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  1. @Kyle7683 I’ll that the sheath please.
  2. The 10' 2.75tc american tackle atrex throws 1.5oz tins extremely well. It would handle a heavier payload for bait and wait better than the black hole suzuki too.
  3. Stryker has a few blanks that I feel are similar to the 10' suzuki. Two that I really like are the SM967-2 and the SU966-2, one is marked as a salmon blank and the other a surf blank. They both throw about the same range (up to about 2.25) but the surf blank is faster in action. Very scientific comparison between the SM and SU here. The more moderate one is the SM967-2. Really affordable blanks rolled in Oregon they’ll probably have a sale closer to the holidays
  4. Thrasher makes a handful of 8'10" blanks in different ratings. They're 3x the price of their shorter blanks, most likely to make up for shipping costs.
  5. large wadd and small yellow darter. Both have seen water, the darter has some hook rash. $85 shipped ppff.
  6. Craig only fishies with heavy hitters like Mr. Rossi
  7. Awesome! Which one can toss a calissa, way out there?
  8. Bring all your rods! I need to find the next rod to buy for the one or two times if fish per year!
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