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  1. And Team Dumbass circles the wagon of stupid.
  2. Cry me a river. It’s funny as hell. Even you can admit it, no? Also, I don’t whine about off topic posts. Especially not when I’ve only made off topic posts in a thread.
  3. Try commenting on the topic yourself dumbass.
  4. Got to love this complete chithead who made a single off, topic personal comment in the thread and then whines about someone being off topic in his very next post. That’s a special kind of dumbassery.
  5. No one that whined about two scoops of ice cream is “my side”. Plus, I speak for myself. You cultists just see everything outside the cult as one group which is on you, not me. You’ll also always defend each other like you did here for Dena.
  6. Actually, I didn’t.
  7. The cultists are going to whine about absolutely everything. The BDS is already at clinical levels a month and a half into the new administration. I don’t know how they’re going to survive.
  8. Actually, it only speaks volumes about Maine Guide’s honesty as no one has said that.
  9. It’s really something.
  10. They’re not handling the loss of Dear Leader well. Most are in full meltdown mode.
  11. No one outside of the cult knows he hasn’t had a live presser. It doesn’t matter at all and is just something for the cult to whine about.
  12. No one was blinded by a laser at a protest. So, the thing that actually happened was much worse.
  13. What about the beating cops with American flags? And the macing of cops? You’re really downplaying what some animals did.
  14. When most of your posts are about him, it’s as clear as day. You’re consumed by him.
  15. You guys are really obsessed with FnM. Why not just take it to PMs and see if you can meet up at a rest area?