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  1. I have a silver one listed in the for sale section if you’re interested.
  2. $550 pick up south of Boston.
  3. Brand new Penn torque in silver loaded with 40lb power pro. Got it last year for canal fishing this season; plan changed and looking to sell for $600 pick up in Bridgewater.
  4. Closing this thread down for lack of information.
  5. I could be wrong: I went off what I could remember as specs. I know it’s one piece, 10’6” and was told 2-6oz. Maybe the person who sold it to me can chime in and correct me.
  6. Bridgewater mass
  7. Lowest I’ll separate the combo is $200 for the rod.
  8. One piece 10’6”. I was told 2-6 with the sweet spot at 4.
  9. The name Lou Caruso does ring a bell. It was unused when I got it and remained unused.
  10. Can’t remember for the life of me. Got it here awhile back and haven’t use it.
  11. Fiberstar Composite Predator blank with Fuji and American parts custom wrapped. Blank is about $220, parts/materials about $150, labor about $200. Reel is a new Penn Torque II 5000 with 40lb power pro line $700 Take the total package for $800 before the season start.
  12. I have an older vs250 black American made that is like new with the service kit. It’s only used a few times testing the reel. No scratches or dings. $850. I work in Boston area
  13. It was very tempting at first but when I checked the weight on it, it’ll be too heavy for my 10’ fsc. I’ll pass on this. Thanks for your time.
  14. Can I get a few pictures. Thanks
  15. New penn torque 2 5500 in silver. I’m looking for something in comparable size and price for a trade. Prefer face to face from Boston to canal.