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  1. Bandaids. Until,as Roccus says, that the powers that be treat the entie eco-system not just the individual species , as a whole , then nothing gets accomplished. To really solve the crisis there should be a ten year moratorium on all fishing for keystone species like herring, menhaden, mackerel and elvers. Won't even be considered until its way too late.
  2. No ****e !
  3. Blowing smoke into the lobster tank.
  4. Just the stupidity of it. Lobster are nothing but bottom dwelling scavengers with only instinct to eat, mate and deficate. To put emotions in them like fear from being boiled is ludicrous. It's just another ploy by PETA or PETA like organizations to get people to stop eating lobster. I'm not angry I am just amused at the stupidity of people. Plus it's a waste of good weed.
  5. This lobster house in Maine is offering to get the lobsters stoned on marijuana before they take the plunge. They get it baked before they boil it ! WTF !!!???!!! PETA must love that ! What is this world coming too ? Get over yourselves people, it's a ****in' lobstah ! Has a brain about the size of a pin head. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!
  6. Can't stomach the oily bastids.
  7. They were not huge but many in the 25" range and very fat.
  8. Found many ,many bass blitzing on small herring in a local river. I was only 3/4 of a mile from the sea. This tells me that within a week the bait will head for the open ocean. The fishing on the beaches will become incredible when this happens. Can't wait !
  9. Woke up pissed off at how it all happened ! Not a day goes by I don't think some about what happened to all of us that day. No I'll never forget or forgive. God Bless our military and first responders. God bless America.
  10. By catch from comms..
  11. Remember those who died and those who caused their untimely deaths. 9/11/01
  12. Always forget about the damn lottery for does. Guess I'll just chase bucks. Again !!!
  13. Aquaculture will be our future when the netters, draggers and long liners completely decimate the wild stocks . It'll be fun, paying to throw a line in a huge net full of fish !
  14. That is interesting. Never saw one before.
  15. I have caught them in the marsh for years now. Not common but they're here.