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  1. What do say Mike? I am busy living the COVID 19 dream... How are you doing? @MikeMc
  2. Rest Easy SIM- truly an original, with the power to singlehandedly influence the weather and the bite. Drive all the way from Mass to spend the Food Fling busting his ass in the kitchen so everyone else could enjoy themselves.
  3. JAX- our new pup 8 months Half sister to our other dog "Door" 2 1/2
  4. Bass was 8.5 in Pickerel Lake-- Huge pickerel in there too. I never weighed them though
  5. I can find out. Some of my work associates are on JBMDL
  6. I loved fishing the Lakes on Lakehurst. I caught my largest NJ bass there in Pickerel Lake right next to the runway. 8 1/2 pounds . Good times
  7. Rest in Peace Derf A true gentlemen and class act. My condolences to Deb
  8. You are welcome to come back in the Spring. Got a new ride. Heading to Florida with the family on Friday for some winter LM fishing
  9. Will you have a canoe or boat or strictly shore fishing?
  10. Down Riggers damn I knew I forgot at least 1 option
  11. Have not been around for a while but I decided to sell the old Nitro and upgrade. So far I am loving it and was out last week chasing Stripers in the Upper Chesapeake. Easily fishes my family of 4. We are taking her to Florida at the end of January for some winter bass fishing. I will be sure to post a report of the lakes we hit.
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