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  1. You got'em. I'll pass on the trade.
  2. A pair of not so common Fixter’s for sale. $90 PayPal shipped for the pair. Not splitting. Blue surfster 6.5” 2.5oz Purple, teal, white big butt cigar. 6.25” 2.6oz
  3. I get it. Thanks
  4. No problem. Glws
  5. $25 for the Darby creek?
  6. Thanks for checking for me Kevin. Sorry but I'm going to pass, I was hoping to find some for less than retail.
  7. Awesome. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, but I'm looking for the smaller size.
  9. Looking for a couple linsider69 game changer needles in the smaller size. Lighter colors preferably. Thanks
  10. Damn, what can’t Brian do? Builds super clean rods, plugs that catch and is a hell of a nice guy. Well maybe he can’t catch a striper over 10# LOL
  11. I’ll be there if Ratss427 brings those cookies. Might have a 10’ black hole east coast special for sale if I remember to bring it.
  12. Epoxy over the tail wrap? Looks like an older Winch
  13. Oohhhh!
  14. Nomad chug norris, i think the smallest one is 2"