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  1. Sturgeon are pretty tough.
  2. I still think it's a little early but I'm going to give it a try for stripers Saturday. The herring are in and there might be a few stripers about. Let you know.
  3. Throw them out and go get some waders from LLBean. They'll leak soon enough but you can return them (within a year) and get fresh waders. I go through four or five pairs a season due to sand wearing holes in the booties, even though I have sand guards. That way you'll only ever need to buy one pair. Quality in all waders I've tried sucks. I refuse to buy SIMMS at $ 700.00 a pair.
  4. Good question. I don't know. Have to look it up.
  5. Herring and shad have arrived !!!
  6. Big stripers on a fly are a serious amount of fun. Catching one on a fly you tied is about as satisfying a feeling as there is.
  7. Searun browns should be in the O.river and the next one up.
  8. Very nice. I use a 5/0 hook for that pattern.
  9. Very cool ! Gotta love extremely fresh oysters !
  10. Thank you for the kind words folks !
  11. It's an addiction ! Been hooked goin' on 45 years.
  12. Thanks. It's just S.F. fibers with a peacock herl topping. Tied high or stacked style. Simply putting on small bunches of the fiber all around the hook shank. Each layer slightly shorter than the first.