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  1. Interested in the following: 2119, 2132, 2135, 2150 These still up for grabs I believe?
  2. I see they have a few products, I'm familiar with the XP which i really like. Do you have any experience with their other stuff like the Domin8?
  3. 100% agree! While others i've used have frayed and fuzzed during the same or shorter time period, JB has held up well. For all around purposes i've found myself using it more than the rest. The other braid that held up very well and casts great has been Tufline XP. I'm not considering trying their other offering - Domin8. That's exactly correct! I checked a few other sites and their prices have gone through the roof as well seeming overnight. The available quantities also seem very low, which made me wonder if something else was going on behind the scenes.
  4. This is where this gets even weirder. It's the solid core i'm referring to!! I just checked again and the hollow is cheaper!! Between the prices for rods, reels, lures etc. fishing is becoming ridiculously expensive!
  5. Man, I don't know if i'm buying the inflation argument. Not by 2.1%! Especially when I consider that i bought a spool of Tufline at the same time for $34 and it's now $2 cheaper! This price jump is unbelievable to me. JB was/is great line. But what made it even better was the price point. Oh well.. I guess i'll have to try something different.
  6. I apologize in advance if this has been discussed prior but what in the world is going on with JB braid!? Back in 2012 I purchased a 600yd spool for $59.99. I went to reorder the same thing and nearly fell out of my seat when i saw the same spool listed as $129.99!! How did they justify a price jump of more than double!?! Are they now making it out of gold thread? I used to rave about this stuff and I recommended to everyone. Now..I can't justify purchasing this myself anymore.
  7. Needlefish does alright down here on the Horse eyes!
  8. Just saw this on their IG page.. Over to you tackle gurus to analyze for the rest of us!
  9. All it takes is 1 or 2 reels to have issues and the "It's a dud" train starts rolling. I challenge anyone to find a reel that didn't have some that failed. VS, ZB, Stella on and on we can go - all had some that failed. But we accept that those issues were outliers and not the norm. Like Scooby said the number of users who have reported nothing but positives about this reel are in much greater number than those with issues. Time will tell.
  10. Helps a ton! Thanks! We surf fishermen can be a very fickle bunch..if it's not "X" reel or rod, its deemed a dud... In my experience not much tests your tackle quite like a tarpon from shore...
  11. Quick question for you Drod. What is the sweet spot on this rod? Can I throw a 3 3/4oz stick shadd with this and not worry about it blowing up?
  12. From your recollection are they using Fuji K-frame guides or another brand?
  13. Thanks Drew! I'll give this a shot.
  14. Pretty work! I have one request.. Can you walk me through how you got from this point...vv To this point..vv (A finished ramp)? Getting a smooth ramp has been the bane of my rod building experiences thus far.
  15. Does anyone have an old Shimano Stradic that they are scrapping for parts? I'm looking for the oscillating slider assembly. Thanks