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  1. This is an "idiot-proof" suggestion if you are looking to catch #'s and species. If you are LMB fishing, ...Gary Yamamoto already figured it out - wacky rig senko is cheating... so CHEAT!!!
  2. Have to give the Jersey dudes some credit... how often do we see Jersey plates fishing Western Sound late March... dem dudes paying tolls and following fish. Need more Strong Island crew jumping cross da-bridge to raid dem fools.
  3. Some pics of Melnyk holding some giant fish...and he was the skishing legend.. So if he wasn't a sharpie...he certainly fished during an awesome era and biomass
  4. FFWD to :38 for the money shot
  5. One more check from me in the pimpage column
  6. Damn brotha... don't tell me your nickname is "Lucky"
  7. Problem with the pain shot is that it really needs to be accompanied by an overhaul of movement changes, specific core, lumbar and cervical strengthening exercises and postural changes. Most people get a shot.. .feel better and then resume living ( as we should of course ) - unfortunately, all we did was kick the can down the road. Let's face it, you can't just keep getting shots - Corticosteroids are FDA-approved for injection into muscles and joints. and when they are commonly injected along with an anesthetic into the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine, it is still considered off-label use.
  8. At least you found a conservative surgeon... everywhere I go before I finish telling them my name they shout "FUSION"!!! Foraminotomy probably has the quickest recovery... faster than a laminectomy. Whatever you do good luck... I am trying my best to ward off surgery ...but I can;t even walk for 5 mins without my legs going numb.
  9. Gentlemen, we need to be careful about recommending certain Youtube exercises. I am an absolutely walking disaster from years of competitive weightlifting and because I have spondylolisthesis , if I started doing the prone press ups I would be doing more harm than good. Best advice from us all should be #1 Get an MRI #2 Get professional help.
  10. Maybe they should ban all recreational striper fishing... we sit tight for a few years, watch the negligible improvement from a "commercial only" approach and then the surfcasting community performs the proverbial "mic drop" and allow them to have an AHA MOMENT about the real problem.
  11. I'd be curious \ skeptical if this is a major perceptible differentiator in casting distance... i.e. will it make up for your errors in casting form ? I'm a Spinfisher lover...not shooting down Penn or this model... rather the inherent value, kinda like a DOOR CLOSE button on an elevator.
  12. This is always going to be a Hatfields and Mccoys situation ... CNR guys love the sport, Diverse cultures want food on the table and the commercial guys need to make the coin...and the war rages on. I gently caress anything from a Sea Robbin to a Bluegill ....I'm into that hippy lovin 'let 'em go let 'em grow thing' and respect that it is just my thing... Just don't ask me for one of the fish I catch as I am releasing 'em....
  13. Water temps in the 40's ... WTF?
  14. Pop tarts No... But your darters, bucktails and paddle tails are coming with me.. .or else
  15. Any recommendation on a cost effective set of separates for a new yakker?