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  1. It’s yours NJ Dave. I have no use for them here. PM coming.
  2. Price drop. $60 shipped.
  3. Brand new. Never worn lace up korkers. Asking $75 shipped.
  4. NY sucks. And I say that coming from NY originally. So glad I left this liberal state.
  5. The pompano I’ve caught were all within a hundred yards, I’d say 50-75 actually If I’m trying to fling it beyond that, the bait is not going with it. Depending on the beach, a lot of times the pompano will run in the first trough.
  6. Color is simply a matter of personal preference. But sometimes being able to see the line has its advantages. I almost always have a mono or floro leader on anyway so fish don’t mind the color of the line.
  7. Great to see someone carry some AFAW rods in the US. Love these rods.
  8. Pm coming. Thanks SOL
  9. Here are a few photos. Slight rash in the back, shown in the last photo.
  10. I have one sitting in a box at home. I used it a handful of times. I can do $100 shipped. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll take some photos. Thanks.
  11. It’s a beefy gun so the recoil isn’t too bad.
  12. Didn’t know about the bankruptcy. The ammo is kinda hard to find. I try to buy a couple boxes anytime I run across them.
  13. I believe you can but I haven’t tried it.
  14. I carry a sig 938 or p365. I use the Liberty civil defense 9mm +p. It’s a 50gr copper bullet. Advertised velocity is 2000fps but I’m sure it’s less than that out of a short barrel. The recoil is very light and the bullet weight reduces the overall carry weight. The ballistics on this is sick. Check it out on YouTube.