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  1. Haddock
  2. Who knows ! We can only hope.
  3. You got to be either really drunk or really stupid to even attempt to drive across a mud flat. Can't fix stupid I guess. Pretty funny though.
  4. They have arrived.
  5. I figure they'll be here in Saco bay next week. Might be a few around now.
  6. The price of a modest home here in southern Maine has gone from $100,000.00 to $400,000.00 in the last two years ! All you people leaving the covid infested /crime ridden cities. For Christ's sake grow some balls, buy some guns and win back your homes. Don't run here with your high prices and invite high crime rates ! Thanks !
  7. Too lazy to chase searuns. I'll wait a couple more weeks. Should warm up by then.
  8. One reason we fly fishermen get little hassle from landowners is we're always moving so not constantly 'there". Makes a difference. '.
  9. I'd go with sturgeon also.
  10. Still decent fishing from the dams to the islands. Stripers ain't what they used to be but they can be caught pretty good through June and fair after that. Searun browns are also showing up.
  11. Three more weeks ! I figure to start chuckin' herring imitating flies by the 5th of May.
  12. Wicked nice !
  13. Welcome back my friend !
  14. He's ruined our economy, drove us to another recession and is gutless to protect us or our friends. Probably is !
  15. I'd just hook them up thru the lower jaw and out one eye. No weight no nuthin'. Pitch 'em out and retrieve slowly across the surface along the jetty.