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  1. Hello all, Since last October I've gone through 3 penn reels: 650SSM Spinfisher, Penn Fierce 3 4000, Penn battle III 4000 - all now sitting in repair for various reasons. I've also retired a 705 bailless greenie. I recently got into wetsuiting but have always been dunking my reels via jetties, etc, and have realized ive got to upgrade ive really enjoyed smaller setups - i have a 7'1 Mojo for the small penns, and a 9'6 Tsunami for the big boy. I was thinking of going VSX200 and a 10/10 6 footer, but might be too much. Maybe VSX150 would be better. I'm not sure. i've been recommended the Jigging world 10' 3/4-4 or Lamiglas Supersurf G2 10' 2-5 I think ideally i'd want a 3/4-4. I love St Croix - in an ideal world - what would you pair with the VS? Thank you in advance!
  2. If I had the means to do this, I would! what a year it has been. Hope to get another weekend or two in but the misses will castrate me
  3. 1 for me this morning in moco, 26’ tsunami shad
  4. Ah forgot to post saw the atrocity walking the boards today looked like it was caught this morning who does this?
  5. 4-530 nothing did see a 24 get caught beer and dinner and back out
  6. 2-4 moco, lowest tide I’ve seen in a while, found all of these goodies! anyone lose this black custom? Tell me the jetty you lost it on an I’ll get it to ya
  7. will be in moco tonight / tomorrow am if anyone wants to wet a line DM
  8. My buddy sent this pic from a boat..moco guess fish really do hunt off of shape profile Delete if not allowed, did my best to make it sfw
  9. This fall the mag darter medium caught almost all my plug fish othwrwise tsunami shade in various colors 5in the spring was all sp minnows
  10. Hello everyone, I'm interested to hear about people's breakdown of time spent: a) driving along the coast looking for acton b) walking on the beach looking for fish c) actually casting Once I'm geared up, I almost never spend time driving up and down the coast. Usually I'll pick a stretch of beach 3 miles or so and commit. I did recently hear of some action, drove to it, only to have dead sea, and felt I could've spent that time casting / walking the beach Going Jetty to Jetty (.25 miles in moco) takes about 50% of the time I have on the water. I try to keep the other 50% actually casting. What's your normal day look like?
  11. heard of a blitz in MoCo this morning - looks like it may be the last weekened before its an OC game
  12. That's what im thinkin.... Well it looks like im not hanging up the rod yet. Will be out there sometime Weds-Sat.. gotta figure out when.
  13. To drill or not to drill?
  14. Nada this afternoon covered sooooo much beach first weekend skunk of the season
  15. Moco 12-2, nothing lunch then back out