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  1. payment received. SOLD thanks SoL and TimS
  2. all yours PM on its way
  3. all yours PM on its way
  4. Price drop $85 for the lot
  5. Payment received thread closed. Thanks SoL and TimS
  6. $80 is as low as I would have went. I’ll send you PM now
  7. For now I’m not splitting the lot.
  8. I’ll take the hit at $80. He did the yellow scaled. I have a bunch that I have used tha5 he did great colors. If you want to do this I’ll pack them now
  9. Yeah their wood. They aren’t made anymore. I don’t want to name a price then I’m stuck at that price if you decline. Ask around about the plugs and you should get an idea. I appreciate your interest.
  10. Sorry that’s real low. I paid $35 each
  11. I’m open for reasonable offers
  12. I’m open for reasonable offers
  13. Fish on 8 Small Surfsters 4.5" 1oz these all have the Fish on 8 on the bottom near the tail Not sure what size hooks go on these, Bob told me years ago but i forgot I think its size 1 and they are put on Cut no split ring Selling as a Lot no splits Prompt PayPal Payment Please For all the new guys please read rules about sending PP friends and Family its not allowed $100.00 Shipped
  14. price is $90