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    married to my vanstaal 250 and my lovely wife. 2 daughters.
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    surfcasting, custom rod building, and more surfcasting
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  1. Any interest in a new odm 10ft 8 inch nex1 3-8 built by lou caruso from lous custom rods
  2. Rod was built by lous custom rods. Built this past spring used 1 time. Clean rod. Fuji components, reel seat sits 27 inches from butt end. Shrink wrap grips . 465 picked up in Long Island south shore . Reel not included
  3. Yes they are sold pm coming thread closed
  4. Needle fish and white swimmer slightly used. 75 shipped U.S. Postal moneyorder
  5. Ok you got it sold thread closed
  6. It would work becaise omg 250 is China made. And it goes on no problem
  7. Threads would be the same so it would work
  8. Bump price drop 35 for both
  9. Yours. This lot is closed
  10. Yes it fits a 250. That the reel I have
  11. There jointed and one troller. Needle in picture is not available. 75 shipped U..S Postal money order
  12. Yeah I figured lol. Me neither. The oval is brand new just bought a few months ago. Then i also bought the power knob. Which I like better. I never used the oval. I paid 35 for it from a shop in jersey. Forget which one. I can do 30 shippednjust for that one