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  1. Not Canada, Not that there is anything wrong with that : ) Little further north in NH
  2. I'll be moving further north then
  3. What up L Dog. I don't get on here half as much as a use to either. Got down to fish first week of June but pretty dead, one 24" fish. Don't travel as much as I use to. Other than that all is well : )
  4. Glad to hear he's doing well. Would fish with him anytime, good guy
  5. Wish I could've made it down. Maybe next time. It's been too long . I will be on the Ditch the first 2 weeks of June off and on : )
  6. Fished them a couple of times, I didn't think they were bad out on the water. Nice country, few more bugs and a lot less people. That's a fair trade any day.
  7. No problem. I sure didn't come up with it : )
  8. : ) Hey I clean up real good. The weather was great, couldn't ask for better. The shirt I've had for a few years if you were closer you could see how stained it is, I just make it look good. Next year we all got to get together.
  9. Hey Guys, OOB thanks for the shout out : ) Been doing more fw fishing than anything. I like the month of june and my topwater in the Saco or I'll be down on the Cape Cod Canal. I did get a nice 29LBER on a Zara Spook I made ( 9 1/2") so that was pretty cool. Went to Ft. Kent for Muskies with Toby and Buzzard and a ouple others who aren't on here. Best I got was a 38" and a couple smaller ones. Hit Lake Champlain last week for Pike, Same guys and my best was a 37' 12lb+ nice fish and a 4lb+ smb nice surprise there, 2 new pb for me. Maybe Toby and chime in with some pics and what he got. Next month gonna try for Muskies again. Later
  10. Morning,  I don't get on the site too much anymore only check once in awhile.  Still good guys on here.  I just don't get to the ditch as much and with all the talk of crowds well...  Oh and I hate going thru Boston on the way home, might have to try 495 and see how that goes.  So what is your schedule and where you at, do you get to the ditch or back here.  I'll be at the cottage with Puck and the family next June be cool if you might be around. 

       Different fishing in CA looks like. Hey take it easy and and keep fishing, ya that goes without saying.



  11. Morning Gents, It was just working well for me that day. Yes I do like my poppers, always the first thing I throw. I'll have a batch for you next year Puck : ) As always thanks for the hospitality and I've got the menu written down for next year. Sandbar1 How you doing man! Hope to see you guys next year beginning of June.
  12. Got one this year. Like it very much. I put it on a 8' musky rod. But will use it frogging and for striped bass. I put it on a 7' rod for other baits for lmb. It is very light and compact. I looked at the Tranx 200 and that was small, to me. I got a good deal on the Lea 300 and took it. Glad I did.
  13. Morning So plan on being down like 8-11th. Not 100% sure right now but best guess. Give me a ring when you get into town. Have a smooth trip down.



  14. Man Hate reading this stuff. Was going to fish Saturday am. Usually fish week days but was coming down for a reunion and figure can fish also. Now not sure if it's worth getting up at 0130 to get down for the sun rise. Too bad like coming down evn if I didn't catch. Scott
  15. lures we used were bulldawgs shallow water swimmers xxl, we trolled them glide baits worked. dark colors or black were the go to, not much for deep divers. Avg depth was 3-10 ft. Couple of nice looking lmb, healthy