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  1. Hey did you still want to sell that 525?

  2. Yes it was, Mike who had been running it with Ricks wife since he passed purchased it from Deb bout 2 years ago, she still works a little in the summer and lives right there. Clark and Butch are great guys, no problem spending my money with them if they happen to be open when I hit the rocks.
  3. Atleast for the spheros, it has a 4.6:1 gearing, the live liner is a 6.5:1, that might be what you're feeling. Higher gearing, quicker retrieval rates but lose a little in cranking power.
  4. DE- 99% Ricks b&t in longneck, know the owners of old inlet personally, good guys, but their stuff is "beach priced" MD - AllTackle or Tochtermans depending on location NJ - Grumpys, or B&N to get breakfast with your tackle
  5. I know you stated 2015, presumably for the seat but in any case I know where an olive 13 is, believe a 14 (clip in style seat) for 700
  6. Hey gabe, sorry works been crazy, will get some pics after work today.
  7. The issue with level deck/in floor fish boxes is with that sized boat, you only have so much space in the hull for hatches thus the front doubles as seating but also for the storage aspect. Looking at the sportsman myself but also kind of want a pilothouse. Going to run my maycraft for another year or two.
  8. Sitting at work right now, I would love if you brought me a box of donuts. 4 hours down, 12 to go.
  9. I have one that is fairly well used but mechanically works perfectly, can get a few pics in a day or so with my work schedule if interested.
  10. As stated, cheap pilot houses mean old or broke. You could look at maycraft as an alternative for pilot house. Since its a first boat, id find someone with one that will let you captain it, some people dont like the ride of them, personally I prefer the 360 fishability of my CC and when its cold I put curtains and wings on.
  11. Really wish you were closer, if you decide to ship let me know.
  12. I use that style for a belt, it was an underbelt for duty belt at work but got tired of having to take it apart before and after shift and sizing it to fit through belt loops. Works well as a belt for plug bag, no rust so far but some pitting.
  13. 11. Do not hijack - no one, under any circumstances, should show interest in or offer to buy ANYTHING in a WTB thread they didn't start - EVER.
  14. Where is "central florida"?