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  1. Herring or shad
  2. Coincidently I skunked... AND earlier this evening, I went to get some Arbys and I'm pretty sure I made a right turn at a camera light on Sunrise Highway. FML FML FML FML FML FML
  3. Rolled up this morning to Field 10 - cop are parked in the corner of the lot. Park my vehicle, pop the trunk and begin gearing up (minding my own business ) Cop car immediately descends on me, flashes the lights and jumps out and tells me I have illegal tinted front windows and asks me for my license, reg, insurance. Notices a gallon size ziploc bag sticking out of my pocket that I use to place my phone and car keys in to avoid them getting wet or dirty and immediately goes into an interrogation about why I have a ziploc bag and starts to inspect the ziploc bag. Absolutely insulting !!! I'm willing to bet I follow the law more than the officer. I explain to the officer that the tints on my windows are static cling and removable, I offer a genuine apology and then remove both front window tints in approximately 5 seconds and ask him please let me slide, I am literally out of my vehicel with fishing rod in hand and mean no harm, clearly I am just out for a nice day off from work to fish. Of course, everyone reading this knows exactly how this story ends... I was respectful, I replied to every question with "sir", I was clearly leaving my vehicel to go fish literally 20 feet away, and I was very apologetic and took immediate action removing the tint. $150 fine plus $63 surcharge, I'm not one to poo poo on the police, I respect the badge and the job they do to keep us safe, but come on man.. let the small stuff slip now and again. Oh well.. karma's an SOB
  4. I started eating Sea Robin this summer... surprisingly delicious. Once them gurnards start getting overfished ...well I'll inform my children they are SOL. Thank god for Bluegill or my kiddies wouldn't have beans Funny I was watching Youtube videos from 2012 near my favorite haunts... unbelievable what once was a measely 6 years ago.
  5. Story of my life ... FML
  6. Got after the old Herrings today... uber windy, a handful of fisherman.. all empty handed. After an hour I called it. Womp womp waaaah
  7. I can endorse Pops' post, I have gone a total of 9 times this year to the usual hot spots and all feedback points to a pathetic run. Getting skunked fishing is one thing... getting skunked freezing your bunyons off at night ...thats just cruelty. My suid jigs are hung up for 2018 Bye bye fried "galama"
  8. Waste of gas and cast.... You might find a few scattered schoolies on the North side... SS is dead
  9. Good advice on prep and the de-bone trick would be key - I certainly plan to try IF I CAN LOCATE DEEZ FOOLS
  10. WF-squared, I actually have done that, I've baked I guess sort of "mediterranean" style and even fried, how can you go wrong frying. The bones just get to me after a while. I typically keep 2 max, nobody else in my family will touch 'em , and by the 3rd fish I'm kinda over it - 3 is enough for a big boy lunch Last year I froze a bunch for striper bait in the spring....big mistake, even salted once they dethaw... its like baiting a hook with wet tissue paper and any umpf in your cast you can kiss that chunk bye bye
  11. you'll be in pickling heaven my friend!
  12. All of the above... 5 casts on bottom, 5 casts mid column, 5 casts upward column.... see which pays dividends and then rinse and repeat. Obviously a sabiki is not a tsunami popper, so dont fish it like one. Like everyone said, don't get frustrated they are either there ..or not
  13. @ preyan I use Marathon sabiki size 14, I believe that you need to remove a few hooks, there are some NYS regs, it might be a max of 5 hooks ( dont quote me ) - besides, if your a first timer, stick to 3 or 4 or it becomes unmanageable and you will be miserable with tangles and snags. I used a dremmel to carve an old CD into a tear drop shape, I've used a store bought flasher... ultimately it just becomes more to get tangled. I ditched all the bling and just use sabiki with a weight at bottom and I catch as much as anyone else.
  14. Ive had a 4 banger on at a shot on light medium and the rod was doubled over. Cant imagine UL ....must've felt like a Marlin
  15. Everyone has their theories... though in my handful of years fishing for them, I find complete inconsistency in tide, temp and time (again a herring master may have his\her secrets) Fishing has been tough this year because weather is wacky, we had 19 degrees 2 weeks ago, upper 50s this week. Herrings tightly school and those schools move, you can knock'em dead one day and then they are gone for 2 weeks. Truth is..if you are going to consume them, I say go for it if you are going to bend a rod just because its December.. .its not that exciting, a Bluegill fights harder and Herring smell absolutely abysmal and will lather you with scales, so its not the best CnR type fishing either. If its just a bucket list thing for you.. have at it