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  1. First oriole of the year showed up this morning to the jelly feeder (upper Buzzards Bay). He is sharing the jelly with a pair of chickadees who happens to be nesting 5 feet from the feeder. Haven’t seen a catbird yet.
  2. How about you are fishing for fluke or sea bass with a spro jig baited with either a piece of squid or gulp. You happen to reel in a 34” stripper. It must be released. Or you are dredging the bottom of the CCC with a Smiling Bill. Does anyone still tip those jigs with a (uncle josh) piece of pork or am I dating myself?
  3. Another fan of Danielsson but I would opt for the 6nine to match the 8 weight rod and more backing than you will ever need.
  4. Kool Kone is on rt. 6 or Marion Rd, a couple miles out of Wareham center. Clams and most seafood now is always market priced. They are rarely this cheap and sometimes, like yesterday, they have the big belly or fat belly. Not quite J. T. Farnhams, or the Clam Box or Woodmans caliber on rt.133 in Essex but those are destination restaurants and a clam plate will empty your wallet there.
  5. $17.00 for a (car box) fat belly clam plate at Kool Kone yesterday. This was the daily special and way overdue on my list.
  6. Entertainment, hospitality & recreation zoning district voting goes down in flames. 813 voted no and 141 voted yes. A clear win for the trout, songbirds, turtles, owls, fox, yotes, turkeys, eagles? water quality and all the other critters.
  7. While this book is selling for ~ 300 and up in “good condition” on the used book market, when I just searched the title the bearsden came up. It is worth a call to see if they still have a copy. Remember that they are closed on Mondays.
  8. I can offer you my copy for $80 which includes shipping via media mail. Book is in excellent condition, smoke free env., Yada yada.
  9. Yes and yes. Peabody’s Rhody flatwing incorporates the Ray’s fly color scheme with the addition of a dozen or so hairs of light blue bucktail between the yellow and olive. Since you are an advanced fly tyer you will definitely appreciate the utube video of “Bill Peabody” tying saltwater patterns. The video is in two ~ 30 minute segments and you can see that Bill has the moves of a production tyer. The one feather flatwing is in the part 2 video and starts around 4:45. He demonstrates the hand whip finish in this fly too but don’t blink. The entire video is worth watching. I just wish he didn’t use so much lacquer.
  10. Usually I’m not so specific but ... look on Amazon for Perky-pet 253 Oriole feeder. It sells usually for $13.88. Go to Aldi and get either a 32 oz jar of grape jelly or a case of the 32 oz grape jelly. The price on the jelly is not a misprint. It is that cheap. The plastic jars screw right into the above feeder so no mess. Hang the feeder in the yard and wait 15 minutes and you will wonder why you haven’t been doing this for years. The cat birds love the stuff too. During the peak the birds will go through a jar in a day, not so much early or late in the season. I know what an oriole nest looks like but haven’t seen one in the immediate area.
  11. this fly has “Eat Me” written all over it. Well done!
  12. Look on the Bears Den website for “jumbo” buck tails.
  13. ~ $77,000.00, not sure if that includes rigging. Also a V10 500hp is about to be released if it hasn't already. Where I boat I'm not sure I'll ever see one but I was definately wowed watching a couple YouTube vids. Kudos to Mercury.
  14. The capacity chart above is cool but it uses either a level or double taper silk line. I don’t have a 1495 but do own a 1492, a few 1494s, and one 1494.5. I was given some larger ones that I found new homes for. Most have the Akron stamp on the frame. If you intend to use the reel for stocked trout then you don’t need much backing. The 1494 is perfect for a 4 or 5 wt.
  15. I believe the biggest commercial stacker is the Peak magnum hex (won't roll) stacker. They are solid aluminum and will set you back about $50. I've had one for ten years or so and it was the same price then.