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    married to my vanstaal 250 and my lovely wife. 2 daughters.
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    surfcasting, custom rod building, and more surfcasting
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    local 94 operating engineer

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  1. Bump. Price drop 260
  2. Yes I have the shoulder strap. No loops
  3. Thank you
  4. If this falls through I will take it and pick it up
  5. 1- 705z Reel is in great shape. Had it customized. Machine holes on the boot of rotor and spool,shaved spool. New bail springs, and greased up. Asking 220 shipped. 2- penn 705z reel in excellent shape 175 shipped 3-penn 711z reel in ok shape can 65 shipped note. I have the handles switched on the 705z reels . The custom 705z now has a pancake handle and the stock 705z has the power knob.
  6. Closing this down