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  1. Turn your back cast to a side cast and nobody will haunt you.
  2. Nicely done Gents !
  3. Found schools of stripers on brit herring this morning. I was fishing a deep water ledge and the stripers were herding the brits up against it. nothing huge but a ton of fun on thirty or so 20" to 24" fish ! It be on Homies !!!!
  4. Mid May now and we're still in this winter weather pattern ! WTF !!! easterlies, nor'easterlies and a wicked nor'west wind is all we get. We desperately need those sweet summah sou'westerlies to start blowin' ! Feats like friggin' March !!
  5. I'm good .
  6. The "cup" is coming home.
  7. Know of two fish definatly caught south of Portland.
  8. I'd think a two inch plastic grub type bait on a 1/2 ounce jighead would work. White or black.
  9. Try father up in the marsh. Look for black bottom. If there are any around that's where they'll be.
  10. Probably some around but nothing like there will be in two weeks. patience.
  11. The weather has been pretty cruddy lately. That's bad enough but without the sun that water ain't going to warm up. Buoy temp hangin' at 45 degrees. Couple that with the major run off we are experiencing and I'm wondering if the stripers might be a week or two late this year. Wouldn't be the first time they didn't show in numbers until Memorial day. I hope I'm just paranoid but you know how you think when it's close to that time. Whatcha think ?
  12. I'm optimistic .
  13. Three weeks from today the river will be thick with herring and the first wave of stripers will be here. You ready to fish ? I'm more than ready. All my gear has been cleaned, lubed, stretched (you have to stretch fly lines) and sorted. All I need is for the stripers to get here. Can't wait !!!
  14. Time to make all legislation on striped bass a federal matter. Same rules from Maine to Florida. One fish at 28" or better per day. No live fish as bait and circle hooks mandatory for all chunk and worm fishing. Only until the stocks rebound then loosen the regs. some.