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  1. Local marina (south coast, Ma.) had their annual open house last Saturday. Boat US has a table every year and signing up or extending your package gets you a $50 discount from the $140. Hope I never need it. Good hot dogs, sausages, chowder, swag, discounts and even nice weather for a change.
  2. You should get real close to what you are looking for on ETSY. Search on badger saddle hackle or strung badger saddle hackle. Good luck.
  3. Market Basket will be having a sale on dandelion greens. $1.99 a bunch starting Sunday the 15th. Eat your greens! A little wine vinegar, oil and salt and Bob’s your uncle. The key is they need to be young/small. The larger ones are tough.
  4. I know I should’ve given credit to originators. The chart grizzly is a Jonny King kinky muddler, or my attempt at it. I had some dragons which is a Joe Calcavecchia (sp?) creation. one more; Tabory snake that I need to do in all black.
  5. Ray’s flys foul on me but Ray’s yellow rebel accounted for a 40” bass. The clouser is really a last resort fly for me regardless of how effective it is. We downsized two years ago so my tying space is a fraction of what I had not to mention lighting, storage, organization, comfort and music. But can’t complain since the trade off was well worth it. There are so many interesting flies, new materials and techniques all shared on the internet to peak anyone’s interest. After watching some select tyers on Utube I though I would try some new (to me) stuff like nano silk 18/0, Ahrex hooks, ep brush, Nayat, crystal clear poly gorilla glue and a few new patterns. It remains to be seen what will get fished versus the hundreds of flies in my current arsenal. Sample of this years candidates to join the squad. That is if this wind ever stops.
  6. In a thread above, ‘albie flies 2020’, Seadogg shows the appropriate glue sticks and glue gun. To save yourself some frustration you may want to get a hold of those specific items. Watch the utube videos a couple of times and then relax and attempt to build the fly. After a few failed attempts, a burnt thumb pad/ index finger and curse words you will start to get the hang of it. And kudos to Seadogg as he really has mastered this pattern.
  7. Another option if you are jonesing for a knuckle sandwich
  8. Nice rat. Jack Gartside used to tie in his taxi while waiting for a fare. I think his vise clamped to the steering wheel. Must of been deer hair and pheasant feathers everywhere. Looks like you might be tying in your vehicle too but I’m guessing probably not.
  9. This is the "Do It Yourself" forum after all and not the "insert your description here" forum. I built one of these last October. Besides the 'Shadow Box' it is also known as the 'Friendly Neighbor' fence. Guess this is the exception to to proverbial rule.
  10. A pair of hemostats for crimping barbs and removing hooks. Nippers for snipping tippet - some hemostats have a built in line cutter. The more costly ones aren't necessarily better. Thanks for the follow-up on your progress. I trout fished for years without a net and rarely removed a fish from the water.
  11. I didn’t see one herring but the osprey paparazzi were out in force at the Wareham Elks run this Sunday afternoon. Most of these lenses cost more than I paid for my new beetle back in 73. Had to be ten or more ospreys putting on a show.
  12. Wow! You are so fortunate to be within walking distance of this creek. Congratulations. I scanned just a few of the videos and I’m mega jealous. You may find a beginner lesson on the creek more valuable than a casting lesson in a parking lot, gym or park. There is a saying, “fish where the fish are”. You want to able to read the water, learn to observe what is happing, how to approach rising fish, what works when there are no rising fish, how to release fish unharmed, how to string your fly rod without skipping any guides, what knot(s) to use for attaching tippet to leader, leader to fly line, and knots to use for attaching fly/flies to tippet. There are great videos online on the knots. There are great videos on all the other stuff too but on stream instruction might get you from first grade to fifth grade in an afternoon. Observing those that are having success really accelerates the learning too. Some us curmudgeons don’t mind answering questions or helping out or offering a fly or two that might be working. You will be paying it forward in a few years. Stay safe, wear eye protection and enjoy the experience. Tight lines.
  13. The clams above were so good I had to do a repeat. This is about 7 - 7.5 lbs based on prior weights. I had planned to post a screech owl that returned to her knothole in neighbors tree this week but phone photo does not do her justice or maybe my hands are too shaky at 10x.
  14. I’m in south coast Massachusetts. The owner of the local Suzuki/Yamaha marine described to me his difficulty hiring mechanics last season. I maintain my 115 Suzuki but every few years I have them winterize and do some routine maint. This place went with in house training a few guys in their fifties. He indicated that the younger crowd is not interested in a hands on trade. He also said he is not taking new customers who did not purchase from him. They had my rig for seven weeks and got it back just before Christmas which was fine with me. My neighbor had the same experience with her local Mercury dealer. Last year some new motors were scarce and getting a real mechanic to look at a problem might have taken months, not weeks. The point I’m trying to make is don’t wait too long to find a shop. Once they start commissioning new sales and all the boats shrink wrapped you usually go right to voice mail when you call. I hope it is different in your neck of the woods.
  15. Nice weather on the ides. Just a few dozen since I don’t need to fill the basket these days.