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  1. Also alot of rookie anglers like to break out the diamond jig once they hear blues are in the water. I have been trying to get comfortable with my stubby, pudgy yellow darter that a SOL member made and sent to me. Wire - were you using a pencil?
  2. I have never seen "picky" blues ... maybe a little top water shy, but historically I have seen a lineup with 10 people fishing 10 different things and all hooking up. Stripers... different story.
  3. Dude... this is spit your drink all over your laptop screen funny!!!
  4. Can fish a darter or pencil popper or sp minnow no problem. Finding the fish is my problem.
  5. Top and Upper water column only... mid-lower and bottom un-fishable ( bucktail forget it ) Terns sitting around watching me, no visible bait in the water. Just the occasional carnage of a few dead skates, horshoes and 1 porcupine. 1 sharpie took the marathon walk towards the bridge and back and said it was dead ( I don't take people's word for it... got my mini binocs that always tell the truth ) Funny thing ... I'm plugging away and get this sense that I am being watched.... turn around and this guy is just giving me the stink eye.
  6. Completely agree with your comments and I'm huge on conservation, robins, skates, dogfish, all go back unharmed. Also to your point, bait fishing is great when I am with my kids, they think its sharks and stingrays, but adult fishing...why bother ? I was not @ Field 5 although IT IS 10 MINS from my house. I was on the backside of Moses. Tight lines buddy
  7. You are spot on! was a blowfish like I had never seen before and googling porcupine fish is in fact the pic of what I had caught AND I found a dead one. Based on your comments about skates and robins laying dead on the back side, I think we were fishing the same area ? Were you there on Friday night with a friend? I passed the only other 2 anglers in the area. Nobody was there this morning, but wading through the water I did see quite a few of these porcupine fish. Tight lines buddy
  8. Pounded near moses HARD from 5 - 7:30am ... 1 blowfish to show for it ( took my teaser darn fool ). Officially my worst spring season in history ....
  9. Solid pic... thanks!
  10. CWitek - if you are comfortable enough PMing your name to me, I am happy to write to Michael and Chris.
  11. Second that... trebles go back in the bag till the new moon hopefully clears the salad out of the water. Friday dusk I was sure I had my 20 lb gator blue or cow bass.... positive I had it... drag pulling, grudge match reeling in. Had double header foul hooked Sea Robs. Double Header Foul Hook!!!!... you can't get a crappier fisherman, I can't even properly land a Sea Robin
  12. Assume there is no public vote? You could have a major following here, happy to vote in your favor
  13. And motivates the skunkers ( like me ) get back out there. A bit windy right now...