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  1. Not my bag...just stopped by to give you props and good karma for doing what your doing. I'm convinced most would keep for themselves... way to be a brother in this game Good vibes my friend
  2. Typically, the guy who's buddies give him the most sheet.... is the guy catching the most fish. Besides, if you are my age and have young children, you can't tell me your wife has never set up a forced family play date. How many times have I sat on someone's couch and asked the father "Do you fish?" only to receive a "NO" .. or "YES for Bluegills in the summer"
  3. Wire..that 'surf candy' is looking PIMP! I like that thing
  4. Any chance we can bend a rod one night ? I'm a 44 year old straight male with a wife and kids... Which basically means, I won't put the sexy moves on you..nor will I turn you into a lamp shade in a creepy apartment.
  5. I'm a rod bender... I don't hunt specifically for striped bass. Truth is.. seasoned fishermen who need their next challenge target monsters. I'm still learning... targeting bass is hard enough for me..
  6. Saw a guy walk off the beach yesterday with a 20lber.. bucktail pork with a tsunami teaser about the size of a small sand eel. You bet your ball sak he nabbed the fish on the teaser. The bait pattern is sand eels my friends, bigger is not better right now ( daytime at least )
  7. Honestly Kyle, with some of the giant shad I was catching I could not help but think what I heard in Billy the Greeks striped bass videos, where he says " If giant shad and bunker are around, the bait pattern is right for GIANT Stripers " I don't pass judgement on dead-stickers and certainly not quick to call someone a Googan... I just don't have the patience to sit with bait soaking. Not saying right or wrong. BUT.. I will say, I've never caught 30+ pounder either, seems my diamond jig catches small ones
  8. are 1 million percent correct ( and you dont need me to tell you ). I always fish CSS and find the outgoing to be MUCH better. I neglected to get the night permit and paid the price this year, January I will be first on line to get my permit for 2019. Thing is, with my work schedule I can only fish when I get the chance. Truth is... its a waste of a drive and long walk at low even if I am off from work, or I need to find the low tide spots ( I'm a home body that tends not to stray from CSS ) - though pre-summer I was a traveling beast from North to South..East to West. I just grew tired of the grind because I found my own backyard produced better. CSS at low means your just "playing with yourself" You my friend are spitting words of wisdom. Thanks and tight lines to you
  9. skunk city on CSS today... stained water...lots of weed. Upon first arrival at 10am, saw a guy walk off with 15 pounder Birds working waaaaaaayyyyyy off in the distance. Shad were strong last week... nada mucho today. Humbling to say the least...
  10. I've seen them at Otto's on the Nautical Mile... my wife and I left immediately, seemed like something fishy was going on ....
  11. My friend... I bought some white craft fur and red yarn at Michaels for like 3 dollars, had some jigheads lying around and tied my own teaser jig gosh darn out fishes every store bought lure. I used JB Weld on the threads when done tying because its stronger than nail polish. I don't normally tie my own flys, I;m not a fly fisherman, I don't own a vice or a thread bobbin. I went Ghetto Gangsta ..watched 2 youtube videos and tried it myself. Can you imagine the feeling of making your own lure and having a stellar day fishing with it??? Orgasmic !
  12. I'm not big on suggesting bucktails for newbies...maybe bouncing for fluke in the summer. Otherwise..if you don't swim that bucktail slow and low and learn the ways , you'll need lady luck on your side. Start with the basics... paddletail softplastics, swim plugs (Bombers, Redfin SP Minns ).... Bait is boring as sh*t ... I use bait when I plan to drink beer
  13. "You had me at hello" Still trying to sort out what part of a bluefish biting a soft plastic in half is fascinating ? Take the same jighead and self tie a yarn teaser and your problems will melt away
  14. Try saying that 3 times fast "wrecky rocky reeefy"
  15. Agree with all above... the way they jump (like baby tarpoon ) ..I just targeted them and had non stop action on light tackle...hey why not, a bend is a bend. As far as eating them... I heard they are possibly the boniest fish in the seven seas and make herring look boneless compared to them. Handling them is an SOB as well...scales head to toe.