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  1. Bump. New price is $80 shipped.
  2. Hey Tim. The 40 emails were not related to SOL. It was more like my email just stopped working for a day. Of the 40 emails only the one notification that said someone had responded to my listing had anything to do with SOL. The rest were all things I would expect to see from time to time. Thanks for checking though.
  3. Okay thanks for looking. Yesterday I did not receive any emails. Today I found about twenty emails (including yours) from yesterday and another twenty from today.
  4. Mixed lot. Wood, plastic, rubber, lead, tin. Some new unused, some used, some rusty old and beat. See the pictures. 50 pcs. shipped for $100. Paypal preferred.
  5. Sold.
  6. OK pm sent to Surf Rasta..
  7. I thought I had locked the first lot of 50. After your response I found that the lock action did not complete. I just closed that one, Now there should be just the one lot open. I took some fresh water stuff out and replaced with saltwater wood for the lot I posted today. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Mix of old and new. Wood, plastic, rubber, lead, tin and metal. Some unused some old and rusty. See the pics. 50 pcs. shipped for $100. Paypal preferred.
  9. Not sold
  10. Some new, used, vintage. Wood, rubber, plastic, tin. Packs with more than one item count as one. That is 7 pink squid count as one pc etc. $100 shipped. Paypal preferred.
  11. Sold.
  12. Ok. PM sent.
  13. Mixed lot of 50 pcs. Lead head jigs, minnows, metal lips, spinners, top water and plastic. 50 pcs. shipped $100. Paypal preferred.
  14. Sold.
  15. I saw a stubby needle at a flea market today. It was marked "Clem". Can anyone provide info on a builder named Clem?