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  1. This push by the puppet masters does explain some of the enfatuation.
  2. Seems reasonable but is really just noise. Not sure how it will be enforced.
  3. The hacking and release of the DNC emails had a profound effect on the election.
  4. That's particularly out there even for you.
  5. You should read the Mueller report. There is an extensive detailing of the Russian actions.
  6. drop some angry screed about a nebulous conspiracy theory and then tell those who ask you to explain it to go google it and then call them trolls because they ask you to explain it? I think you might be the troll here Steve.
  7. You have declared that you don't care about the truth. As such, this is just proof that she makes you feel good. Nothing more.
  8. They focused on the bogus deep state conspiracy, no?
  9. More and more, true journalism is being hidden behind paywalls.
  10. Most of those that hate journalists/the media are the largest consumers of said news media.
  11. She does deserve some credit for delivering us the "alternative facts" line. That was gold.
  12. Agreed. I view the departure from fact to be a grave danger to our nation. However, good journalism does still exist here and there. You just need to sift through a lot of crap to find it.
  13. In other words, your opinion is worthless.
  14. Do people really hate journalists?