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  1. #### and sadly there are plenty of them around right now I,ll cast one for the heck of it to see how it swims ><>
  2. THEY DON,T Seem to be cheapies & they have weight & rattles ><.
  3. what is the brand & name of this plug thanks
  4. there is no excuse / that teh DEM doesn,t make a ton of bust there . they don,t even have to walk just watch & wait someone mentioned about how strick they are in the fisheries & wildlife , heck even the other marine life & sea shells . Maine is the same way ....... they will some you more on marine & wildlife violations than a DWI . its just to bad its always us in RI we have such nice resources that are abused I saw two guys taking tog in a boat friday ...sadly I don,t even bother anymore .............. dropped so many dimes I could have paid bills ><.
  5. This guy is past help with [HABS} I do hope you know there are some things much better in life ;; T-man is way too young for the good ones <><><>
  6. sorry my bad / but I got it from John ><.
  7. WHAT about ahabs A-40 signed by Charlie Cinto ???
  8. I,m not fishing them anymore /ya can see what the bluefish did to a couple ... when I do plug ............its alot of soft plastic & bucktail & its had to beat a SP minnow even the plastic poppers are better for the most part I do fish a couple of Bernzy,s because they can,t when many others don,t real hard to beat a fin s fish ...any size weight & no weight ><.,
  9. Thanks ......... I don,t have alot ..but at this age if you don,t have anyone to leave ya gear to .........sell what ya can ..I,,ve been thinning the pile the problem with custom .is if you don,t know who made it ..........ya don,t know what to price it at . The only ones I.;; keep to the end are Bernzy ,s personal reasons besides I catch fish on them ><>< BTW did really good on tautog this afternoon <><>
  10. iVE POSTED the red & white one before & never got anything on it
  11. To add to these .have you seen one in neon orange ???? the body & eyes look exactly the same . also have two habs google eyes [yellow of course .so beat up has no eyes & only the tail hook the other one ye & a new single bicktail rear also have two more yellow poppers I don,t know who made them ..I,ll post a photos tomorrow >><
  12. thanks ..I,ll check there
  13. Where is the thread about the poppers that look like Gibbs ............but u think they are a company that Mike & John started the blue & black ones ??
  14. YA SAID NO <.,. lucky that you were allowed to leave ><> I quit holdover fishing in those two rivers years ago for my safety .............. no permit to carry & to old to run ><><>
  15. nope no way like it use to be . but there are often caught in RI in the same waters that holdovers bass reside .its common to catch both species on the sane outing ><>