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  1. It’s a Fixter
  2. I’ll take them
  3. Paint and recessed grommets reminds me of Darby Creek.
  4. I’ll take the Stella for $700 if it’s an HG.
  5. It’s built now. 22” butt to stem and about 31” from spool to stripper and stripper is still in the lower section. Maybe you are thinking of the striped bass special that’s a 70/30 split? This is a 50/50 split east coast special.
  6. At the time of the photo, butt distance was short. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 18”.
  7. It’s an interesting blank. Kinda like a thin inshore blank shoved into a stiff bottom half. It doesn’t feel bad but just not what I was expecting.
  8. Facts.
  9. The shop in Oakdale.
  10. Same night you posted the video here, I was going to cancel my order since it was back ordered. Next morning when I wake up, I get a shipping notification... It’s getting sent back for sure. I should learn to reel with my left hand and buy a van staal!
  11. *pours gas* surface rust on the handle shaft straight out of the box.
  12. I’m in
  13. I’m in