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  1. Went out last evening to my favorite flats. Everywhere I looked there were either sandeels or small herring. Not just schools but clouds of 'em. They weren't alone. Hooked up quick and often. Using a simple all black clouser I caught and released maybe thirty schoolies between 16" and 22" ! Best outing since May ! Don't know where they came from or why they chose to appear now. But I ain't bitchin' ! Me thinks we might have a good fall to make up for this miserable summer.
  2. Sumpthin' to consider. With all the pogies about the bass will not feed every day. back in the ninties some friends and I would fish nearly every day. The pogies were really thick back then (similar to this year), and we determined that they were on a three day schedule. They would feed aggressively for one day then not feed at all for the next two days. I'm not sure if that same feeding schedule is present today but it's something to think about.
  3. Ain't you learned yet ? Lobstermen can do anything they wish. Boycott lobster if you feel that strongly about it,or............................. keep a really sharp knife on your boat.
  4. Total for July . ZIP
  5. Dismal year for me. caught two fish over thirty inches, that's it. reminds me of 2009. For years I preached C&R for the entire fishery. No one ever listened. Too many bucks to be made on killing striped bass. that's what it all boils down to. The money made by trip boats and guide boats is quite substantial if you take in the entire fishery from Canada to South Carolina. lots of that finds it's way to ELECTED officials who keep the slaughter going.Until that changes nothing else will.
  6. Jeez, they wipe out the herring and mackerel so now when pogies are finally making a comeback, they'll wipe them out too ! WTF !!!! You tellin' me that after all these years and advanced technology that a viable synthetic bait for lobsters ain't available ? bull**** !!!! **** the Maine lobsterman society ! Time they took a hard look at the damage their little enterprise is doing to the entire ecological welfare of OUR fish stocks. Eat beef !!!
  7. It's been ten years or so since I've watched Minke whales feeding on pogies in close. It is one of the more spectacular wildlife sights to watch them breech onto a school of pogies. very, very cool !
  8. Tuesday there were two Minke whales working pogies 50 feet off the ledge on which I was standing. If pelagics are coming inshore to get pogies it tells you there ain't much herring in the gulf of Maine.
  9. Way too little, way too late ! Want an example ? my fishing log data. 2004 July 10th...... stripers landed to date, 1006. 2019, July 10th......... stripers landed to date, 156. enough said.
  10. Has recently gotten a sneaker company to change their new design which had an AMERICAN flag on it. Who does this moron think he is and why do people listen to his opinions ? If he hates AMERICA so much he should move the **** out ! See how well he'd do in some ****hole country.
  11. Except for one morning when I got two about 35" because I lucked onto a mackerel/striper feed and they were tight to the ledges, my season has been very sketchy. Earlier in the month I had two good days of around 40-50 fish, all twenty inches or less. Asides from that a couple 5 fish days , a bunch of one or two fish days and a good dozen skunks. Some I've talked too have done much better than I but the majority of fishermen I speak with say they find the fishing sub-par for June. The thing that really bothers me though is the lack of river herring this year in the Saco. Smallest run (if you call it that ) I've seen in some four decades.
  12. trippy.
  13. Go by a whole black angus and have it butchered. You'll eat better and save money. Give your tag away. been on four moose hunts.
  14. Been doin' real good on certain beaches with large flats. Lots of small sand eels and crabs for bait. Fly fishing I've been averaging 20 to 30 fish a tide. Most schoolies but a few over thirty inches. They're keying on the sandeels so you conventional guys should add a small (two inch) black fly as a dropper.
  15. very much so