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  1. FYI....Google Maps has been updated only to show the old Hwy 12 closure and does not show the new jug handle bridge as "open". So if you try to use google maps to plan a trip to Rodanthe south to Hatteras, it will take you across the ferry from the mainland to Ocracoke onto Hatteras and then north all the way to Rodanthe. Shocking that NCDOT was faster than Google!
  2. FWIW - I've had great success using rubbing alcohol on rubber items to get them to slip into position and cause no long-term issues since the alcohol evaporates rather quickly compared to the permanent slickness caused by grease or oil. (sorry...late to the party on this one)
  3. A picture....worth a thousand words...
  4. you can also run a heavy 10oz frog-lip that will perform great and you have the benefit of not snagging on everything on retreival.
  5. Agreed! ^^^-what he said!
  6. I agree with Hunter, but I have to ask the obvious question....the 704's came with a lightweight aluminum side plate, not a plastic plate. Why do you want to change it out for the heavier cast aluminum plate?
  7. Good Morning! I'm recently returned from OBX and I am not a happy camper with my 30# PowerPro line performance. I was using the standard moss green power pro on my conventional surf rod, heaving around 3 to 4oz + bait. On another conventional reel I was using 30# PP Super 8 Slick with the same weight/bait. The bottom was clean/sandy with some shells. Both shots of line were BRAND NEW, installed one day prior to starting to have issues with parting off during both casting and retrieving. It was infuriating losing quite a few rigs in the surf. I was not casting for the stars, nor are any of the guides cracked or rough on either rod. I've never had any issues with PP like this unless the line was OLD and like I stated, this was all brand new line. What's everyone else's experience at present with PP? And now the real meat of what I am looking for.....what braided line should I switch to given my dissatisfaction with PP? Thx, -Buckmark22
  8. Thank you Sir!
  9. down planners.... maybe I'm using the wrong term. See the clip below for what I'm talking about. The first method is what I would be looking to do, nearshore fishing in the inlet for mackerel and blues. I've fished onboard charter boats inshore using this method to great success....just don't know which planner size, so I am assuming the smaller size.???
  10. 65 views and no answer yet? There has to be someone with at least an opinion to help me out...
  11. Hello All! I'll be in Ocracoke this summer and I am renting either a 19' or 24' Carolina skiff to fish just inside Ocracoke inlet for a morning. I am planning on doing a little light trolling and I am starting to assemble my gear. The one thing that I am missing is a down planer and I am baffled by the sizing of down-planes. I'll be fishing with a boat rod and an old Penn LongBeach, therefore I assume that a #1 plane should do just fine, but I would like to get outside opinions as I am having a hard time finding info online relating to choosing the correct size down planer. Thank you! -Buckmark22
  12. Hello All! Does anyone have a source for a Mitchell 308 bail assembly (Part #81290) as pictured below? This is the bail assembly, not just the bail wire. I picked up one of these little beauties at a flea market this weekend, but I found that the hole on the plate of the bail assembly has been egged out so I either need to source out a new(er) assembly or drill it out and put a brass/bronze bushing in it. I'd prefer the easier route if possible, but google isn't cutting it for the normal sources. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! -Buckmark22
  13. I've been making my own grease up...Mobile 1 synthetic bearing/axle grease, "watered-down" with Mobile 1 synthetic oil. We'll see how it performs this summer.
  14. No, they are standard metric threads!!!!!
  15. If the original threads are not buggered all to hell, it is a standard metric thread size that you should be able to get at any well-stocked hardware store (NOT A BIG BOX STORE). Keep it original if you can.