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  1. Thanks Drew! I'll give this a shot.
  2. Pretty work! I have one request.. Can you walk me through how you got from this point...vv To this point..vv (A finished ramp)? Getting a smooth ramp has been the bane of my rod building experiences thus far.
  3. Does anyone have an old Shimano Stradic that they are scrapping for parts? I'm looking for the oscillating slider assembly. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. 30 - 50lb braid. Does that affect the layout in a major way? I'll definitely tape and test and see how she goes.
  5. Hmmm I initially contemplated going with #10's. I suppose the only real reason i had 12's was so I could run my lure clips through without having to cut it off. But that's not really an issue. Couple questions as I'm new to this. 1. Bringing the choke closer, what impact may that have if i eventually use a larger reel? 2. How did you determine the choke point of 1485mm? I'm definitely willing to give that a try to improve recovery.
  6. Yeah.. I took another stab at this earlier today and found my error. I was assuming that when the GPS software says measurement A or B is X, I could then automatically plug in that measurement in the 27 X section. Turns out that's not true. The correct spool diameter is for the 8000 is 2.25 in. putting my 27 X measurement at 1540 mm. which is fine. Using that I came up with the below layout.
  7. I need your guidance again guys. I used the 27 X method while laying out a 12ft rod earlier this year and I am happy with those results. However, I'm contemplating redoing another rod I have but this one is 9 ft. When I apply the 27 X method the suggested choke point is not even on the blank. I used Fuji's GPS software with the reels measurements (shimano 8000) and those measurements look weird - the first guide seems very close to the reel. This brings me to the "factory" layout. I want a layout that can be used with various reels, for example Shimano 8000 and Penn Torque 5. Where do I start with this layout when the suggested choke point is not even on the rod? I want to use KW guides and was thinking of starting with a 30 and working my way down to size 12 running guides or 10's. For the time being the main reel that will be used with this rod is a Stradic 8000. The shimano reel measurements are A: 108 mm, B: 93.9 mm, C: 155 mm Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  8. Double post
  9. I can second this JB recommendation. 0 complaints after years of using the same spool. I can also suggest Tufline XP. I have been using it just as long as Jerry Brown and I think it might be slightly better. No visible fraying AND it casts great.
  10. ^^^Why is this so obvious to everyone EXCEPT Penn??^^^ Especially so if you are trying to target the Spheros market. I'm eager to see what Shimano comes up with in 2019...
  11. Anyone using the Shimano wading boots?
  12. I'm sure I read that as well in a PENN post on here.
  13. I'm with scooby on this. Unless you can find one for a real deal, there are better options at that price.
  14. Reviving this with a simple question: Can anyone tell me how long the rear grip on the factory built Jigster is? (butt of rod to base of reel seat)
  15. Very helpful, thank you! Your statement about the cut being below where I want to place the seat is correct. The plan for the handle was to try to do a paco type grip, above and below the seat. I planned on doing as you suggested and wrap the damaged section with dacron and epoxy that lightly then wrap the cork tape over it before covering everything with shrink tubing. Good to know others have a similar train of thought!