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  1. The new Tool album, Fear Inoculum.... I love it... So great in a music market that is so stale. Requires multiple listens because I hear something new everytime. The drums are insane.... The disorganized music that transforms mid song into amazing music keeps me entertained. Been waiting 13 years.... I'll be listening to this a lot for sure....
  2. The new Slipknot album.....which is out on Friday but I already gave it..... And the new Tool track that was released today....
  3. The whale is still in the canal near Hog Island......
  4. By far my favorite tackle shop ever...period...
  5. They actually spawn in A LOT of rivers.....
  6. I'll say this, I'm a rec fisherman who has kept 1 fish in 10 years. I spend time even during a blitz to revive my fish properly because the resource provides me with sanity...and that is priceless, to me anyway. I haven't fouled hook or killed a fish in the 10 year span other than the 1 I kept. I respect the resource. It's the same story, year after year.....Comm guys blame rec guys...rec guys blame comm guys. The reality is BOTH need to give a little. Our state in one thing, but the other states need to give as well since it appears by the numbers they do more damage. The blame game is funny...starts with Comm vs Rec then proceeds to location so let's dump on the canal because it attracts so much attention and has a lot of opportunity...... So I'll throw a dollar into the blame game and blame the other states..... The reality is, unless everyone decides to respect the resource (meaning all states) we could all be sitting at home, rec or commercial. I would vote to limit rec catches to 1 per day in ALL states AND put a range on that one catch such as 28-36".....AND cut commercial quotas by 25 or 30%.
  7. R.I.P Skitter.... Always enjoyed his posts.
  8. For those that have seen before, Peter's work is amazing.....This along with many of his other yearly videos help me get through the winter
  9. in before lock......yes....
  10. LEGEND
  11. Btw, Don Musso, the guy that created super strike and the specifically designed their darter...
  12. I agree on the gobo Jr... Great canal plug. I've been throwing the super strike heavy bullet a lot this year with success at the canal and beaches.... It's heavy and stubby so it works when smaller bait fish are around. You can fish it like a plug on top or a couple feet under... It stinks so fast you can swim the middle of the water column too. Otherwise a super strike bottle works, but not at peak current, super strike darter but this takes time to learn how to fish it. My favorite way to fish plugs at the ditch is to swim them a foot under the top, so I'm a sinking pencil guy... Gives me flexibility to fish them multiple ways. Hope this helps!
  13. I've been using it for 2 seasons now....I like it better than any of their other braids. I usually buy it on Amazon, 500yds so I get 250yds each spool.
  14. 50lb power pro maxquatro
  15. Is it posted that "this is the wrong side of the bridge"? And what was the proposed citation for?