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  1. Makes sense for them to remain mum at this point. What's the upside that the investigations aren't already providing?
  2. I would think that being on the jury that would judge Trump would be about the best campaign fodder you could come up with.
  3. Okay. Maybe you're a more tolerant person than me.
  4. No doubt. You'd probably wish that he got cancer as matter of karma. No need to involve his kids.
  5. Would you make jokes about how he got cancer because he's a Democrat and that's funny?
  6. You have any that use the victims as a punchline?
  7. Don't know enough about the shooting yet. Like how did the shooter get a firearm and was he a known nutter. Those are key issues.
  8. Because it wasn't what I was trying to say.
  9. Fair enough. More trying to illustrate a point than anything though. People freak out at me for doing the same stuff that they defend from others. Plus, I don't really care about getting banned. Pretty much all the interesting/intelligent posters are gone.
  10. It's a concern as there's wackos that will take this stuff into the real world.
  11. I changed it. I don't hope for it. That was wrong of me to say that as I don't think that way. However, it would definitely be karma.
  12. When have I gone after family?