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  1. no, not the bait crabs. Blue craps. i dropped a couple pots, only caught spider crabs, tossed them back. maybe they went deeper this time of the year.
  2. Anyone has done crabbing on kayak here in NY, LI sound?
  3. wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a new one on sale?
  4. wow, how hot was that day?
  5. i troll with a tube around the rocks. i think i am gonna try for porgies near the marina.
  6. yes, Africaster and Lee showed me how to fish and catch. so much to learn from those guys...
  7. Ft. Totten gets too crowded at times so i try to avoid that place. i launch out of bayside marina. its only 2 mins from me.
  8. On my way. Cheech, should come out this morning.
  9. 9am tomorrow is a low tide. does it matter at OB? never been there.
  10. i am thinking tomorrow morning, out of Bayside Marina.
  11. i've modified my seat. bought a stadium seat from walmart and zip tied the seat so now it made my seat about 2 inches higher. Now i dont have any prob water getting in and make my butt wet all the time, However, ive encountered that it was a bit harder to reach the rudder control. anyone has this prob? or just my arms are short?
  12. that's true. i was thinking about that, too. maybe just suck it up and buy a new one.
  13. not trying to be negative, saw on youtube yesterday, some ppl who purchased the 180 w/ kickup fins, complained the front fins were very stiff once kicked up, hard to lower it down. they said, the second fin was working fine. just wanted to share for those who are interested in buying the kickup fins.
  14. i have old hobie revo 13, bought like 10 yrs ago, trying to upgrade to 180, looked it up on internet, its about $950 w/ turbo fins. so expensive. is anyone selling extra drive or should i wait until winter to grab'em, hopefully get a little discount?