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    Surf Fishing, Patriots, Red Sox, S.R.S.A. Trash talking with Yankees and Jets fans.
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    Retired from operations engineering and machine tool supervision.

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  1. It is beyond my ability to express just how I feel right now. Sometimes life is not fair and this is one of those times. Steve was a friend that I like most met here on SOL. Steve and I talked often. I will miss him. Rest in Peace my friend. Thank you John O' for letting me know.
  2. I may very well still have it in my stash. The problem is I have no idea what the thread pertained to other than a lipless swimmer. Reading back I see we were talking about Lex. I have 4 or 5 cases of plugs. I would have to go through them all.
  3. I have been searching for a thread titled "Nautical Chart Paintings" by DMacleod. I can't find it. Dave tells me that it was OP'd on June 23. Thanks.
  4. I have one of your father's chart paintings on the wall here in NJ. I would love to get another one. Are there any available Dave?
  5. No problem here. I can see how one might get confused.
  6. Spig, give Knight my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  7. No reason other than I am older now and don't fish as much. The DNA 9' is all I need. I started out with the Shimano Ultegra 5500 reel on it. Then I read about the new Diawa Ballistic LT6000. That reel is perfect on that rod. I did buy a used 11' 2 to 6 Genesis here in the BS&T that rod will fish bait and get the Ultegra reel. Two rods and 2 reels plus line purchased for less than one top shelf reel.
  8. I can afford any rod made. I simply preferred the ODM DNA 9' rod.
  9. I just read that it takes all of 16 years for the body to repair the damage that smoking does. So it's imperative that you quit and get started at the repairs. Good luck with it.
  10. Any one of the resorts in Punta Cana.
  11. Take a close look at the ODM, D.N.A. line of rods. The 9 footer is perfect.
  12. Way back we had a thread in the Tavern titled " Do you crumple or fold?" While not fishing related it gave us great insight into each other's make up.
  13. Don't worry Dave, they stop in New Jersey for a few years to learn the lay of the land.
  14. That pretty much cleared that up.
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