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  1. Awesome report! Thank you! That Sunfish looks to have been run-over by a boat given those slashes across the "face."
  2. I was there at the beginning of october while hte fishing was still relatively slow. I only caught a few small blues and my dad caught one undersized spotted sea trout. Unless they've built up the dunes, you'll need to pay attention to the wrack line...there's not a lot of beach left at high tide.
  3. If you think it's hot now, wait till you die!
  4. Spent last week on the beach at Ocracoke. Surf fishing was light as is usual for summer, but once you found a hole there were plenty of small (tasty) blues to be had. I fished my new Tica TC2 9' med-heavy/fast rod under an old Squidder all week. My daughter and I booked a half-day fishing trip on the Drum Stick and we trolled successfully for blues and Spanish in Ocracoke Inlet. I would recommend the Drum Stick to anyone! Nick (Mate) and Marty (Capt) were great to fish with! It was a good trip overall!
  5. correct, these have a rub-rail on the tops of them to prevent wear. They have to be stiffer than the original rods and my only choice for an upgrade at the moment, otherwise I would be holding out for a set of aluminum spacers.
  6. Thank's gang....made the purchase. I'll post how it performs once I get them installed and put into action on vaca in a few weeks time.
  7. Hey SOL reel repair guru's! I am thinking of getting a set of graphite newell bars to upgrade my squidder before heading down to OBX. I am curious to know if there are any drawbacks to using the graphite bars instead of aluminum? I realize that they are not likely as indestructible compared to the aluminum, but are they still good enough for the average Joe? thank you! -Buckmark22
  8. Thank you boys! Sorry for the delay in my response! Tim - please close this thread.
  9. Good Morning! I find myself in need of a side plate screw for a Crack 300 reel. As I understand it, these screws are a bastard metric size that is not readily available. Happy to pay for the screw (ha!) and the postage. Let me know if anyone can lend a hand in completing this rebuild. Thank you! -Buckmark22
  10. Howdy everyone! Dumb-dumb here managed to break not one, but two of my good rods before I even got to get my surf-fishing fix for the year this past weekend. I pulled out the rods only to find that I had a broken guide on each rod. Rod #1 - St. Croix Triumph TSRS100M2 Rod #2 - Tsunami bait-casting surf rod (forget the model/number) The local B&T shop helped out with the Tsunami for a short-term ugly, but functional fix which got me back in the game. How do I go about fixing this without making it look like billy-bob (aka me) did it? Is there someone local to Pottstown/KOP that you recommend? Or do I suck it up and spend $65 to send #1 back to St. Croix and then I don't know for #2. Seems silly to spend 1/2 the cost of the rod to fix a busted guide... All opinions are appreciated. -Buckmark22
  11. Sorry Tim!
  12. no love for a little screw?
  13. Thank's Lad's! I couldn't pass up the price. big tub for $7.00!!
  14. Has anyone tried the Bel-Ray waterproof marine-grade grease in their reels? I wouldn't try it on drags, but I am giving it a try in the internals of my penn 7xx-series spinfisher reels that I am about to fish. I was looking for the Yamaha blue marine grease, but I ran across this at the local boat-works and they swear by it for everything from boats to motorcycles, small engines and cars. It is a blue-greenish color and is quite sticky! I just want to see if anyone else has any opinions either way!
  15. Thank's Titleguy! I don't know how much fishing i will get to do on MDI...but I hear you on the moving water. When I was a kid we camped at blackwoods and would walk down to the bridge at the back of otter cove. We would always have fun catching fish that would get sucked through to the "pond" side of otter cove.