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  1. Ok I’ll set up a trade thread tomorrow evening after work
  2. I don’t have those specific ones but do have a lot of other builders. BM, goo goo man, grs come to mind. Any of those of interest?
  3. thank you. I’m going to pass for now given it’s a bit heavier than I’m looking for and hoping I can find some under 3 oz. I appreciate you digging it out.
  4. thanks. Very interested in the top and bottom on left but potentially also the middle. What are you looking for re trade?
  5. ok, thanks. What’s your price for this one?
  6. thanks - is that the bigger size? Heavier than I thought the size I’m looking for is. Is it around 6 inches? honestly I could be off on his sizes. I had thought there was a peanut size, then medium that was around 6 inches or so and up to 3 oz, and then a jumbo
  7. thanks. Interested in both pending price and if you still have them.
  8. Looking for what I think is his medium size, preferably in lighter colorways. Thanks.
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