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  1. Dead animals just perpetuate the cycle of life in the sea. Their bodies dissolve into life giving nutrients.
  2. Getting a few stripers each time out but nothing of size or quantity..
  3. "hood" fishermen(used extremely loosely), In the Biddo area ain't what you'd call , smart (being very kind here). That entire area should be closed to all fishing just to protect the big breeders that go there. Them scumbag locals don't give a shite about the fishery at all. Beyond what they can keep that is.
  4. Caught many 16" fish the other day.
  5. No I did not outfish Alan and the purple wonder. Friggin guy is a catching machine. It was great to finally meet you too ! We've corresponded for years.
  6. Caught 50 plus fish this morning on that magic fly you gave me. All schoolies between 16 and 24 inches. What a friggin blast !
  7. You got to be either really drunk or really stupid to even attempt to drive across a mud flat. Can't fix stupid I guess. Pretty funny though.
  8. I figure they'll be here in Saco bay next week. Might be a few around now.
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