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  1. Still looking
  2. bump
  3. bump - looking for a 10k
  4. Looking for a used Saragosa 10K. Would love to be under $200 if possible. Intend to use for tuna on the boat so if you have a popping rod to go along with it that would be interesting as well. I'm in NJ, Ocean County.
  5. im in - thanks tman!
  6. Tight lines, Bill! Thanks!
  7. with my broken foot largely healed, finally made it out for the first trip in about a month yesterday morning. water was full of weeds where i was hindering nearly every cast. birds working the lip for micro bait in a couple spots. one bit at the lip that took the tail off of my swimmer so blue or fluke. other than that nothing. either way great to be fishing on the sand again
  8. looking for other glider style baits as well if no dart waverers out there.
  9. 4000 will work well!
  10. I have MH's and have zero concerns with their ability to land larger fish. I accidentally caught a 4-5 foot brown shark on one while fishing a bunker pod and the rod was fine. I'd really like to get the H or even the Teramar Northeast H for throwing some larger plugs or slightly heavier jigging. I use Shimano Trevala's for deeper water needs (wreck/reef jigging in 50+ feet of water) and some light trolling. I think the Shimanos, both Teramars and Trevalas, are a good bang for the buck. They arent super cheap but they are great rods in my opinion.
  11. I have 7s but really personal preference. I find I get enough casting distance with fhe 7 and it works for light jigging. I like the versatility - I had two on the boat this morning - one for throwing soft plastics and top water along the sedges and the other for jigging fluke. Neither caught today tho, lol.
  12. Sandeel! olive over white and the olive has a nice metallic look to it.
  13. Got mine in last week! Impressed with the build and pumped to get these in the water.
  14. agree with Goldy, VS250 is way too big for inshore stripers/blues and fluke. Hell you could use that for football BFTs...get yourself a Daiwa BG in 3500 size (i think 4k spool is interchangeable so add that if youd like with higher lb test line when bigger fish present) on a shimano teramar southeast rated to 1.5oz or 2 oz. that should work well for stripers and blues but will also work for shallower depth fluking. if you're fishing reefs/wrecks for fluke I'd have different recommendations.