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  1. I've fished W Dennis for 30 years and the last few have been getting worse and worse with almost no bluefish and very few schoolies. Don't see the runs of squid that were abundant 20 years ago.
  2. Almost all bass I have kept and filleted over the years had crabs in their stomach. I know fly fishermen who have done well with crab imitations.
  3. Newell made kits to add to Squidders, namely an aluminum spool and new sideplates which made the Squidder a much more user friendly reel. Of course there remained the very slow retrieve.
  4. Dennis has been closing down half the parking lot at W Dennis about this time for plovers for the last few years, may have nothing to do with social distance. Usually lasts til the fledglings leave, about a month.
  5. If you are over 62 (I think) there is a parking permit available at any National Park that allows one to park free at any National Park and costs $10 as I remember and good for life. One of the best deals around, I used it at the Grand Canyon where parking is $30. The overnight permit mentioned above for the National Seashore beaches is necessary for night time fishing. I've found that Eastham, Wellfleet and Turo allow parking for fishing during night time. Best tides for me have been the end of the drop and especially the early incoming.
  6. How do you fish those lures, I can't get a hit on them?
  7. Bright moon many times kills the night fishing, they get spookier.
  8. It's been mentioned before that if you take off the rear treble, it can be replaced with a stainless steel cotterpin to correct the balance.
  9. I wonder if there has evolved a new strain of micro stripers that do not achieve the size of the common striper population. Kind of like the brook trout now found native in many small streams.
  10. If that's a smaller diameter spool than the Newegg it will spin faster to pay out the same length of line as a bigger spool and be more difficult to stop with thumb pressure. The slickness of the line itself can also affect this.
  11. What reel and line are you using?
  12. I know of an 8" micro caught that was tagged and turned out to be a Hudson River fish.
  13. The fear of being charged with spot-burning has limited my posts, even as the fishing writer for the CC Times spot-burned one of my favorite spots on the Bass River.
  14. The Saltist 6500 is another cheaper option, even the BG series if you do not need the magnetic seal. I use a Saltist 5000 paired with a St Croix 10'6" Legend 3/4-4 oz., which is ideal for casting metal and plugs up to 3 oz., not for casting heavier jigs.
  15. There are manual conversion parts for many of the better reels.