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  1. Dude you made my day!!!
  2. I will take it at asking Price $290.00
  3. Is this rod a Boron III ? Looks like a sweet rod
  4. I will take the Airflo Tropical WF10F for asking price send me a PM
  5. I will take it at $40.00 shipped Thanks Tommy please pm me with your info
  6. Needle Fish Down Baja Way!!!
  7. I will take it for the asking price of $375.00 please PM me. Thanks Tommy
  8. Looking for a Tropical WF/9F of WF/9FI
  9. I will take it for your asking price please PM me
  10. I have a few cases will check on quantity, color and size when I get home tonight and will let you know what I have all new in boxes.
  11. Taistick I will take it for $275.00 Please PM me will respond tomorrow morning
  12. how many rods fit 2 or 3?
  13. I will take a lot as pictured please PM me. Thanks Tommy
  14. I think you guys are right my offer for asking price stands
  15. Xp800 I will retract my offer sorry about that