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  1. BrianBM, Try this ;Tie a small tuft of kinky fiber at the bend of the hook [ about 1 inch long.] Prepare the feathers by stripping away most of the fluff from the stem[be sure to leave some fluff]. Usually 5 to 6 feathers are enough. Rather than tying matching feathers , 3 on one side and 3 on the other, Tie in one at a time in a 'round the clock fashion. This method is very easy and much better if you looking for improved action in the fly. The kinky fiber [ bucktail is great too ] helps open the fly up thus allowing better movement of each feather. You may never tie a deceiver the same again. For help with the more traditional way, be sure to keep some fluff on the feather, do your best to align them neatly and tie on from the front and wrap back as you hold the feathers in place, that is critical in seating feathers properly. Also, a lot depends on the quality of the material. It's VERY hard to make nice flies with inferior materials. Choose the best whenever you can, and hide them as well. Hope you can understand my answer, if not we'll try again. BOB
  2. Gilbey Won't make much difference where the basket is--- It'll always be difficult to retrieve fly line fast enough for some critical situations. I find myself with the same problem as you, often, you just do your best to deal with it. No simple solution.. Minimize the problem by using less line -- only what you need ! Stay aware of the line at all times. Abort the retrieve as soon as possible to save the flyline. Costly mistake if you don't. There are other things to do but they are mostly reactionary and created at the time. BobPop
  3. Dubs You really can't go through a season with one style stripping basket. Multiple baskets are the way to go. Surf and jetty= basket with holes-- and big holes. Wading = basket without holes. Shallow baskets take preference here. Boat basket = either way. Some guys prefer side baskets for traditional type stripping. Same considerations apply accordingly to where you use it. I've used weed wacker mono if I can find it straight enough, poke holes in bottom with heated poker,slide in mono and use saltwater goop to hold mono in place. I also find the Orvis basket to be very effective and the quality is better than most of their stuff. A word about boat st. baskets; try a laundry basket, They're soft and pliable and just place it on the deck between your legs. Keep it under control with leg pressure. Can't beat it. BobPop
  4. BrianBM I think the best way to approach the offshore scene is pretty much the same as inshore. The flies dont really vary that much.. Decievers, clousers, half'n halfs, and some poppers are used eqully as well offshore as inshore.. With minor additions you'll have most, if not all bases covered. These would most likely be adjustments of color, size or hook preference[tandom or not] Lots of blue and white flies for bluewater. Flash is optional. Take along a couple of popper heads with center holes in case you see an advantage of top water comotion. If you have flies for silversides, herring, bunker,or mullet, I doubt that you will have any trouble. Be sure to place your concerns with the different tackle and techniques you may need once you're out there. The proper fly is the easy part. Doing the rest is where the real difference is. Hey Tim, I hope I did this right this time!! Thanks for your help BOBPOP