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  1. I have witnessed some cool DIY conversions old school Penn 706s , etc. It's possible, but you need to know a thing or two and have the tools to manage it. I like the way you think though
  2. C'mon Charles... we are all guilty of taping an undersized porgy or two to the inside of our thighs to get past DEC
  3. Nothing like a first cast tail hooked dogger to spoil your dreams of thinking you had a 30lber on.
  4. Plan your trips by tides and wind conditions or you will be flat out wasting your time this early in the season... its not LIGHTS OUT fishing by any stretch.
  5. Bunch of chunky monkeys in the daylight hours... well done sir
  6. Amen!!!! big girls are on the feed.. get out there boys IT HAS STARTED!!!!
  7. Yup... the LI Aquarium in Riverhead is overrun with them in the summer if you walk around. Had one living under my porch 2 summers ago..tried to catch it to mate with my Jewish Floor Frog..
  8. Looks like a great plug tube insert divider for small tins, epoxies and small buckies.
  9. Topical thread.... I am on month 2 of my recovery from L4\L5 posterior lumbar decompression and laminectomy and yikes what a recovery journey (I'm only 48) but I earned the surgery after 25 years of heavy weightlifting ( 10 of which were spent competitively powerlifting ). I went to the Hospital for Special Surgery because they seem to be the ONLY place at the moment that doesn't push fusion - seems we are in the midst of a 'fusion craze' IMHO and it just feels a bit unethical. Anyways, in relation to this thread, I inquired with about 10 different surgeons and they all poo poo on MILD, Limiflex, Coflex etc. ..likely because those procedures are not performed by ortho or nuero surgeons, rather they are performed by pain mgmt doctors. After going through it...the entire concept of spine surgery just feels like "pioneering" and never a perfect outcome or Cinderella story....nor do you often see 'one and done' ... maybe I'm just jaded. Anyway, there is a search engine to find a MILD doc https://www.vertosmed.com/find-physician/ Good luck
  10. Best part of this thread is the contrarian response to your intended goal, which was for the community to hold you tight to their breast, allow you to suckle their teet and tell you it will be ok. Hells yeah we are happy to see the conservation in action and hope they bring this to NY as well so my kids will grow up with a healthy biomass to fish for. Eat canned tuna playa...... we looking after our stipers!
  11. Boot \ material seam is a tough repair and usually where my bootfoots go bad. Aquaseal on both inside and out is your best shot at a longer term repair
  12. May your herrings be pickled! Happy New Year brothers...
  13. Spot on Charles... as I am out on disability, I walk these piers daily in the afternoon for exercise and it is the same people everyday, netting buckets of spearing\killies and happily proclaiming they eat them. Initially I assumed they were selling bait on the side, until I asked. It is a seemingly unlimited, seemingly unregulated protein source for the somewhat ignorant ... thereby making it quite sad.
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