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  1. Nice fish Rich , that's a pretty good alterative to albies .
  2. Down the Cape for the weekend with my four sister-in-laws and their husbands . I was reminded repeatedly "don't forget your golf clubs" because the husbands, all golfers , would be hitting the links and with the weather report Sunday would be the golf day. I on the other hand kept reminding myself "don't forget the flyrod" . Saturday morning was my day to fish and tropical downpours and gale force winds weren't going to deter me. With the wind from the North I had a south facing beach in mind and a when I pulled into the parking lot, though it was pouring out, the wind was manageable .It would be blowing from behind on my right shoulder and being a righty I would be casting backwards to avoid impaling myself with the gurgler I was starting out with . A mile or so down was the mouth of a bay and I would be catching the start of the outgoing tide and my plan was to fish there. Upon arriving a good rip had formed , schools of peanut bunker were holding close to shore and the terns divebombing on them. On my 3rd cast the gurgler swung into the seam or the rip and a striper nailed it , a couple of cast later the same thing .Both fish were in that 24 inch range and with the strong current they both put a good bend in the 9wt. Soon after landing the second fish that's when all hell broke lose, a school of stripers found the peanut bunker and it's as if someone had turned on a switch fish were breaking everywhere. There were so my birds around I was afraid of hooking them in midair with my cast and of course the stripers ignored my gurgler now. Put on a small clouser that looked more sand eel than peanut bunker and though I took a few fish it was not the right fly. I'm frantically searching my fly boxes for the right match, the baitfish are beaching themselves right at my feet, and the stripers are practically coming onshore to get them and that's when I found a fly, that to my eye anyways, looked peanut bunkerish. And after tying it in on so did the fish. For the next 20 minutes I landed several fish lost a couple all with not a soul around me, I guess the weather kept people away . The next day I fished a couple of hours before I was about to embarrass myself on the golf course . As bad as the weather was on Saturday it was just the opposite on Sunday ,a beautiful sunny day . And the fishing was the opposite also , not a single fish .As I was walking back to the car I bumped into a fisherman on his way out . I was the usual greetings "good morning, how's the fishing out there" I told him I had no luck today but "you should have been her yesterday"
  3. The fly fishing forum will never be the same with the passing of Bonefish Dick, his writing and photo's were something I always looked forward to. Nice job Topwater I look forward to more of your post , the only critique I would give is that you post some photo's along with your post .
  4. Sounds like you had a pretty good evening fishing Rich . We're not getting anything close to a keeper up here . The other night I picked up a fish that was around 20 inches and Joe and I were joking that it was a trophy fish compared to size of the stripers that we have been taking.
  5. I've had the pleasure of fishing with Dick many times over the years and he was always very generous with his vast knowledge of fly fishing . These are two photo's of Dick . My personal favorite is the one of him casting . It was a cold, windy, November day and the fish were hard to come by . There were several of us fishing and one by one we called it a day but not Dick he kept at it . I'm sure he was thinking that my next cast will be the one where I hook up .
  6. I was also in Chatham doing a little fishing this past weekend and have a couple of thoughts . First is that if I went trout fishing in one of the Cape ponds the average size of the trout would have been larger than the stripers I was catching in Pleasant Bay . Second is that when I hooked up it got to the point where I was hoping it was one of the hickory shad , they were generally larger than the stripers and some of the larger ones actually put a good bend in my 9wt. I was also thinking about fishing with a 6wt. which is pretty much the state of the striper fishing we have now . Back in the 90's I did a fair amount of fishing In the Brewster, Chatham area and the size limit was 36 inches . Mostly everyone was fishing with 9wt's because that's what you needed back then, there was no talk of bringing a 6wt unless you were going trout fishing ,
  7. The Browning I bought back in the 70's at the salvage store Building 19 . I looked it up online and it is one of the few things that I own that is now worth more than when I bought it . The Pflueger is around the same age as the rod but I ended up switching to a reel with a smoother drag because the Pflueger's drag would stick and some of the larger shad when the took off on a run snapped the tippet .
  8. Not the Delaware , up in New England .
  9. I've had luck on with a pink body yellow marabou tail fly tied on a #10 jig hook with a bead head , but if you speak with 5 fisherman I think you'll get 5 different answers of what fly they use .
  10. Having so much fun catching shad this year I've hardly fished for stripers
  11. That would be one hell of a slam ! I think I only traveled about 10 miles to complete mine .
  12. Thanks Dick for the kind words but truth be told the place I was fishing for stripers has about a two hour window and though the fish earlier in the tide were in that 20-24 inch range the more the tide dropped the smaller the stripers became . The trout I caught was actually larger than the last striper I landed . Dan I think the slam would be very doable at night . As with most fish stripers, shad, and trout hit better in low light or dark conditions . Maybe a subject to discuss at a future S.S.F.C. meeting .
  13. For the last half dozen years or so in the spring I've tried to catch a striper ,American shad , and a trout in the North River or one of it's tributaries in the same day , it's what I refer to as the North River Slam . Up until today I've come close a couple of times but the shad part has always eluded me . The Striper: It was a cloudy rainy day and I had a good early afternoon tide for stripers and as an after thought I threw my 6wt in the car along with my striper rod. I arrived at the North River a little after the turn of the tide and on my first cast with a gurgler I hooked up as I did on my second and third cast . After a dozen or so schoolies I started to think this might be the day for the Slam , so I reeled up and took the 15 min. drive to the Indian Head River one of the North's main tributaries . The Shad: Even up here several miles from the ocean it's tidal and the tide was up making fishing tough . I had to waded across the river on my tippy-toes to keep the water from going over my waders to reach a gravel bar and because the brush and trees were right at my back all I could do was roll cast a small white, chartreuse, and pink clouser to the deeper side of the river and hope a shad was lurking in one of the deep holes they like to hold in. At low tide you can see that there's a lot of rocks and logs on that side of the river so when my line came tight and I set the hook and the rod bent way over and I felt dead weight I figured I was hooked on the bottom but the tip of the rod started to bounce and then all of a sudden a shad comes flying out of the water. Every shad I have ever caught put up a great fight and this one didn't disappoint , after several jumps and strong runs I finally landed him. I fished for a half hour more hoping to repeat the same scenario but that was it so it was on to the trout portion of my slam .The Trout: Ten min. latter I'm fishing the upper section of the Indian Head where I've had good luck fishing earlier in the year but the last couple times I couldn't get the trout cooperate . I tied on my favorite little trout streamer and start working my way down the stream swinging the fly through the current and it wasn't long before I felt that familiar tug on the line . Now if I usually lose a fish it's no big deal , I figure I'll just hook up again and if I don't it's just nice to be out but I really want this fish and it's not one of the little brookies that I have been catching it's one of the fat rainbows that are in here . With all the rain we've had lately the stream's current is really moving adding to the difficulty of landing the fish but I work him into a back eddy and land him , North River Slam completed ! My new Slam is going to be the Cape Cod Bass Slam ,a striper, smallmouth , and a largemouth bass all in the same day.
  14. Several years ago my wife and I stayed there . The cut between A.M.I. and Long Boat Key , especially the Long Boat Key side produced jacks for me . The second place I caught fish was around the bridge that leads over to AMI . I just found a place to park and waded around and caught seatrout and ladyfish . Hope this helps .
  15. I can tell you first hand that Norm is looking forward to seeing you down in Sanibel . Get well soon Dick !