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  1. Hey paul, will definitely keep that offer in mind, appreciate it
  2. No where near the same and not for trolling.
  3. Anyone have one laying around they dont use?
  4. 22 bags unopened, mostly jerk shads. 75$ shipped.
  5. Correct it's a 60° hook. Mustad 32786 in 3-4/0. If not interested then onto Hahn if still interested
  6. GC, per SOL BST rules, you were first to express interest and had a question about it, so up to you. Picture of one of the jigs is posted
  7. Size large, no rips, but neck gasket and right wrist gasket are split and will need replaced or rock it as a spray top. 250$ top, priced at 40 shipped, add 3% for PP. Clearing out garage
  8. 32$ shipped, flat sided ball head for stick on eyes, collar for skirt and barb. 1/4-3/4. Cash/check/mo/pp add 3%.
  9. When I get off work tomorrow afternoon ill make sure I still have them
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