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  1. Here you go.
  2. I have the Yakima set with the bumper buckle straps. I'm in Ma. so pickup is not practical. I need $60 total of which I figure $15 of that will be shipping. I can hold on to them while you wait for a set to show up local.
  3. Oh man! Toes on the sand and fish on the line. You are living the life. Now get out and do it again tomorrow. Tight lines
  4. I took the 2 day bob pop seminar 25 years ago before he converted to light cured acrylics. You needed 5 minute for flies like surf candies or ultimate shrimp as you control where the epoxy goes right up until it sets/stops moving around. 30 minute was good for other patterns where the horizontal shape is fairly consistent and can be put on a turner. Both 5 and 30 minute in the squeeze bottles in Devcon or Zpoxy were favored because you can easily control that equal amounts of resin and hardener are side by side on the post-it before mixing begins. There was one guy on this forum that got exceptional results with gorilla brand 5 minute epoxy. I've only seen it in the double plunger tubes which can get messy and is not as easy to control. Anyhow the gorilla brand epoxy was not supposed to yellow/amber up as quickly as the others. I don't fish the candies as much as I used to and have a drawer full of amber ones but I took a picture of this fly that was still drying on my kitchen counter since being fished a few weeks ago.. (they still work). It is a ~10 year old fly that spent most of its life in my console that I did with the Gorilla 5 minute stuff. It does not yellow at all like the others. Not that the fish care..
  5. This 12 year old diamondback terrapin is not too happy about getting her physical and chip. The study team picked up a couple of other turtles too but this one was feisty for sure.
  6. As of July 1st we have gone through 3 gallons of grape jelly feeding the orioles and the catbirds with an occasional robin or chickadee that visits for one or two bites. The last couple of days we are seeing the baby orioles with the parents both at the feeder and taking a family bath.
  7. Now funny you mentioned the Ahab because they are kind of rare in that they are few and far between on the big auction. I bought this 8-10 Ahab many years ago and it has never had a line on it. It is a bit heavy by today's standards but as classic looking as it gets in the two tone. Of course this is all subjective. The radio it sits on is also from a bygone era.
  8. Very nice. I like the classic design. I had the big brother 4.0 also in new condition for several years on a 14 wt rod. I think it could have stopped a 56 Buick. (You may have to look that up). Good luck with it and it should last several decades.
  9. Any of the Keith McCafferty Sean Stranaham mystery series. He does a great job of combining fly fishing with mystery. If you are not into mystery then skip these.
  10. This terrapin mama was getting documented today. She is going on her ninth year and was loaded with eggs. She received a chip and was notched before swimming away. She will be back tomorrow to try again assuming she is not traumatized by today's experience.
  11. I believe those are the main differences. The brake cylinder on the 3 is a smaller diameter. There is a video on tuning the drag for the individual fisherman/woman. This reel has the ability to be spun with your fingers to retrieve line fast from your stripping basket or deck. I suspect many of the modern reels can do that as well.
  12. I mentioned Danielsson because I have owned and fished one for 15 or so years. I have the LW 6nine. It is very light and I have taken bass up to 40" but I suspect it is capable of much more. As HL mentioned there are crazy deals out there on these reels. I have a 350 grain sink tip on mine. If you can find a deal on an old classic Abel 3N they are also super reels. They may be dated but then so am I. I have the intermediate Sonar Titan on this one. I would not recommend swapping spools on either of these reels while wading. While I was taking photos I threw in my reel set up with a floating line. It kind of reminds one of the pflueger medalists and sounds like a coffee grinder. Made in Massachusetts and the single action reels have been out of production for years. I like when there are fish on top and I get to pull this out of the bag. Finally, there are so many great choices in saltwater reels. Even 25 years ago that was not the case.
  13. Danielsson
  14. I moved one to the side of the road (in the direction she was going in) right before the Weweantic bridge on rt 6 this time last year. There is a 6” curb there as well as a steep bank to get down to the river. I actually caught one on the fly rod a couple weeks ago. Fortunately I was fishing barbless and just caught the edge of her front right flipper. After I released her she surfaced a few minutes later to give me the stare. I also measured a large nine inch female crossing the road this past week. I’ve observed them laying eggs which is cool and mostly takes place the next couple of weeks. We have some official folks studying them / counting them and potential nests this year. They plot them on a map. We also have lots of Fox and raccoons hanging around this year. I was told that the eggs are real vulnerable in the nest until a rain which helps was away any scent.
  15. If you need to make these more indestructible (blues are savages though) then you may want to use zap a gap on the thread wraps. You want the super glue to wick into the threads but not run into the buck tail so just a drop at a time or brush on the thread before winding the last dozen wraps. If you have a rotisserie I'd go with top coat of 30 minute epoxy even though it is old school. Stripers show more respect for gear.