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  1. Interestingly, it is... if you're on a kayak...
  2. FWIW mine is a 9/10 wt. Which I like a lot. For that rod Beulah suggested the Beulah Serum 550 line which is a 450 grain head and a 100 gr tip. I had one for another rod and the Beulah cast very nicely with it. I've also used 440 to 450 grain shooting heads with 100 to 110 gr MOW tips with equal success. YMMV of course, but the difference for a 7/8 as opposed to a 9/10 makes sense to me. At the end of the day, different casters often see the same line in a different light. If it works for you, I'd call it good.
  3. FWIW I have been very pleased with my Beulah Opal Surf 9/10 wt. They suggested 450 grains (I had one) and that too has worked well in both integrated lines (Beulah Serum) and shooting heads with tips. When I first started out I tried a light 11 1/2 foot switch rod. Given that experience I wouldn't bother wirh them.
  4. Atlantic Bonito... Note the "O" ! In Florida (and I assume nearby states) a bonita is just what they call an albie! Albie, bonita... same fish!
  5. I have been buying hooks and materials from Chris for many years. Last time around he didn't have some colors of Sili Legs I asked for or some 5/16" molded eyes - so he raided his personal tying desk to send me some "to keep you (me) going". Fastest delivery around, too. Can't say enough good things about SWFlies or Chris Windram.
  6. There have been shark v. seal predation events in the last couple of years, mostly along the outer cape / national seashore beaches. In 3 feet of water just off the beach lip. They've also been seen cruising the beach just off Monomoy. Week before last there was one big seal carcass on Hardings beach, Monday or Tuesday. A night or two later a sevond, big fresh one, rolling in the wash with what looked more like a bite at the rear fins, than a prop scar. The whites are definitely here. Why not? There's 100,000 or so seals to choose from.
  7. That is one beautiful fly. I don't know if I could cast it effectively, but put it in front of a big bass, and I'm thinking " game on"!
  8. They sometimes call those folks "a little newfy", I'm told. Pour quoi? Friend of mine flew in to Sand Hill River Lodge a week or so back. Water levels down, temps up. River(s) closed. Bailed on trip after three days and came back to the Cape. Alaska on Sunday.
  9. Agree completely. A 5/0 hook is a huge clouser or half n half- those eyes are far too small to be proportional, much less turn it over. The dark wing is somewhat sparse, but the white belly material is far thicker - and its bouyant. All that bucktail, together with the weight of the big hook wants yo make the fly swim hook down, and the eyes are so small they don't counter any of the above. I like brass eyes (which are lighter than lead, anyway) and on a fly that size even a 7/32" eye is a little small - I'd probably go 1/4" even on a 4/0 hook.
  10. That hasn't happened to me since...... yesterday. Great Whites are about the only seal predators here... and there are nearly 100,000 seals on the Cape.
  11. I have had a TiCa Dolfin 9' rated to 3 oz for 15+ years and have always liked it. The one time I had a warranty service issue they were excellent and solved my problem quickly. ( I can barely remember what it was... but no complaints.)
  12. Interesting stuff from Michael's - I'll have to try some when my flex Solarez runs out. Lately I've been using more of the original Hilltop alternative. Its working very well and I'm much more inclined to use it given its reasonable cost. Cures hard as glass with a fresh battery. If the battery is a bit weak there'll be some tack - either a longer cure time or a few minutes in the sun solves that issue. Ray, I gather you've had no problems from the refilled Solarez bottle? I just find the size and form factor very convenient to use.
  13. I loke those a lot. (Particularly rhe shape.) Mine seem to com out flatter and more 2 dimensional. I see thicker foam on the bottom - anything inside to create volume?
  14. I don't seem to have a problem. I wanted to understand what you meant. So I asked a question. No worries. Carry on.
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