.
  3. What I was told many years ago was they were tied that way to allow enough room to snell the leader to the shank. BobPop
  4. Mike, we WILL get together some day! I love your passion for the surf! BobPop
  5. From the album MERRY CHRISTMAS

  6. Jaytee, :):):) BobPop
  7. Lifetime warranty on the TFO surf rods also! Raffle one off at the Mini Christmas Fling on the 14th. of December.. Shady Rest Restaurant in Bayville. BobPop
  8. YES! Thank you very much. Try something like this one Captain. You can use lead wire instead also. Keep it sparse and a little lead and you should be good to go! BobPop
  9. There is a picture of a Hollow Fleye on SOL but I don't know how to find it. Someone please help. It has a bead in between the last ties. Very open and sparse. That'll get the job done for you Captain. Old post around 2001 or 2. BobPop
  10. ALL the acrylics work fine. The real difference is the light source. One is Blue, and ALL the rest are UV. TUFFLEYE is blue light. WEAR EYE PROTECTION! FLEYE FOILS are highly reflective. I've used them all and Tuffleye is what I prefer. The FLEX is my favorite. You guys can use whatever you want. But just use it safely. Remember that UV is cumulative. It builds with the more exposure you get. If you wear sunglasses while tying or other protective eyewear, you can eliminate that from happening. Think also of the young kids standing around your tying table watching you tie with UV. Get them away from that light source till you are finished. Even wear protective gloves if you can. UV is dangerous stuff, you hear about it from time to time on the news. Proof enough. AND............. EPOXY still works fine! Open a window and have at it! BobPop