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  1. Items must be picked up in longisland south shore close to Long Beach all eguiotment is lightly used and almost a year old lathe 650.00 band saw 300.00 drill press 75.00
  2. Going to split it all up grizzly go462 lathe 650 picked up bandsaw 300 picked up wen drill press 70 picked up 3 savannah large carbide tools 250 picked up one strong hold chuck 250 picked up standard wood turning knives 150 picked up
  3. Bandsaw is a 10 inch sorry about the mix up i originally wrote 14 inch
  4. That is a possibility that I have already thought about. I will keep you posted. It’s a lot of money to spend all at once but I figured give it a shot first
  5. I am selling my complete whole wood shop. All the tools and machines are about a year old and hardly used. I turned a bunch of bowls and vases and whatever else. But have lost interest in the hobby. I would like to sell the whole shop as a lot. Price would be 1900.00 picked up in Oceanside longisland. I will help take the lathe apart to show how to set it up. items for sale are -Grizzly GO462 lathe -jet 14 inch bandsaw -OneWay strong hold chuck -Wen drill press -savannah large carbide cutting tools, rougher, detailer, hollowed and goose neck hollower standard cutting tools, skews, spindle gouges, roughing gouges, parting, bowl spindle gouge, tenon knife. baraacuda 6 jaw chuck. - the rest is just some center finders, tools for the lathe, drill bit chuck, and some wood stock. 3400D658-EE38-48CD-AE4D-99CC0DC56318.MOV
  6. Closed
  7. Price drop 60 for the lot
  8. Bump
  9. 65 shipped U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER
  10. Closed
  11. No one posted they will take it yet so if you want it. It’s yours
  12. Oceanside longisland
  13. 2. One that attaches to the lathe bed and one that attaches to that one so the hood can be attached to
  14. Never really used it when I hand a bench top lathe. Now I have a big lathe that this won’t work with . 30.00 shipped US POSTAL MONEY ORDER