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  1. Booked a trip for Monday, have an outfit that should be adequate but is it possible to buy bottom rigs onboard?
  2. I've fished these plugs since Al Gag (Squidsy) made them with great success, especially with blues. Never tried those colors, the colors that work for me are white, pink and especially amber. You're right, the blues chew up the plastic tail, the original form Al did not include this; I have added a siwash with bucktail which works.
  3. One of the most often heard requests from tourists is "Where can I go to see a Great White?"
  4. Pack waders, fish the night tides, water temps in the 60's
  5. I believe one of the mainstays of the grey seal diet off Nauset and Monomoy is dogfish; there is at times a never ending supply and greys have been spotted chomping on them.
  6. I've fished Race Point from shore and had a group of seals stop to watch in case I hooked up and when I didn't they moved on to the next person casting. Soon another pod of seals would show up and do the same.
  7. I know surfers who now surf with a tourniquet on their person.
  8. Recreational fishermen are their own worst enemy.
  9. I had a boat in Sesuit near the Albatross day boat and they were doing very well with winter flounder just outside the harbor.
  10. There's a ton of really small bass, there must have been a huge young of the year recently in the Chesapeake or Hudson. Or maybe they're from the recently rebounded Canadian stocks.
  11. Flounder fishing on the north side of the Cape has been very good this year, these are blackbacks that winter over in local streams and salt ponds.
  12. A few schoolies caught in the mid Cape.
  13. My son has 2 bengals and they both have long tails, one is bigger than a normal tabby and the other is small.
  14. Have taken part of many Canal clean-ups, scary.