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  1. Are you local?
  2. I have one used a few times last season I can let go for $500 pick up in Bridgewater ma.
  3. Trade for a van staal vs200? Used a handful of times last season.
  4. Where you at? How old is old school?
  5. I have a few rods I’m looking to move also; don’t need any at the moment. Thanks for the offer.
  6. I can offer you 175 pick up?
  7. I’ll pass for now and keep it local a bit longer.
  8. That’s a fair offer: how do you want to facilitate this transaction?
  9. Open to other high end reels
  10. Used maybe 4 times. Looking to trade for a zeebaas 22 or 25. Preferred face to face transaction south of Boston MA.
  11. What’s your price range?
  12. No thanks.
  13. Bridgewater
  14. Oh. I thought the “B” is black; didn’t occurred to me that it’s bailed.
  15. Lemme know if you want additional pictures.