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  1. Love the yellow tail of bunker. Often missed by tiers. A little blast of yellow at the very end can't hurt.
  2. Fish Guru, DONT CHANGE A THING. Well done. gjq, practice is all it takes. Don't get frustrated.
  3. I wanted to show a little video on how I prepare mono with thread before tying. Can't figure it out how to post it. I put it on Facebook. I am going to make a video to show a bit of tying method on mono too when my friend stops by. Probably tomorrow.
  4. Damn. I can't send more than one pic at a time. ***?
  5. [/img] Just did this BTD SQUID. It is tied on a mono extension. But I also want to show you the tiny spots on the BT. I do that by marking the hairs BEFORE tying them to the shank. Hairs separate and only irregular dots remain. Looks great for squids. That old pick is mono extensions from 1974. Boyd Pheiffer photo.
  6. Jabster, you get what I'm putting down!!! Hows that lingo for an old fart?
  7. Jonny, the fleye you referred to was a BIG BTD with a full sized Banger head. Not a hollow fleye. But what I am trying to get peeps to do is simply spread out the ties. This cuts weight in half and sacrifices nothing. I did them already.... but I like the fuller versions personally. I can cast them. But its not just about me. Many FF cannot cast those pigs! The BFF BEAST is a simple solution, and you do not have to make them as big as the one in my picture, a much smaller one will do just fine. But BFF starts to thin down after using a lot. The kinky section straightens out after time in water. Spreaders are an option here if you want. I encourage peeps to put a Banger head in front of any large fly. It really increases the action and gives a lot of versatility during the retrieve. It pushes more water than anything, giving micro currents to the back and can also be popped once or twice to increase fish's attention or awareness. Bottom line is this...... keep pushing the envelope to find answers to fly design regarding FISHING situations and design problems! I could care less about hanging a fleye in a frame! I have no interest in realistics or beautifully colored salmon flies. Never tied them, never will. I design fleyes for catching fish. That simple. Good, effective design is utmost. Keep it simple and make it work. Good tying! BobPop
  8. Andrew, No problem. Just keep tying! I have felt at home here for many years and I try to communicate as well as I can. Easier in person,of course, and that is why many old pro's stay away from the internet, especially FORUMS. I think its a great way to stay in touch with people with similar likes and you can't beat the interaction that is so vital today. There are risks involved in open discussions such as this, but I meet them head on. I have been doing this stuff for over 40 years, my interest and dedication to helping others learn what we do is unchanged since 1972 when I did my first seminar on SWFF. After all these years, its great to sit back a little and watch. I like what I see and enjoy FF even more now than ever. SOL is a huge part of that for me. Great place to hang, teach and learn. Later, BobPop
  9. My very good friend made this HOLLOW years ago. Notice how spread apart each tie is. But hair coverage is total. We cast that FLEYE with minimal trouble. His name is STEVE FARRAR. This is one of my favorite Fleyes. I asked Steve to tie this one. I was too LAZY! . Try tying The Beast by spreading each tie by half inch spaces instead of quarter inch. That's HALF the amount already.
  10. Jabster!!!! AWESOME! There you go. That's open! I LOVE IT.
  11. Andrew, awesome video. Really illustrates how forward bulk creates movement through the fleye. Jonny King has told the story of when he first saw The Beast in the water a bunch of years ago. The open design leaves the hairs free to find their own space. This causes them to react to any pressure during retrieve or currents. Each fiber moves independently. Action is optimized! That's why it's important to keep the fleye open. Keep the bulk up front, but sparse in the rear section. I showed The Beast at the most recent fly tying show in November in the FLEYE POND! Peeps were very interested in how well it moved. VERY SEDUCTIVE! I even put a pulse disk in front of it. Really wild movement. Action is the Fleyes strong suit. Making one and casting one is NOT. HOWEVER, IF IT CATCHES YOU THE FISH OF A LIFETIME, I think you'll be making more! The Beast design is not finished, but it is a good foundation for its evolution. Tubes and articulated shanks may make fleye easier ti tie. The more BEASTSs that are made, the more likely the design will improve. You guys may like the fleye, but as it's designer, I am not yet satisfied. This design needs to be easier to tie and more efficiently cast. Until then, it's a work in progress. I never tie The Beast at seminars since I rather show peeps what THEY can do at the vise, not what I can do. So far The Beast is a "show off" type fleye. But I have been really encouraged with the response to the design and the tying abilities of tiers here. It tells me FF will tie The Beast and tie it we'll. thanks Andrew for showing it around. As I mentioned before, it's an honor to watch all of you guys taking interest in my designs. Thanks to all and keep moving it FORWARD! BobPop
  12. [img=] Andrew it's hard to tell by pix. But it's a good lesson to illustrate. It's important to use less and less as this pattern evolves. I made a bunch of these already and have made all the mistakes JUST ABOUT. Not until you open the BT up or separate each tie more, will the tier get the idea of these benefits. The blue one you had at the show was huge and really opened up. I might want to do anything I can to cut down on tying time and weight. Mine is always trying to improve the design and not sit and admire it. It's more than that. You never know until you try. I'll keep trying to move it forward. That's my job as the designer of the HOLLOW FLEYE. That's my fun! I posted a pic of the BIG BLUE and another really open one alongside of a blue and white BTD. IM STILL NOT SATISFIED WITH THEM. LOL. Hope I did not hurt your feelings by any criticism. It's all to help. I'm just grateful all you guys like tying my Fleyes. It's an honor.
  13. Casting the BEAST is not easy! But it's doable. 60 feet yes. But it's more like work. When FLEYE gets wet, you'll feel it. But when fish are hanging or busting in bunker schools stacked against the beach, it's easy as pie. In a boat, many times they will be boat side. NP. you'll know when you can use it. It's a special purpose FLEYE. Not a searching pattern. The picture above, ALL Fleyes are gone. One 18 lb. bass , and a bunch of giant bluefish to 18 lbs. what I remember most is how savagely they got attacked. No simple take. The hits were unlike anything I experienced before. They seemed to see the FLEYE from a good way off and BOLT to kill it. I'll never forget the sensation. Until here this week, not many of my BEAST FLEYE have ever been made, let alone fish one. My biggest was a 45.6" bass in the surf on BTD ABOUT 7" long. But. If you look at the MUSKY/ NPIKE sport, they really like 'em. Ask Blane Chocklett. The Hollow technique rocks. Great tying guys and like I said before just yesterday, lots of bass have been caught on 5-7" plugs. Get to work and make Fleyes for fishing! BobPop
  14. Andrew. Looking good. But the bigger you make them, you better be concerned with HOW MUCH BT you are using. The HOLLOW TECHNIQUE allows you to use less hair. I believe you are using too much hair. Take advantage of the technique. Spread apart each step, not so close together. Because you use multiple ties, you can get good fiber coverage and not make the BEAST look anemic. By using more hair you are making it harder and harder to cast. Also, the movement suffers too. Don't need all kinds of different feathers. BUCKTAIL is best. Especially in the rear. Up front, use a little more hairs at a time for bulk.