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  1. There's stories on it from well before 2019 (here's one from NPR in 2008 - https://www.npr.org/2008/08/23/93914952/joe-biden-from-stutter-to-power ), but don't let that stop you from being a drooling idiot. Now, go run to Tim and try to get me banned like a little bitch.
  2. If you listen to what he said on 60 Minutes, he doesn't seem out of it. However, the pacing, squinty eyes and energy are disturbing. He can not run for another term. It's time to bow out.
  3. Do you have any evidence of these threats? Asking is can be entirely reasonable.
  4. They can ask but can’t compel. Always been that way.
  5. The universe is infinite in time and space. There is no beginning and even the Big Bang came from something which further illustrates the point. Assuming that there was a beginning is not a reasonable conclusion.
  6. That's just preference and the polls have a TON of undecideds. However, elections are not won by getting people to prefer you, but by people actually showing up to the polls to vote for you and I don't think people are going to show up to vote for Trump. On the other hand, I think people will show up to vote against Trump. Throw in the Republican part clownshow and abortion issues and there's a lot more potential mobilizaton from the Dem side.
  7. I could live with Nikki and she's probably the best of the GOP field. Would be a significant upgrade over Biden or Trump.
  8. The only way it can happen outside of a Trump health issue is if the rest of the field drops out before the primaries leaving it a 1 v 1 matchup which is incredibly unlikely.
  9. The MAGA cult. Seriously, you lost your mind because I said that you didn't listen to a song you admittedly didn't listen to. You might want to consider switching to decaf.
  10. You cult weirdos are really weird.
  11. Charloots might be the weakest of all the anklebiters which is a significant accomplishment. Well done sir!
  12. With Scalise out, can Jordan secure the bag? He’d make a hilarious choice.
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