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  1. I had a boat in Sesuit near the Albatross day boat and they were doing very well with winter flounder just outside the harbor.
  2. There's a ton of really small bass, there must have been a huge young of the year recently in the Chesapeake or Hudson. Or maybe they're from the recently rebounded Canadian stocks.
  3. Flounder fishing on the north side of the Cape has been very good this year, these are blackbacks that winter over in local streams and salt ponds.
  4. A few schoolies caught in the mid Cape.
  5. My son has 2 bengals and they both have long tails, one is bigger than a normal tabby and the other is small.
  6. Have taken part of many Canal clean-ups, scary.
  7. White perch have been wiped out
  8. Living on the Cape, this is the only show I attend every year and find it to be worthwhile. Lately the "jerky" booths have become overwhelming though.
  9. I'll buy the bag for $30 shipped, Paypal?
  10. How about $25 for the bag?
  11. The Recreational Striped Bass fishing community is it's own worst enemy and has had the greatest effect on the biomass for some time. Catch and release is only effective when fish are not removed from the water to remove hooks or take pictures, and even then there is a certain amount of mortality involved.
  12. I spoke with Mike last Saturday and he told me he has had several offers, but they all wanted him to stay on and run the shop (something he is not interested in doing).
  13. I remember Biff was quite a drinker, if you went in there late in the day he would trashed. He seemed to live in the back of the shop, sometimes with his girlfriend.