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  1. Retracted
  2. I'll put in for 3rd by some chance
  3. When I get off work tomorrow afternoon ill make sure I still have them
  4. I honestly think I have a pouch and tin/bucktail holster that are older you can have just cover shipping.
  5. Contemplating picking one of these up (wish you were closer), how do you feel about the rod?
  6. Payment received earlier, tracking sent via paypal, thanks tim/sol
  7. Going to the post office today for something else, last drop 70 shipped. Barely pays for the plugs
  8. Have way too much stuff, slimming down the herd. Stretches, CD30, CD18, and assorted mojos, Maja spoon that needs a little paint, and some extra shads, few more that didn't make the picture. 75 shipped, cash/check/mo, pp add 3% (77).
  9. Ive got a box of old tiny spinners, some new in box, and old fly reels. Ill take pic when I get off work tomorrow.
  10. W/ fees would be 123.60, that's fine, I'll pm you PayPal. I brought it to work with me, if you get PayPal out by 2 I'll ship it between shifts.
  11. Like new 9.5/10 cosmetics, 10/10 mechanically. Includes box, shims, papers, and spare spool. 135 shipped, PayPal, check, mo.
  12. I'd meet at 40 since I'm going to get PP fees and shipping. Not worth selling if I'm going to make less than 30$ off them. Sheeps be here any day.
  13. Last lot of cleaning the garage, 90% are new, some have some marks from being in a box on the boat. 12 3/4, 5 1oz, 3 1.5oz, 3 2oz, 3 3oz. Retail would be 66, looking for 45 shipped
  14. Done. It'll go out at lunchtime tomorrow, pm coming
  15. Some more garage clean out, sebile, river 2 sea, savage, terminator etc. 30$ tyd east of the Mississippi. Includes a few misc bags of baits, rage, missile, reaction innovations not pictured.