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  1. Belle Harbor dangerous indeed... heard the nail salons close at 6pm .. OH THE HUMANITY
  2. Dude..from the sounds of it, just come on out to Long Island to fish. We don't break into your car out here... instead we ticket the sh*t out of it
  3. Dang Far Rockaways is like that now? I grew up in Brooklyn and spent many a summer there during the day and fished at night
  4. Bomber will dive deeper and less buoyant all day long vs. SP. I fished it a few weeks ago like a jerk bait for freshwater bass. Aggressive cranks, then stop and let it flutter to surface. then repeat..repeat. Cocktail blues were beating it to death. Tried a steady retrieve and not a tap. Also, on a sandy beach , I've caught large fluke with it keeping close to bottom. Listen.. yo gotta have an SP in your bag or your not classifed as a fisherman...HOWEVER, I tend to favor the Bomber A ( purely based on success )
  5. Last Saturday I couldnt make a cast without snagging some form of bait. Last week was almost lock and load with something..fluke, blue, robbin... even albies jumping. Unfortunately ...that went bye bye
  6. Popas...still sounds like a great day... I would do the same, take the kiddies for play and pack a rod "just in case" During the dead of winter, we would go "exploring" .. looking for new fishing spots and getting into trouble in new locations. Always fun for the kids. Good stuff
  7. Daiwa J Briad Anything over 30 is overkill
  8. Well .. I have to report back that Saturday was officially the worst day I had all season. Definitely had some fishy weather and a beautiful morning however the bite was non existent in the inlet and out in front.. fuhgeddaboudit with those waves. Water was chocolate milk dressed in plenty of weed. Loads of folks "fishing" ...not many "catching"... heck I couldn't buy a Sea Robbin, talk about desperation. The rare treat of pelagic species that we saw a week ago.. now just a distant memory. It was a day I soon hope to forget.
  9. Churn and burn baby... I like it
  10. Too late ! Truman's beach in Southhold here I come baby!
  11. I was thinking about pounding the South Shore this weekend. Do you think that ho .. Florence is going to mess with me? Anybody else planning a tight line as well?
  12. I actually really like FJBs channel .... BUT... I agree 100% Can pretty much tell what is biting and when I'm more of a loaner when it comes to fishing anyway...I like to run and gun and having a buddy with me slows me down Tight lines
  13. Completely understand your point.... No it's not a secret, you're not climbing fences or bribing a security guard to open the gate to get in. Rather it's a Fight Club thing... and you know the first rule of Fight Club. Besides, its Sea Robbin central anyway... yummy Gunard cakes
  14. WE2 already has enough people... congrats.. this should bring about 40 more. Now the OP will have plenty of people to fish with ..durf
  15. CWitek - you are correct and I mispoke. I would consider it an almaco jack. Seems we all have out own opinions. Not sure how edible they are?