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  1. That goat yoga must be doing wonders for you range of motion and helping you with your super casts Brian!
  2. You got it.
  3. Brand new. $75 shipped. PayPal only please.
  4. I’ll take them.
  5. So $154.50? I’ll take it.
  6. Can you do $150 shipped for the century?
  7. I saw this rod in the BST too. For a 70/30 split rod, that first guide seems awfully close to the reel. But like Drew said, I may work?
  8. 100% Luck You have to be at the right place at the right time and be able to get to the water when you get that phone call or text and lastly find a spot in that lineup of 50 other guys hoping they don't tangle your line!
  9. Have any norkalcatz?
  10. I’ll take it.
  11. My kid teaching Winch an thing or two about through drilling LOL
  12. It would be ridiculous if they charged more for the raw blanks than the sanded ones since it would be less work for them not having to sand then clear the blanks!
  13. I've sent my 5k stella that I purchased from otto's for service twice and had no issues.
  14. I’ll take them
  15. I’ve owned both the 1202L and the 1201L. The 1201L is by far a more versatile rod. The two piece version imo tops out at about 2-2.25oz. It fished plastic minnows and bucktails just fine, but for the price there are better options.