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  1. Memorial Day weakfish taken after work, 25 & 1/4 inches, 5 & 1/2 pounds. Edited: please don't post pics that show clearly where you caught fish.
  2. My pleasure. PM sent to you.
  3. Thats fine, I'll send you a PM with my name and address, and I'll ship them out as soon as I receive a money order from you. Thats 4 Packs of 5 inch Storm Shad(4 per pack), in Bunker color.
  4. Check out the price at a store, let me know, and if you want them, they're yours.
  5. I don't know either, still have 28 packs of Tsunamis in the shed, and haven't bought either Storms, or Tsunamis in a while. Like I said, I'm not looking for money, just replacement with something I need more. So if you want them, find a price in a store and let me know, otherwise they can stay in the shed along with the Tsunamis. If I recall, and I haven't looked at them is a sporting goods store in a while, last I saw, they were about 4.75-5.00 a pack, not sure on that though. They are Bunker, not Golden Mullet.
  6. I understand, then give me moneywise whatever 4 packs of Tsunami Shads are worth, plus shipping, and they're yours if you want them, and I'll pick up the Tsunami Shads.
  7. I have 4 packs of the old style Storm Shads, 5 inch, Golden Bunker, brand new, unopened. Not looking for money, but rather to have them replaced with 4 packs of 6 inch Tsunami Shad in Golden Bunker.
  8. Yup, once you've commited to pulling it and it doesn't come out, you're pretty much done, I doubt water(or anything else) will soften it up so you can remove it. I personally would cut it and tie a 4 loop uni to uni knot and finish it with a drop of crazy glue. The uni to uni is small enough that you won't even notice it. Then I would get yourself a product that Ardent makes called Line Butter. Comes in either a 2 or 4 ounce spray bottle. Just spray it on the outside of your braid on the spool and give it about an hour to soak in, then go try it. You will cast further than you ever did, and more importantly, while you can get a wind not, it's difficult, and you really have to work at it to make a wind knot happen. Best stuff I've ever seen, and I'd a firm believer that most such gadgets/products are gimmicks/junk, but this stuff is incredible to say the least. In addition, since it does make the line extremely slick, if you do get a windknot, it comes out much easier. And a toothpick is your best friend if you do have to remove a windknot, I always have one on me. Try it, you won't be disappointed. It's not generally carried in tackle shops, and I can understand why, LOL, wind knots are the biggest seller of new braid. Do a search online and you'll find it, Gander has about the best price around, and free shipping.
  9. I've been using and evaluating the Storm Mag Thunderstick in comparison to the Rapala X Rap, and here's what Ive found so far. Since Rapala owns Storm, and VMC, both lures appear to have cheap finish VMC trebles that rust quickly, despite being rinsed in fresh water after every use. They are however very sharp. Plug has a tight wiggle and a great action. It also casts very well, as well as the X Rap in my opinion. Finish is poor at best, and the painted finish doesn't bind to the plastic well, and comes off easily, should probably give the lure a clearcoat or two before use, however, the poor finish doesn't seem to hamper the fish catching ability of the lure at all. Lure did have water intrusion however, it was my fault as I cast it against a cement wall to many times and cracked the top open, so no fault of the lure at all, and water intrusion was NOT a problem at all till I cracked the top seam of the plug. It was relatively easy to fit my pocket knife blade into the seam, drain the water out and crazy glue it back together. We'll see if it takes water or not tomorrow morning. You can see the cracked top seam, finish problems, and rust on the hooks in this pic: Overall, I think the plug is better than the X Rap, except for the finish, and at half the price, I'll be buying Thundersticks from now on instead. I think it has a better action than the X Rap also, and it certainly catches bass. The cookie cutter 28 to 32 inch bass I usually run into in the spring have hit the lure like a freight train so far.
  10. I noticed that when I came to this thread, and clicked to go to page 30, it put me on page 1, did it again from page 1, and I went to page 30. I'm sure there are glitches that have to be worked out, but out side of that the new layout is PAINFULLY SLOW. WAY to may advertisements that take WAY to long to load, at the expense of cutting a large part of SOL forums off the screen. If it stays this slow, I don't see myself coming here much, I can't stand waiting for the screen to return a reply when hitting enter, and it's not once in a while it's everytime. I think it was much better prior to the upgrade.
  11. Yes, thats the way I perceive it also. As I said, the 'Socialist Republic of New Jersey', literally changed the law to suit themselves. After all, the more people you can catch off guard the more you can rake in in fines, and at a minumum of $300 for the first offense, as it is written, it will be profitable. Dave Chanda really needs to go. He's a wannabe politician who would pillage the people of New Jersey worse than any politician currently in office. The Division of Fish & Game under his leadership, has MISmanaged and decimated the NJ deer herd with an almost 6 month open season on does and unlimited bag limit for most of the state, for the sake of selling $28 permits. And he and the DEP were unhappy that there was no fee attached to this registry, so they found a way to recoup what they were expecting to rake in, albiet at the expense of the people.
  12. I'd be fine with it too, except for a couple of things. #1 This is a FEDERAL Registry, and a FEDERAL requirement that the states are doing for the FEDERAL Government, aka the NOAA. Therefore, if you're registered with NOAA, you ARE legal, and here we have the New Jersey DEP a day late and a dollar short(as usual), changing the law stateside so they can fine people. #2 And if you're going to change the law, and make it a requirement that you have to have this NJ registration in order to fish saltwater in NJ, at least put it in BOLD print on the home page rather than in an obscure spot on the FAQ page so people can miss it and wind up getting fined. Like I said, this is NOT a state, this is the 'Socialist Republic of New Jersey'.
  13. WHY? I can think of 2 reasons, right off the top of my head. #1 This is not a 'state' like the rest of the states in the union, this is the 'Socialist Republic of New Jersey'. #2 Dave Chanda and the DEP were real unhappy that there was no fee for this Registry, and therefore no income out of it for the Division of Fish & Game. With fines of $300 to $3000 for the first offense it's probably his way of trying to come up with the lost revenue for the Division that he was hoping to obtain from a fee attached to the Registry.
  14. I'm thinking 15 to 100 lb. fish is a real tall order for just one outfit, mainly because if you are doing the majority of fishing in your yak, casting in the sitting down position, you're going to want an outfit thats strong and gutsy, can cast well, yet is light as possible so it doen't play you out in a day of casting/retreiving in the sitting down position. Am I right along these lines of thinking? I'm thinking the majority of whay you will do will be bluefish and stripers to say 35-40 pounds, less often grouper and amberjack to 45-50 lbs and an occasional 100 lb tarpon? Am I right along these lines of thinking also?