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  1. Have to agree, I live in Seaford and my buddy has a 19 foot bowrider that we launch out of Wantagh Park and we are nearly killed every time we go out. People have big boats and bigger ego's and they like to cruise with a beer in hand with zero care or thought of the wake they leave behind as they zoom by. Its lawless out there on the water on the South Shore
  2. Not sure when you plan to fish, but I can tell you that it doesnt heat up until late June early July
  3. My problem is that nobody reminds the fish its opening day!
  4. Life ain't worth livin without SUBS and LIKES. Don't forget to smash the bell for notifications.
  5. Wow my brother... traffic moving that slow that you can watch fish busting... now that's a crawl.
  6. "Sometimes life makes choices for you." Amen to that... makes you appreciate the summer sunrise in the backdrop while your tossing plugs into the wash. Wifey could never understand how I would wake myself up at 3am.. fish for 6 hours through sun up... skunk and come home with a smile. Sometimes fishing is not just about the fish.
  7. Skinners Yak vids are all on a paddle SOT Ocean Prowler
  8. Fluke balls? ...this is a family friendly forum.. HOW DARE YOU? In all seriousness, what is a fluke ball?
  9. Let me guess .. you're here all week ..try the veal?
  10. Have tried most all products listed in this posting and have to say Aqua Seal is the undisputed champ in my eyes. Only problem I have had is a leak right in the crotch area along the seam which quickly becomes an exercise in futility. The crotch seam suffers the most movement, pull and flex and even Aquaseal lasted a month ( applied using correct protocol ). Kinda like when you get a scab on your knee that is painful and takes a long time to heal because of the constant movement, pulling and tension on that area of your body. In retrospect, most of my seam leaks have been on the inside and due to rubber cracking over time therefore robc22 may have a sound solution with Armorall.
  11. Pulled in a few rudders from Jones Pier this past summer in early August when the snappers were tiny. Used the snappers as bait, hooked a snapper through the back and tossed it back in under the pier Caught 3
  12. For years I have blamed my hairloss, psoriasis, acid reflux and bad cholesterol on my parents... In retrospect, I did eat alot of fish from Jamaica Bay growing up. FML
  13. So bizarre to even read on this topic. Grew up in Canarsie, Fountain avenue 30 plus years ago was known for 2 things Road Test and Drag Races - hopefully not at the same time
  14. Agreed my brother... only so many damn Youtube videos you can watch and only so many times you can clean and sort your gear.
  15. Local fresh water can start to heat up late March if your looking to just bend a rod