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  1. what I use on my backing is a Bimini and never had any problems. Billfish set up is a darken loop on the back of the 30' 550 grain shooting head and a Dacron loop on the front end as well for a big butt section we use Dacron loops--everything joins loop to loop. I use what the folks at Casa Vieja Lodge and Jake Jordan use for billfish.
  2. Been there many years ago --inshore fishing was excellent --eco was assume as well the only draw back was the flights form San Jose --be sure to look at connecting flight in country. Most have a weight limit --which is better now than when I went. When we went it was 25 pounds per person --think now it is 40???
  3. IMG_3418.HEIC
  4. my first saltwater fly reel was a Shakespeare something. Then the SciAnglers system 2 and then a Fin Nor the first ones after the wedding cakes. Still have the Fin Nor but it was an ok reel ands have not used it in 25 years--sitting on a shelf with my Fin Nor spinning reel
  5. thanks looks like we will be doing a presentation on Cape Lookout each day and Sarah will be doing a casting demo Friday
  6. we will be in NJ. I think we are doing a program on Cape Lookout --
  7. it can be random but it is better to stick to the rules --the rules are on the immigration forms. I know one outfitter who had a client who had to come up with 3k to get his extra rods in country. In the old days you paid the duty in the bathroom--now days much more official. Only three cameras as well. I got caught several years back with three DSL bodies and 2 go pros. Somehow I talked my way out of it.
  8. really an easy trip. Manaus is a big city but with our guide it was easy, folks at the hotel were excellent. We went to the Mall twice--it was huge and folks were very nice and tried to be helpful with us gringos. Our guide who works for Nomadic Waters was excellent. I look forward to a return visit. The only down side was the flight home--it was from 12;30am to 5:00 am in Miami ---even with upgraded seats American Airline planes are uncomfortable.
  9. just another note-- when flying into Los Cabo only bring 4 rods and 4 reels. They will nail you most of the time if you have more.--It gets expensive paying duty on the rods and reels over your limit. That is the only part I dislike about fishing in Baja ---they are super strict on fishing gear and cigars.
  10. we have had great luck with Redington Predators 12 wts. I have fished just north of there for almost 15 years. Most fo the tuna are 10 to 20 pounds with occasional bigger fish. I ddid get my butt kicked this spring by a YFT over 50 on an 11 wt. but that was the biggest by far YFT I have hooked there. Almost all of there YFT fishing I have done there is done with sink tip lines --500 to 600 grains. Reel wise --we have field tested the Sage Spectrum MAX a few seasons before they were released. The 11/12 are wonderful and we use them all the time in Baja. Nice and light with a kick butt drag and nice price. I have seen a few marlin caught here but have not spent anytime fishing for them. The ones I saw caught were Striped and were 50 to 90 pounds. I would not feel under gunned with a 12 wt. Ask your outfitter for suggestions
  11. good question. There were three varieties that we caught, Butterfly, Auzl, Paca. I think these are regional names as well.
  12. started fly fishing for bream and baas in late 60s. Caught my first saltwater fish on fly in the surf in Kitty Hawk during a bluefish blitz in 78 or 79. It has been down hill ever since
  13. we saw some good fish this year despite the worst season in over 25 years weather wise.
  14. dinning are was pretty roomy and with AC. Every room had Ac shower and bath room
  15. awesome.