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  1. Thats great ! had a good morning myself in Saco bay.
  2. Lit 'em up pretty good this morning on the incoming. landed about thirty and lost at least ten more. Lots of bait where I'm at and there were schools busting on brits or sandeels. i caught mine on a crab fly per usual. decent mid twenties with a couple rats. Good fishing ! Hope it continues.
  3. Fishing is good with many in the mid twenties. Crab is king.
  4. All kinds of excited. Been hearing good reports from local guys and plan to start hitting it in the early AM. Let you know what I find.
  5. Thats good fishin' 1 congrats ! I'm headed tomorrow morning for first trip in a week. great news !
  6. The wind has been brutal for at least a month. Thats one reason I get out before the sun appears as thats when the wind is the least.
  7. way to go !
  8. I saw Alewives in the Saco yesterday.
  9. Only if you get caught !
  10. Nice going Crozzbow ! i'm still looking for that first tug !
  11. Just finished mowing the lawn for the first time this year. Gonna be a BenGay night !
  12. Just heard about alewives in wells Harbor.
  13. Thats great news ! About time !
  14. The wind has been brutal for the past month ! Where are those sweet sou'westerlies ?