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  1. Agreed my brother... only so many damn Youtube videos you can watch and only so many times you can clean and sort your gear.
  2. Local fresh water can start to heat up late March if your looking to just bend a rod
  3. OMG this is scandalous... I can closely track fishing party boats and identify their hot spots. Yowser!
  4. Thank you sir! tight lines and maybe I'll see you on the battlefield
  5. Very cool..way to catch'em up in the winter. Any wax worms or nightcrawler on the jigs ..or straight jigs? Have a few tidal spots in Nassau I might hit up Thanks for sharing and most of all ENJOY the YUMMIES!
  6. What the heck are they? White perch? Local on Long Island or far off reaches of the world? I ask not for the spot burn, but rather the fact that you are going to eat 'em????
  7. Hey Maxy...I was just zingin ya... I'm not sure how to post a vid myself. Thanks for the app.. I'm going to check it out. That pic you posted is gosh darn gorgeous! You bring the lounge chairs, I'll bring the cooler and Michelob Ultra - I could watch that scene for hours
  8. Good point, I read an article on Narragansett Bay flounder and what a shame.. they had a strong population far less long ago than Long Island ... now decimated.
  9. For NYS you mean ... I've been to RI and they got'em sonny boy
  10. YAWN..trying to download that thing. Curious what the app is your using?
  11. Blue... where is your home? I need exact GPS coordinates please..posted to this forum. ASAP!
  12. Interesting and fair points Shag, After reading your first line I was thinking your dead wrong, with a bit of effort, investment and conservation we could recover. The further I read, the more I am rightfully reminded of the "big picture". I've seen small, neighborhood freshwater ponds get thrown off kilter from some ecosystem change and suddenly the bluegill and golden shiners are massive and the LM Bass are stunted, skinny and sparse all because of something - just using that as a mirror example on a much smaller scale.
  13. This thread has run so far off the rails from the OP topic... I believe it may require a moderator's "seal of approval"
  14. In that case you better fire up the delorean McFly
  15. Whats size reel and braid would you recommend for that caliber of fishing?