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  1. Great . sold to frazerp Tx all
  2. 3 Darters all unknown builders, the gray one is a tank $23.50 shipped P/P M/O CK
  3. Marcano .sold & TX I,ll PM you Mike
  4. Very nice Pearl Flaptail Builder unknown for sure $32.00 shipped >P/P M/P oR CK
  5. Please don,t think I,m kidding ……. how do you know it wa sstripers spawning .I,ve seen herring when they get to a pond . & I,ve seen tautog in the spawn season on the slick tide . Thanks from someone I guess should know ><
  6. I have a friend working on his 23 ' 1973 right now ………. but hes not restoring just trying to get it together before RO commercial opens Monday . This at least the 3rd time that I know that he,s trying to keep it going & a float ……… last year what the outer hull . this time its the deck & below & now the sides that were shaky . don,t know hows he still alive …….. just a photo from when I saw him OTW
  7. yeah the yellow pencil is signed by Victor ,I have two poppers with the same signature .but nothing on this flaptail ><><
  8. last year on aflat calm day while coming in from out front .we saw fish on top off Allens harbor …………….it was a school of sea Robins driving bait ><>
  9. Vic usually signs all his plugs . Dave P I,ll be selling it .just trying to get a handle on what I have . I have a awesome plug signed by Bass Wood ???? another signed by [BITE ME ] .. don,t know who either builder . this flaptail could be Vic or Steve .it came from a time in or around the cape ..
  10. I have two poppers signed by Vic .he signs his full name
  11. which plug .I see someone posted a yellow one …………..
  12. wouldn,t that be sweet ????
  13. thankyou ><
  14. This kind of plug & any idea who made it . Thanks 7"
  15. with the weather that coming up . SUN & 70 d along with the moon this weekend that should help ><