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  1. I'd meet at 40 since I'm going to get PP fees and shipping. Not worth selling if I'm going to make less than 30$ off them. Sheeps be here any day.
  2. Last lot of cleaning the garage, 90% are new, some have some marks from being in a box on the boat. 12 3/4, 5 1oz, 3 1.5oz, 3 2oz, 3 3oz. Retail would be 66, looking for 45 shipped
  3. Done. It'll go out at lunchtime tomorrow, pm coming
  4. Some more garage clean out, sebile, river 2 sea, savage, terminator etc. 30$ tyd east of the Mississippi. Includes a few misc bags of baits, rage, missile, reaction innovations not pictured.
  5. Sure, it'll let me do it all in one post office trip. PM coming
  6. Mornin bump, bucktail/shad lot still available
  7. Pm comin
  8. I'll do that since I'll already be driving 15 minutes to the PO. Saves a trip. Pm coming.
  9. Have had this stuff for a while, never tie anything using any of it. Little bit of everything, lots of other assorted feathers not included. Asking 65 shipped.
  10. Since I'm already going to PO. That'll work.
  11. That's fine, saves trip to PO. Pm coming
  12. Edit. Duplicate post
  13. Majority are 2oz, all but the 2 or 3 on the left are 1.5-3 I believe. Got a few 1-2oz AVAs I'll end up tossing in the package too.
  14. Sure, both for 44 shipped, will pm after dinner. Lot 3 & 5 sold
  15. Cleaning out the garage, have way too much stuff that never sees sunlight anymore. Prices are shipped. Some hooks will need to be changed out on first two lots, cant keep stock hooks nice forever Lot 1 plugs -$90 Sold Lot 2 metal -$50 Sold Lot 3 Schoolie Lot- $20 Sold Lot 4 Bucktails/Swimbaits -$40 Sold Lot 5 35 bags of misc opened plastics, some missing, probably be 40 or so bags by time it sells. -$29 Sold Lot 6 Cmap card - $20 Lot 7 Penn 525 mag US made, has been well fished, still performs exactly as it should with cosmetic flaws from use/being on top of truck. - $70 Sold Lot 8 Daiwa SL20SH, same as 525, has been well fished but no mechanical issues. - $65 Sold