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  1. Ever tell that joke to a cop? Cowards like you never do - you'd piss your pants first.
  2. The government can always out-wait the media. What's the chance that the Globe or the Herald keep running with this until something is done? It's only 'news' when it's new. The media has the attention span of a three-year-old. And that's what the cops and the prosecutors know. They'll just sit tight until the woman is dead. Cold, but true.
  3. I'd let the laurel flower, and then cut it back as soon as they fade. next year's flower buds will sprout off new shoots, so you don't want to wait - if you cut them back in the fall, you'll take off next year's flower buds. I did the same thing with cone flower seed in a daffodil bed. Don't expect flowers this year, the plants need to establish themselves first. Next year, they'll come up and flower nicely. The seeds do need to go through a cold spell, so i hope you left them outside or put them in the fridge.
  4. So the herring couldn't even catch a break in the rain? No wonder they're all gone.
  5. Quabbin is not a spot.
  6. Next time you read about a cop shot and killed in the line of duty, share that one with us again. Maybe you could email it to his widow and kids. You're a real laugh riot.
  7. BSP

    "The word petard comes from the Middle French peter, to break wind, from pet expulsion of intestinal gas, from Latin peditum, from neuter of peditus, past participle of pedere, to break wind; akin to Greek bdein to break wind." Yeah, that fits.
  8. You'll give a serious carp fisherman a heart attack if they see you lifting fish by the gills. You should always cradle them, just like in the photo above. In the UK, they catch the same fish over and over - some are given names - and that's how they keep them alive to be caught another day. If you're going to fish carp regularly, you should have a carp net, which has a fine mesh to avoid damaging their scales. Also, and unhooking mat to lay on the ground, so they don't get scratched up by gravel.
  9. i thought Thomas Jefferson said that
  10. Nice catch They've been catching carp here in Massachusetts all winter, i 've seen a 36 incher taken from the Merrimac river,
  11. Tog holds up well in a spicy seafood stew I used to have a great recipe for Portuguese stew -all the shellfish you can find, any fish that will hold up, crushed tomato, red wine, vinegar, hot sauce and potato cubes Stinks up the whole house, but tastes great with cold beer!
  12. I don't fly fish for carp, but they definitely will take flies. And they fight like the dickens too. A 10-15 lb carp will stream line off your reel right quick.
  13. So they didn't take your bait, and you call them dumb?
  14. I just picked my first ear of sweet corn - Mmmmm!
  15. I'd recommend just putting on a 3 oz. sinker, casting it, and reeling in the slack as it drops. When it hits the bottom, you should be able to feel it. In the canal, you lift it up and the jig gets carried in the current and bounces down again. I don't know what the current is like in the Hudson, or whether you'll get a bounce like that. You might have to go down to a lighter weight for the jig to get carried in the current. Water clarity isn't an issue in the canal. And in any case, there are no fish in the canal.