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  1. great report --Team Finn got it done. Great shots as well--see ya soon
  2. I believe in the past Ted told me he used superlube with graphite powder for his reels. They may have changed.
  3. I have fished TIbors for many years. My Riptides are retired but still use the Gulfstreams and Pacifics still land sailfish and marlin every year. I did have to replace the drag plate on my riptides once and the spring. They were worn after years of abuse. Good reels but I am getting away from any reels that does not have a one revolution drag knob. We use Sage Spectrum Max in our charters. To me the best reel and drag on the market for the money. We furnish tackle for 99.9% of our summer clients and about 50% in the Fall and the Max have been up to the task.
  4. I use an uni knot and nothing under it --just like the folks above said
  5. I have fished RIOs looped fly lines for years and only had one fail out of hundreds. I love them makes life much easier and to me does not effect casting performance. Caught more than a few big albies with RIOs looped lines and no problems. Used the loops this spring in Baja --between Sarah and I we had roosters of 40, 45, 50 and 60+ pounds all using the RIO InTouch OBS Intermediates --no problems
  6. when I make my own leaders I use ANDE clear mono. I like they way it knots and can buy 1/4 pound spools without breaking the bank. I have used Berkley Big Game in the past with no complaints but I find myself always going back to ANDE.
  7. he loves it but is a PIA in the boat. When are you all headed down?
  8. All of this month we have had some really big albies around. A few weeks back Sarah's client caught a 25.5 pound albie on a spinning rod. We had a family day and fished for a couple of hours this morning. Found a couple Sarah had a fish on SaltHD 990 and 16 pound tippet--fish was close to 21 pounds and I had one on a spinner over 22 -- Hopefully the weather will remain fair and we can chase them this week before we head back to Harkers.
  9. I have mine do the same thing usually from a drop even in the cover. The springs are extras for the dogs that engage the drag plate ---
  10. bummer but we understand
  11. Hopefully will be able to shoot some images of the glass road work. They fish with Rob Pasfield and Rob and fish together a lot. In other words I follow him around
  12. yes we are pumped for him and the whole Finnish crew that visits every year. looking forward to gathering up and eating some food and watching them drink a few cold ones
  13. yes you can get cork rings from a rod building supply place. Most likely you will have to sand down the grip after you add the cork rings --the corks you buy will most likely larger outside diameter. You might have to build up blank where the reel seat fits. I the old days building spinning rods we build blanks is several spots with masking tape and then epoxied between the built up sections. I am sure there is a much better way but I have not built a rod in many years
  14. I really enough the Finns when they come to the cape--first class people. Would love to be there and watch
  15. thanks and best wished to Dick