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  1. It’s definitely spread a little over the last ten years that I’ve been going there, but it’s still mostly confined to the tenderloin.
  2. Doesn’t rain much and the weather is quite pleasant which is a big contributor to the homeless problem.
  3. The Tenderloin is basically an open air drug market populated by the homeless. This appears to be some sort of attempt at a clean up.
  4. Do you think OJ was innocent too? Plus, since this all went down, Zimmerman has made it clear that he's got a screw loose.
  5. Wife doesn't care if I don't wear one, but I feel like a cheesedick without it. Tattoo is WAY trashy.
  6. I bought a 10 pack off Amazon. I lose them occasionally especially if I've had one for a while and go surfing.
  7. Same. I even wear one of those silicon wedding bands because I hated the real ring. Got a thing on my phone that holds my credit card/license so I really only go out with my phone and keys (if I'm driving).
  8. Maybe so, but probably not. Plus, I really don't like carrying things in my pockets.
  9. The memo was from May 2017 and literally launched the Mueller investigation.
  10. This is a very good point.
  11. It's been available for quite some time. At least since early 2018.
  12. Technically, it was also a political meme as well. The QAnon cult REALLY needs their avatars to let people know they're in the cult.
  13. Yes. I do it with a filet knife which I generally bring with me fishing.
  14. That's weird.