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  1. That ones mine, small tail weight K.
  2. quietly slides kayak in the water...
  3. Is this happening or are we back to all talk no action?
  4. It cost you 30$ to learn a lesson. Move on, life's too short bruh...
  5. If a weekend I'm game! Weekday any free time is pretty much already spoken for until Jan 2020 unfortunately. Draft Gill and his son
  6. You missed a bunch of "guns are scarey, now we have to change our wet panty liners" types crying over them not owning any firearms, so they see it fit to take them away from law abiding citizens who dont wear panty liners and Do own firearms. Also a few "morans" who do not know the differences between: To and Too and Your and You're And one guy who doesnt seem to understand that fully automatic firearms are in fact already illegal in Rhode Island. Maybe someone can explain it to him in smaller words than what I can muster or crayon pictures.
  7. With an avatar making references to not getting mad but getting stabby you seem a bit confused...kooky
  8. Criminals by the very definition of their role in life, do NOT FOLLOW LAWS. Further firearm restriction only furthers the controls placed on law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens will continue to abide all laws, because by their very definition they ARE NOT CRIMINALS. The issue of how many rounds a magazine can hold is stupid, one can argue that since the law is a speed limit of 55 cars should not exceed 55 mph in Rhode Island and if you travel to where the law is 65mph. Welp... your vehicle is registered in Rhode Island so you only get to go 55 max in a 65. Sounds fair? That is the level of ludicrous youve just shown this msg board. The issues should be tackled as MENTAL HEALTH issues. The stigma surrounding mental health needs to be dealt with and services should be provided to assist these folks in need. That is the thing with message boards, anyone can say anything and assume they are correct, even when they have no ****ing clue. Its NOT a firearm problem, its a MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM. Firearms are in-animate objects.
  9. Mike SKC made that Silent Scott here on SOL.
  10. 1/8 ounce jig head, till float, small piece sandworm - Early season, zeke taught crafty, crafty taught nebe and I. Nebe named it "trout-togging" because it felt so much like trout fishing Light light setup but wade sand near rocks and you'd be surprised what you can hook
  11. Friends and Family of Scott are going to help raise some coin this coming Sunday, July 1. It is being held at Wallum Lake Rod & Gun 12-4 If you want to donate swag to the table or if you want to go, shoot me a PM and I can give you the email address for those running the event in order to RSVP. Thanks!
  12. You fly fish, you'll do just fine. Tie up some general practitioners orange or red, gold ribbing and you'll do fine. One of the members here mentioned a clinic they do specifically for the worm hatches, get a tie list if you cannot attend. Tie those! have fun and be safe!
  13. Lord H'Islander of Glencoe and Block Isand sound Fluke and Thresher sharks like it
  14. Well did I miss it?
  15. Would just like to point out that Mako Mania is reigning Champion we had wwf/wwe sized belts made with a giant flatfish on em