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  1. I’ll take 5 swing hooks and 5 fixed hooks please.
  2. LOL! I ordered a couple of blanks the second week if april, they shipped a week later! They sent the wrong blanks... Customer service was quick to respond and emailed me a return shipping label. But when I sent a follow up email as to the status of the blanks I ordered. Crickets.
  3. Are the 4-5 of these smaller ones?
  4. The delta 905-2 salmon blank makes for a pretty nice early season striper and bay rod for California. Throws up to 2oz. I gave the first blank to a friend who wanted to try and wrap a rod, he likes it. I ordered the SM version of the same blank, action was way lighther in action which is not a bad thing, but not what I was looking for. I also built on a swimbait blank for throwing big glide baits. They’re nice blanks with the sale pricing. But full retail and non existent customer service , no thanks.
  5. Lol. I ordered a couple of nfc blanks. Expected to wait 3 months. They came in about a week and a half! But they sent the wrong blanks lmao
  6. Oh that’s a bummer. Dwight and Jean were always great to deal with.
  7. There’s thrasher rods. Blanks rolled in Washington state. Mostly boat stuff but they do offer a few surf blanks that are rated 2-5 if I remember correctly.
  8. I never heard of the ultegra wobbling, just some saragosas. The parallel reel foot on the ultegras do cause a thumping feel when paired with some rods with small guides or if the first guide is too close to the reel.
  9. Ok. I saw some cloudiness on that guide wrap and that basically sums up my experience with d2. Two separate batches, tested it by applying in different conditions too but it always has that haze. Ended up with using the stuff to coat plugs.
  10. Are you using D2?
  11. Can you do $70 shipped?
  12. A little longer on the belt sander and I think you’re in to something
  13. No thanks. All yours Reed
  14. $37 for lot one?
  15. Green handcarve looks Iike one of Marks. @ratss427