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  1. i will when we get it .. at least they have updated the patch to look like a striper .the old ones I have /look like a 4th grade assignment . The hudson river ones ..I got the &5 bucks ,but never got any info .<><>
  2. I got out for only the 3rd time this year / old age & bad bones equals / depression but sunrise made it worth it / we fished med bay in about four different areas , snag pogies & the hung was on ........... didn,t take long for them to follow us . beat to death with bLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOfish chops & nips & slaps from mostly slots fish ....... everywhere we went .. the last place we tried .. seem to have all bass .. we dropped a couple of good fish . We ended up with 5 slots an one over slot / 33" slot had a tag it .......waiting to hear about its life . Still great to get out . when ya pretty much have to wait for someone to go that has no restrictions , clocks , or cell phones I havn,t dug one quahaug this year ... gotta get one . can,t stop now <><
  3. HD unless ya have a yak // where ya gonna park ??? Times change <><><
  4. come on better answer / not jumping out of the box ><>
  5. yes, that,s how they sold them . bUt I got my own ><.,
  6. Question ????? why are the shrimp packed in wood chips // saw dust ><><
  7. yes, that,s how they sold them . bUt I got my own ><.,
  8. Gone ...for a few reasons ><>
  9. yes, that,s how they sold them . bUt I got my own ><.,
  10. He was the only dealer besides the BETTENCOURT brothers that caught his own mummies & shrimp ><.,
  11. wHAT f%%%%%% WIND <><
  12. I played them all ...inner city . we didn,t have yards rules were similiar / we also played with a soild plastic ball we played with wiffle bats , but we also had two commercial made wooden bats but they destroyed the balls [when hits] never played @ the level I,ve seen on u-tube .not even close we also played stick ball with a tennis ball or the old reliable [pink] ball ] how about cork ball .havn,t met a lot of guys that tried that met CANALMAN thru a fishing friend back in the day ....... as soon as possiable after meeting you he would ask if you had any [original] wiffle ball bats [LOL] I,ve come across a few I thought were original .but not by Daves standards . some were still together with the cardboard holding the ball above the bat handle ..But not by him .I wonder if he still plays ..carves alot of woods ><><>
  13. only ones I,ve caught earlier ,,were holdovers that got stuck in the warm water discharge in Providence [once[ an the old one at Brayton Pt .that was so hot we caught all kinds of fish // all year ><.
  14. aNOTHER WEEK UNTIL THE MOON & f%^&*() BLUEFISH are in the bay .............. schoolies also ><><>
  15. mussel beds don,t last forever ><>