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  1. You can catch them from mountains streams or costal brooks like this one .
  2. Best of the year so far 27 inches
  3. As Meatloaf sings " Two out of three ain't bad " . Nice looking brown trout , it looks like they hit the same fly .
  4. Last year I posted about what I call the North River Slam . An American shad , trout , and a striper from the North River or one of it's tributaries all in one day . On Saturday I set out and accomplished this little game I play with the striper being the last and the hardest of the trio to catch . After hitting three different spots I caught what has to be the smallest striper , a pre schoolie , to complete the slam . So on Sunday I wasn't going to drive around to chase the slam , just do a little shad fishing maybe drive five minutes to fish for trout if the shad didn't want to play and call it a morning after a couple of hours . I worked the stretch of water I like for the shad and at the end of the run I came tight and after a couple of runs , acrobatic jumps and bulldog tactics the shad came to net . The fishing was slow so I worked my way up to the head of the run and was about to cross over when another fish hit . It hit so hard in fact it snapped my 3x tippet . I don't mind loosing a fish especially one that fights as hard as the shad but that was my hot fly . Tied on a new tippet and fly hoping to catch that same fish and get my fly back . After 15 minutes and no action it was time to move and fish for trout .While crossing over the stream I always throw out some roll cast because you never know . To be truthful I've never even had a hit on my "you never know" roll cast until this morning . Another hard hit , set the hook , a swirl and tail slap and off to the races . The fish came close to my backing and as I worked it back up it took a couple of shorter runs . The shad's fight can be compared with that of a bluefish , strong , fast , they both take to the air , and the nearer they get to you they fight even harder . This fight was different , strong and bulldog like but it seemed to tire as it came closer . Then I noticed that instead of seeing flashes of silver from the flanks of the fish there were stripes and what came to net was about a 20 inch striper . I always wondered how far up the river the stripers come in the spring chasing the herring , now I know . I figured the run was worth another try and at the bottom of the run I noticed a small rise . I swung my little jiggy fly to where the rise was , felt a little tap , set the hook , and a short time latter a brookie was in hand . It's not unusually to catch a trout here since the state stocks this section or the stream . So within 40 yards I had my slam , no driving like a mad man trying to catch certain tides at certain places . And the "Grand" part of the slam came when I caught a herring . Four fish caught four different species , go figure .
  5. Got the North River Slam this morning , American shad , trout , and what has to be the smallest striper I've ever caught . That little schoolie or most likely pre schoolie was the last and the most difficult to catch , but it completed the slam .
  6. One of my favorite spring visitors
  7. No sea lice and the darker than normal colorization leads me to believe it was a hold over .
  8. Taken 4/29 from Boston Harbor
  9. Good report Rich . Have you tried a Gurgler ?
  10. I just love the look on Dr. Birx face as she listens to Trump . Same look I had at St. Peter's when the nuns asked a question and I didn't know the answer . Look straight ahead , don't make eye contact , and maybe they won't call on you . Sorry Dr. Birx , didn't work for me either .
  11. Several years ago I was fishing the outgoing tide on a river during the spring herring run . I had tied up some large gurglers to mimic the herring that were dropping out of the river. I was fishing a point with the river running left to right and a cove behind me with the current running right to left and where the two currents met was where I was getting most if not all of my hits . I would cast into the cove and let the gurgler drift into the main current all the time slowly twitching the fly as if it were an injured herring . Some of the hits were explosive while others you'd see a wake or a bulge in the water behind the fly and that would turn into a cat and mouse game trying to convince the stripers that this was a easy meal . The fish were all in the 24-26 inch range and in the current all fought well but it was one that I especially remember . It was one of the explosive hits and this striper did his best bonefish impersonation racing down the river . He took off so fast that the line in my stripping basket flew out , formed a big loop and went over my hat , fat head and came to rest on my shoulders and instead of the line coming tight to the reel it became tight around my neck . I immediately wedged my hand between my neck and the flyline , bent over and slipped it off and proceeded to land the fish . That's one time I'm glad a fish I hooked was 26 inches and not 26 pounds .
  12. Trying for the slam myself down at one of the Cape ponds . Caught a brookie and a rainbow but couldn't nail down that third species .
  13. Check out Anastasia State Park . It's close by , you can fish from shore or rent kayaks .
  14. It's an articulated streamer , it was the hot fly for me down there . I caught several other bass on it , loss a good size one right at my feet , and even hooked a gar on it .
  15. In Florida for a couple of weeks and did a little fishing while there . In the salt I fished in New Smyrna . Caught some sea trout with the three little wild pigs looking on . And in freshwater at Lake Wales it was largemouth bass with an 8foot or so alligator keeping an eye on me and me keeping a eye on him .