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  1. Have to agree here.. BrianC, you were wrong in laying that fish on the rocks. What I typically do ( and marine recreational studies support this ): I lay a 600 thread count Egyptian cotton duvet cover on the ground first, then I "invite" the fish on to land for a few photos at which point hors devours are served and depending on the tide I may provide a hot antipasto I always offer the fish the option of which Snapchat filter to use I allow for 3 different head lamp lighting options, which the fish may select based on preference, typically: soft, natural or red I tag the fish in the photo to ensure that her family and friends can share in the experience of being caught and having a treble hook driven into her jaw and gill plate Finally, the fish and I collectively agree on what lie we plan to tell about her weight and length + or - a few inches and lbs At which point I gently coax the fish ( through positive reinforcement ) back into the water, fold the duvet cover and reset for the next cast. BrianC... get it right..or get off the boards!
  2. That is definitely, 100% undeniably a South Shore beach .... LOL
  3. I'm in
  4. Program has returned for 2021.... great chance to volunteer and give back to our local parks and fishing areas Hope to see some of you out there (except for those that want to kick my arse ),.... I have registered for Jones Beach May 1st Stay Safe
  5. Just like prison....
  6. I'm in
  7. Moving this to the Osprey thread ... LOL
  8. Bait crowds seem to be hitting the Hudson hard... of course all little rats
  9. Looks like it's worth it to take casual strolls on the beach every now and again ( with a rod near by of course )
  10. Tried to jump on the Procure bandwagon last season for the first time... no better or worse than previous seasons. I also fish the same gulp mullet for hours when fluking without dipping it back in the bag to coat with gism sauce (John Skinner would frown upon me ). Catches and catches and catches no problemo. NOTE TO SELF: Bass seem to like that slimy greasy sh*t that comes coated on tsunami sand eels right out of the package
  11. CSS quiet... shhhhhhh Herring sleeping
  12. I don't usually equate spring with "out in front" ...
  13. I'm in
  14. I support catch and release
  15. IMHO that lip gripper crap is sissy stuff even with gator blues, you do more harm than good and no excuse for it from shore ( it may have its place in a kayak). In a state of panic you are probably not gripping the fish correctly and most people are probably lifting the fish by the gripper improperly. Bash me if you must... alas I am entitled to my opinion.