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  1. Hey 247 - I'm definitely figuring this out. PM me! I was fishing 2 hours before peak high, and 30 minutes after. Today I did exactly the same - the fish were busting - some big ones too! Couldn't get one to bite (krocodile, 3/4oz jig head + swimbait, & top water). I've planned ahead for the next couple of tides. I am fishing from SF bay, SOMA industrial waterfront mainly, from shore. If I were you, I'd head to the University flats. They are expansive enough and if you do not get a striper they have a great halibut bite. Hope the spot names are vague enough SOL! If not, please edit.
  2. Well boys, I am getting closer! Yesterday I hooked a NICE 10+lber in my favorite "skunk" spot. 4-6ft of water, saw him make a couple of swirls and bait jumping... alas, casted on top of the swirl, reeled in quickly and was on. He wrapped around a piling & line ripped. A nice couple of jumps while hooked. Figuring this out. Looking forward to the next tide!
  3. Thanks Salmonned Help! I fished last night with some live anchovies provided by a new friend and lost a nice sized halibut. Thinking about switching to live bait. Purchased additinal swivels, weights, hooks, jigheads, softplastics, metals, cast net, and a bucket w aerator off amazon today. need to break this first striper cherry asap
  4. Update here: I've probably spent ~100 hours on the water between July-Now and have only caught 1 halibut & 1 smelt. (Metal Kastmaster & Frozen Anchovy Respectively) Probably lost ~$200+ worth of jigs in this time... Getting seriously discouraged I read Abe C.'s Bible on SF Striper fishing, and have met a lot of locals on the water, studied tides, winds, moons, structure but still didn't get a single bite or visible strike this summer. I have also religiously read the posts on these forums since my days at Berkeley. I am confident I am trying the correct locations & lures as I have touched base with a number of locals & check in at tackle shops for news. One spot in particular has a lot of skunks (both literally & figuratively in my case) which others are catching 5+ Halibut a day regularly. Lures have been hairraisers, jigheads with soft plastics, metals, & topwater. I love using topwater on the east coast but it seems absolutely nothing in the Bay will take a heddon spook. Absolutely any assistance is helpful. I am working remote nowadays and have a lot of time to put on the water, but do not want to keep throwing money in the water. This week I took the entire week off to fish every high tide with no success (excluding the halibut) Happy to buy anyone a beer if you'd be interesting in meeting up! Please DM or respond directly I would love to hear from you.
  5. 1 hour after peak Hi yesterday afternoon (9/21) Dogpatch area. fished for 90 mins. First halibut? (species unsure) Covered in some sort of sea lice as well. Fella across from me had 3 stripers in the 2 hours before I arrived Took off work all week.. will continue plugging away, hoping for some stripes. tight lines
  6. Thank you everyone! I will send DMs once my gear ships over from the parent's shed next week! Any & all further comments are absolutely welcome - want to get as much information as possible
  7. Hi SOL, Just moved from NYC where I was able to target stripers / fluke on LI, and previously grew up on striper fishing in Moco in Jersey. I'd like to get in-the-know of how to target stripers here in SF ASAP. With WFH there's quite a bit of time to wet lines... and I haven't been so time to change that Regarding tackle, 7-8ft, 1-3 oz lures, 20lb test fine? Any specific months that are best in SF? Bucktails / Topwater / Soft plastic / metal? Re: locations - without spot burning i've noticed a couple of places with fisherman since my move in the last 3 weeks. I can reach them all by car. (Please delete if too much info) 1. (Bayside) One near an International Airport (saw multiple fisherman sticking bait) 2. (Bayside) A beach to the right of the golden gate (saw 2 fly fishermen) 3. (Ocean Side) a beach with a lot of campfires ( an unbelievable amount of birds diving) If anyone would like to meet up / discuss im happy to buy a couple of beers and get casting. Thank you
  8. Napeague today 1 fluke 10 robins 1 puffer lost a schoolie in the surf 1000+ mosquito bites pic for poo poo boy
  9. Today's report: 7A-3P Third cast Ava, hooked a cownose, cut it off before spooled. Thought it might be the striper of my life but no head shakes. Bucktailed for a 13in fluke and a sea robin Deadsticked clams as well. Got an 18in fluke, a porgy, and a 27 inch striper. Just under keeper for both which was unfortunate. Heard of a new spot through word of mouth i'm checking out tomorrow in Napeague, venturing from East Hampton closer to Montauk daily lol
  10. Staying a week in East Hampton. Trying to get a couple hours in each day. Plan was to deadstick a clam for a chance of stripes and work bucktail / gulp for fluke. Plans change lol XD Yesterday, Harbor location north side, 4 hours, 11A-3P 5 Sea Robins on Gulp /Bucktails 3 Spider Crabs on Clams A turtle This morning, South Beach, 2 hours, 8-10A 1 Sea robin on Ava47 Fish were blitzing from 8a-10a, too far out to cast to. Wish I had the yak this morning. No boats on them. Hoping for some stripes this week. Will make it out to Montauk thursday. While I've been to the Hamptons before, this is the first time wetting lines. Really enjoying it thus far, but wish I could catch a gamefish or two. Suprisingly 0 fluke, as compared to back to back casts in NoMoCo NJ last week. Back at it at 6 AM
  11. I've been trying 79-81st off the FDR looking direclty at that lighthouse. Haven't hooked anything in the 3 weeks i've been trying. Bunker, clams, plugs, nothing yet.
  12. 24inch short at (MoCo out front) this morning. Lot of shorts around. No blues to my knowledge Edit - too specific, please read the first post in the thread ~ Sudsy
  13. Will be grabbing my lure rod from NJ this weekend (hopefully). Stocked up at Capitol for jigs & plastics. Fished bunker 2 hours yesterday and 2 today. Had a fish on today! Missed him but it was very exciting. Will get clams on next week. Capitol guys said east river is only producing shorts. Any reports?
  14. out 3-5 yesterday. Still nothing. Need to get re-spooled today..
  15. Thanks everyone. The tips are extremely helpful. was out 7:30-10:30 last night. Half the time the river was a lake, other half ripping. Lost only one rig (5oz). Got a hit on bunker chunk and somehow didn’t lose a 4oz in the ripping current. good to see a hit out again sunday