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  1. Reading the beach is so easy... I watch where and when people catch fish along the beach and I return the next day. Yeah yeah yeah, I know the structure is in a state of ever changing flux. Same spots seem to produce.... Be a good record keeper and an even better spy and the world is your oyster.
  2. DICKS is incredibly unreliable in terms of finding a size online that indicates its in stock and when you get to the store.. .NO JOY. Asking for a stock person to check is also a crap shoot. Took me a trip to 3 different DICKS to find my desired model and size. Thats alot of DICKS in one night!
  3. Your bare foot next to that ray got MY heart racing
  4. Could not agree more.. that ranks up there with "Do you know who my father is?" But then again, you could just be jelly that you did not grow up in Brooklyn.
  5. Not a terribly exciting story, but worth a share. Quick side note.. so my wife is looking for a "manly" b-day present for me and winds up buying me one of these tactical super lumen flashlights that also has a strobe feature. I toss it in my glove compartment if I ever break down..yadda yadda. forward to April of this year, I'm leaving a gated development out on Long Island where my buddy lives, they have stop signs in the development but the residents don't seem to believe in them. I come up to a stop sign and respect it because its not my development, full stop and a car races up behind me and rides his horn ( its 1am ? ) . Then the car races around me and I give 'em the old high beam flicker to send the message " you bad boy no like you". Well... car pulls over immediately and my luck 3 20 something year olds jump out, glass beer bottles in hand. I roll my window down and say "3 of you jump out of your car with beer bottles in hand that how it is? " Driver replies " who the F*K are you flashing your lights at " as all 3 make there way closer to my driver side. 3 on 1.. screw it, I grab for the ridiculous tactical flashlight and y'all know what... sucker works. I'm beaming the strobe in these half drunk fools faces and they cant quite comprehend what is happening , they're cursing, complaining asking what the f*k is that. One tosses a beer bottle , assuming aimed at me but went 20 feet wide. I just drive away and say "cops are on the way boys... enjoy" I fully expected my back window to be blown out by a beer bottle or for them to give chase...but it never happened. For clarification... I could throw the hands when I need to. I grew up in Brooklyn, taken martial arts most of my life, lifted weights most of life, I physically look like someone you would not pick a fight with.... BUT I'm 45, have 2 small children, a house, a mortgage etc. Like 2Pac said in the movie Bullet "what the hell imma look like rollin around on the ground with your cracker a$$"
  6. Wow you learn something new everyday. Had no idea about this snake or that it was a resident of long island. Have been taking my young children fishing recently at WE2 and had I seen one of these snakes... I would have had a heart attack. Now I know, they are kind, gentle, misunderstood species that I will encourage my children to pet and play with , without compunction!
  7. I've had some luck at Tanner over the years. Soak a few chunks and you might pick up something Tossing tins = pi$$ing in the wind ( over there at least )
  8. Is this more of a "bucket list" nostalgia thing ?... Billy the Greek always said that you are better off fishing your own back yard then heading out to Montauk and fishing blind. Either way... GOOD LUCK and hope you knock 'em dead.
  9. I wont lie..last season brought home my first gurnard...a giant that was gut hooked, so I figured what the heck. A few Youtube vids on how to fillet and 20 mins later with a little help from some Louisiana boxed fish fry, I had some of the tastiest gurnard nuggets this side of the Mississippi. Also, if I gut hook a small one... I strip 'em to use for fluking, saves me some nice coin on dem GULP Enjoy
  10. Your forgot.. "get your blood sucked by the West Nile Riders of the Storm"
  11. You raise fair points... I see far too many people keeping dogfish and sea robbins now...
  12. "Overrun Zoo" ... Yes agree "Trash"... Yes agree "Attitudes" not so sure about - I have been fishing WE2 for over a decade and the majority of people I encounter tend to be very nice and from all walks of life. At worst people may be a bit tight lipped about their success if you ask, or what they are throwing, but overall never an issue. Also for the record, I happen to be one of the people recording myself. Now I need not justify myself to you, but I will humor you. I record myself and post to a private unlisted Youtube channel so that my elderly father whom was an avid fisherman can live vicariously through my videos, as well as get my 8 year old exciting about fishing. I certainly do not condone announcing where I am fishing, nor showing key landmarks in my video. Realistically speaking, once someone creates a post on here about "WE2", you are inadvertently drawing more traffic to WE2.
  13. Have to strongly agree with jesgord on this one. Sure people call me a tree huggin hippy, but seeing a pic of a beautiful cow like that killed for a pic and weigh in is heart breaking. Who knows the journey and life that fish had to live to avoid the thousands of lures and bunker chunks tossed at it. A quick pic and that momma could have been back on her way Crying shame...
  14. Wire..I hate to make this seem like a spot burn... but where the F did you catch that thing? As an avid beach goer... HELL's NO .. I dont want to be near there
  15. Great posts here and really hits home. Had my little guy (8) into dogfish last week on bunker chunks, to us its trash him its SHARK WEEK. He's been walking around telling the world, his friends, teachers, our neighbors that he went shark fishing. Rod bending and Son bonding... aint nuttin better