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  1. Please post a price
  2. Joe thanks rod sold $280.00 thank you TIM
  3. Joed5 Would you take $275 for the rod?
  4. I will take both lots for asking price please PM me Thanks Tommy
  5. Will let you know just wanted a backup line gona get crazy down there
  6. You Know I was thinking the same thing Thanks
  7. Looking to buy Rio's Leviathan 500gr floating of intermediate line for a trip fishing for Yellowfin Tuna.
  8. Chicky I will take it will be looking for another so I will have a backup with me on my trip. PM me your PayPal account and I will send monies Thanks Tommy
  9. Do you know what the Core is rated will need a line with a 65 to 70 pound rated core?
  10. Please let me know what line it is and what you would take for it. Thanks
  11. Looking to buy 13 and 14WT fly lines for a upcoming trip Thanks for reading my post
  12. Please PM me your info
  13. I am in glen cove would like to make the purchase
  14. Will you accept $200.00 shipped.
  15. Odessa, I will take it for $800 Shipped please PM me. Thanks Tommy