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  1. I like those! Craft fur on the back too? Looks like a UV or epoxy coating to the bend...
  2. Chris Windram also shows it available for purchase.
  3. Wow, that sounds pretty bad. Hope he feels better. I really enjoy his video stuff - anything I know about tying for freshwater, I learned from him.
  4. Capt. CastAFly's "Squidsicle" Two Materials (unless you count monofilament, and a little flash.) Simple Tie. 20 fish outings.
  5. I like that. Thin dubbed body? Craft Fur collar? What's under the collar?
  6. That is a VERY nice tie... technically, it's a slim 'Half n Half' tied flat wing style. Very much like Chris Windram's "Cape Cod Sandeel".
  7. ...does additional tissue damage...
  8. I like the C70SD a lot, especially the new ones with the micro-barb. They're light, strong, and very sharp. I think they compare favorably with the SL12.
  9. Definitely doing some of those, after I get my sealegs with the glue gun. Do you use a rooster cape, or saddles?
  10. In the last couple of years, I've moved toward smaller "clouser eyes" when I tie them and rarely exceed (or even use) 1/0 hooks. I've used brass eyes from the very beginning, after I discovered that basic lead eyes will break, on an errant backcast that hits the beach. And I usually opt for the smallest eye I can get away with. I prefer 3/16" as the maximum size. Also FWIW I think Bob Clouser himself (and Lefty, and even Bob Popovics) would tell you that it's not the eye that inverts the hook - it's the buoyancy of the bucktail. That's why you want the wing a bit fuller than any tail, or you could tie with all bucktail above the shank as opposed to the traditional 'tail' bound down on the shank. If you had to have eyes to invert a hook, neither jiggies nor bendbacks would swim correctly. But with all the hair above the shank, they do.
  11. Love those things! They're the nicest Hollow ties I've seen. I tried a couple myself... I clearly need to work on them more (And find more bucktails!)
  12. Hilltop, just from the quality of the machined parts in the Stonfo visible in the photos, I can see why you like it! It is pretty cool. There are a lot of interesting choices available... still I can't see why I'd ever need more than the two I have. It's not like I'm gonna wear them out.
  13. Interesting... I tied and fished a couple of Squid Hookers. They're basically an overgrown albie whore with more hackle and some marabou. They weren't especially durable but the bass certainly ate them. Still, I used a low temp mini glue gun and probably not enough glue at that. I just got the gun and glue that Seadogg uses, so I'll see if that makes a difference.
  14. I've had my DynaKing Trekker (same jaws as the Barracuda) a little over 20 years. Originally they called it "the Barracuda Jr. Trekker". I picked up a Midge jaw for it a few years back and had the serrations in the tip of the standard jaw re-cut last year. My wife encouraged me to pick up a second vise at the time, and I got a Saltwater Traveler. I find it holds hooks amazingly well- even trout sized FW hooks.
  15. Many times I've read about using steam to straighten bent or twisted feathers.... but as a practical matter, I'm not sure how it is properly done.