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  1. Still available?
  2. bump
  3. bump
  4. Y'all twisted my arm; Steve's it is!
  5. definitely like his; was looking for other rec's too
  6. Looking for some bombproof, non-coiled lanyards with stainless hardware and attention to quality construction. Elastic bungee material or fixed length. What do you have, and I’ll also field recommendations if you don’t have one for sale. Thanks!
  7. I ordered one a minute after making this post, but still interested in any others that might hit the marketplace here
  8. Looking for a new or used Boga 30 holder from Flatlander. Price and pics if you have one
  9. Quite the bottle you have there
  10. Looking mainlyfor Rapala Twitchin Rap TWR-8 in balsa wood. Mainly looking for bone, hot olive, clown, and other proven inshore colors. New or used. Thanks!
  11. Sounds good
  12. Looking for a Boga 30#. New or gently used. Thanks
  13. Moving this to a local site for the time being. Locking it up.