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  1. Angler's Resource took care of me and replaced them with some black frame guides which were still available at the time. Since then, I have built a few more rods with BC guides and they all show some staining but nowhere as bad as the old set. American tackle has similar framed guides to the KW, KL and KL-H in black but the fit and finish on them is not as nice as the fuji stuff.
  2. Gloss finish on the rod geeks and is it relatively straight?
  3. @ksong when will the moderate striped bass special blanks be on the website?
  4. I'm about the same height and catching up to you in weight haha... I have a pair in medium they fit well but like nightfighter said, the pant legs are about 1-1.5" long for me.
  5. What’s the length and weights for lot 4?
  6. Thank you. I will pass on it.
  7. Buddy lock or belt loop in the back?
  8. Fishermen’s source shows that they have the 5k in stock.
  9. Only the 9'6" or will there be a 10'6" too?
  10. I returned 2 that were exactly as you described. I opened the second one up to check the shimming behind the main gear, there wasn’t any. Added more grease and it didn’t help. I really wanted to like the reel. It doesn’t feel fragile like the shimano long casts and not super heavy.
  11. I have a 1322-2 blank if you’re interested. $125 picked up in the 650.
  12. Bang bang
  13. Ok. Just 2 and 8 then please.
  14. I’ll take them. If 15 is the 2 3/4oz version, I’ll take that too.
  15. I’m ok with waiting