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  1. OK. $15 shipped is the new price. I will send a pm to GraniteStRockfish. If anyone else is interested I have four more sets of six jigs to sell.
  2. Thanks for the input. I'm using USPS priority mail flat rate boxes so price shipped is $18.
  3. Unpainted lead jigs. 6 pcs., 2 @ 3oz., 2 @ 4 oz., 2 @ 5 oz. Hooks are 8/0. $10 plus shipping.
  4. gabeskillzz05 is in with 1st offer. Regarding use I agree with Eagles Dare that the purpose is to run eel skins (but I'm not sure). I do not have anymore of these.
  5. Unpainted Lead head jigs with through hole. 3 pcs @ 3 oz. and 3 pcs @ 4 oz. $10 plus shipping.
  6. Tim, Thanks for the quick reply. I did not make the jigs. You may remember an SOL member Mike Choate aka "Skitter". I am selling off gear from his estate. Rich
  7. Where do I post lead head jigs for sale? Not commercial. Plugs for sale?
  8. Interesting info in those replies. I got another tin from the same source. I wonder if this was also a production piece.
  9. Thought I'd post some pics of a tin mermaid from my collection that you all might enjoy seeing. This lure came from a friend that worked with Bob Pond. I was told that this was an Atom prototype that never went into production.
  10. Items no longer available.
  11. 3 plugs shipped $45. Metal lip is 6 1/2" and is marked "A '08". Pencil is 7" marked "A '11". Needle is 7" and marked "A '08. Paypal or money order.
  12. Item no longer available.
  13. Custom wood needle. Unknown builder. 9" long. 3 oz. Some blemishes in finish. $15. Pay with postal money order.
  14. Thanks for the info gentlemen.
  15. I am looking any info on these lures. Also, is this the best forum for this question? Would the main forum or the lure builders forum be more appropriate? Thanks for any information.