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  1. Check out my post in the "Main Forum" about FBP February Freedom Fight. Its for a good cause and for all Kayak fisherman/Women Thanks, John
  2. (*edited - I'm sorry, but we don't allow that type of promotion - please see the Guidelines here, thanks. TimS)
  3. Anytime. They look good. Try the smaller size eyes too for the shallower water in the spring. What weight rod are you throwing them on? just curious Small mouth would love them
  4. Hey Kid...have you tried turning those materials over to the other side of the hook and adding clouser eyes? Nice fly
  5. A lot of good replies here. A few tips on catching Jersey bass in the colder months, which i consider, December, January, and February. Don't forget to take water clarity, depth, and size of over-all body of water. I like to fish the smaller ponds. These smaller/Shallower ponds don't take long for them to jump up one degree on a sunny day and that may be all you need. 1). A suspending jerkbait is my first go to bait. Usually a small panfish size like the Excalibur suspending minnow(about 2 inches) 4# test and an ultra-lite rod. 2) My next go to bait is a "Float and Fly" If you can, use slip floats. It can be tough to cast if the fish are in deeper water using the typical fixed floats. Use any small bucktail jigs. Your choice of color and size. I've used anything from 1/4 ounce down to 1/80th. Even try using small panfish plastics, marabou jigs, or small grubs. fish can be caught, it's just a little tougher to get them to open their mouths. Try fishing later in the afternoon because, that is usually when the water is the warmest it will be for that day. If you happen to see a small insect hatch while fishing, even better. Good lcuk and let us know how you do.
  6. From the album Methods for Pickerel

  7. From the album Methods for Pickerel

  8. From the album Methods for Pickerel

  9. Hey guys. It's been a while. Been busy but, have managed to get out once in a while. While i don't have any recent pics, these are from late november. One on a small gold/orange belly jerkbait and the hot presentation has been "Float-n-Fly." The "fly" is tied on a 1/4 ounce jighead. Orange over red with some flash. If you have open water, try it. Slip floats are prefered. These Picks were from 5 to 7 feet deep and throwing something with that long of a leader is a P.I.T.A. Good luck, John
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  12. From the album Just Racks Thread