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  1. Nah. It’s the most appropriate word.
  2. I would 100% say everything I say on here in person. And a creep like BA is not someone I would associate with in real life due to his obvious sickness.
  3. Cry me a river bitch.
  4. Why not just ask? It came from a conversation with a couple lawyers I work with.
  5. He didn’t win dumbass.
  6. The suit was so weak that it was initially completely dismissed before it even started. You really think the Post would settle for any significant amount? They settled for what would be attorneys fees. Otherwise, they would have fought the weak case.
  7. I spend a lot of time around lawyers and understand how lawsuits work. Look. I’m better at this stuff than you. No need to get all upset about that fact. Just try and learn instead.
  8. Hardly. I just have zero tolerance for that creep.
  9. More tears. Delightful.
  10. I am. And I’m right. Also, you do know that he was represented by a mentally ill lawyer, right?
  11. What’s dumb about what I said? Or are you just getting emotional like usual?
  12. You done crying?
  13. Cry some more bitches.
  14. I’m estimating what he got based on what I’ve heard from lawyers. They didn’t even depose Sandmann and went right to settlement which means a very small settlement. He probably got about $50k. There’s zero chance he got millions.