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  1. Im at the point I,m trying to clear my gear .. with how fast new products are hitting the market along with improved standards ................I just can, do it . I.ve even slowed on e;bay the shipping & fees are so high I could lose if I sell something . I,ve done good on SOL but ya have to know what you have & I,ve messed up a couple of times ><<
  2. last night on the way to bed I googled shrimp .......up comes photos of like 15 0r more of them / as my uncle use to tell me . ya should have left everything alone <><
  3. damn I guess I.ll be rock hopping for shrimp real soon ><>< no perch again today . we have been in a long dry spell we ended upin a landlocked pond .........no perch six huge crappie
  4. this is all news to me ...but whatever .someone mentioned that the ones in the breachway the fish don,t want .................... I will differ .its only because they ha ve a strong tide / there is no way they arn,t getting slammed after dark ..... it won,t be a bang it will be a quiet as possible slurp .........and if bass reall don,t eat them ......there is no way tog an sea bass will make them history around 40 years or more a friend has a ton of crayfish he caught ....... he said I,m going to B/B and fill the boat with Tog .........he was back brfore dark .. laughing he ran out of bait ><><.
  5. thankyou ......... damn age really messes with everything , I hadnt even heard of these until the post on sOL and Ive caught quite a few shrimp both in crabs & mummy pots an if I caught any of these I never noticed it We did notice years ago when we could notice the natives shrimp were on the average smaller than we have been catching for years ><><
  6. can someone post a picture of these larger & harder shrimp I fish rivers an backwater all the time & I have never seen any or even heard about them except here . all I ve seen is the same grass shrimp the 65 years ,,,,,but no where near the volume like we had back in the day . an mantis shrimp but that another story TX
  7. IF you go into Twins Shellfish shop they have a photo of a bald eagle getting a adult pogy in the water north of the r/r bridge . a few years ago the pogys stayed thru the winter an the eadles were there to feast on them ., A few years ago I was towing a digger in that broke down we were headed to Apponaug & we had two yeoungins going from around the Mason property in Buttonwoods to a school of pogies in the middle of EG Bay / they were not 0sprey
  8. I just saw dave Andersons weekly report [Fisherman] on U-tube He showed a quick clip that J Lee took from the Pilot Boat as they passed a tug that was towing a huge barge with I guess were 4 units everything is huge . just about everyone is in a race to distroy this world one way or another
  9. Great old time read .I subscribe to Mag.s just to read Charlies stories . It kinda bring back memories for me .. of Charlies younger days . He grew up in Fall River an hung around a small marina on the Taunton River I spent my summers in south Swansea ... which is on the west side of Lees River & east of the Coles River . he writes a lot about the grass shrimp crew , I was a apart of it .. when he started to run outside .. west Is to hens & chickens / at sometime made friends with the man that owned the Somerset Motel & he had a 26' red boat called the Jig Em Up . Tubing.. he was friends with a man name Fred St Lewis .Fred an he had two friends that were as good as you can get // better than most .. two of them has small wailers with 50HP Mercurys .. until their angle literally fell in the water , yo - yo- the same 4 -6 guys for years . until finally too much time .. but to start .a local charter capt that was moving his boat to PT J told locals from the mass south shore & finally CG who told & took J belushi that when it really broke that fishing wide open ><
  10. Just got in / skunked in one place this morning we moved an tried another area this afternoon 18 all large / np smalls or Jo,s they havn,t started to spawn there yet they shut off / bang pop done another guy a distance a way from us must have got shut off also . we could see him leave 5 minutes before we like to use 1.5 to 3" soft plastics they change what they want as much as their cousins , I see quite a few people using nightcrawlers / then others use only cardin worms I have them on ice .can,t take a photo because it wont load on the site ><><
  11. That time <>><>IMG_0523.HEIC Sorry I can.t get that folder to open .its just me favorite fish <><>
  12. just plain SAD > 200K Dumb with the captain just the same failed the coast guard class / great weather yet un op of the moon tide & still dropping ..........must be new leaving port {{ GREEN on the left ]
  13. SEE WHO cracks 1st you or the Shad / >>>>>>> fky in a current & the bob snapped off ><><
  14. last Sunday bass feeding in the mid bay . 34 - 35 on he way out front / togging 88- 95 FT bass still middle of mid bay on the way in today .bass driving same are on the way out togging small stuff 22 -ti 33 moved to 40ish ////// quit / over the boat limit .wicked snotty strong outgoing south wind.......... real sloppy on the way .............. get in north of the bridge . flat all the way to Warwick Cove Bass same place as before / bird just waiting ><
  15. can t fish alone ............ so I,ve started to look for white Perch .......... nada .. another guy got to L/B ><.
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