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  1. ha. come on down to Cape Lookout/OBX. Been blowing 25 for weeks. Today it is only 15 southwest but to morrow afternoon back to 20 to 25 kts northeast
  2. It was only blowing 35 kts this am and 45 degrees. Tomorrow looks good so we will go look. We are moving back to Nags Head end of next week— not sure how the season will go but we are counting down the days until our return to Cape Lookout thanks and hope your weather improves as well
  3. One thing we have in spades is weather. Springs are always very volatile here. This year has been exceptional
  4. Sarah and I don't get to fish very often due to the endless 25 kts of wind. Big bluefish are making a show on the shoals and nice grey trout over the wrecks. The grey trout are 60 to 65 feet down so it took old drum fly tackle to reach them --500 grain sink tip and Half and Halfs with the heaviest eyes they make--on a 11wt. Over kill yes but still nice to get a fly bite in 65 feet of water. Albies are around as well and a few old drum.
  5. I cast right and reel right--it feels right to me. I can crank longer faster with my dominate hand.
  6. I don’t live in the northeast but --I used #6 Gamakartsu SL11-3h #6 for years for albies big and small. Bent a few on fish over 20 pounds. The last few years we have been using there same hook but size #4 --for pretty much everything except cobia, old drum, jacks and sharks--then I use Gamakatsu SL12 2/0 or 4/0.
  7. Got another weather window this week so we went looking the old drum. We were trying to repeat Monday's action. Monday we found the old drum --they were scattered and moving fast so it was almost impossible to get a bite on fly--spin was the ticket. Today the old drum were hiding except for brief instant when they pushed shad (bunker) to the top and quickly disappeared. The good news were there were tons of albies eating snot bait. Even tho they were eating snot they would eat a well place fly. Albie Snax work well on the spinners. At one time I counted 20 bird piles. Besides albies eating snot we found some that were chasing 5 inch bunker--they were the jumbos. Some of the other boats found the buffalo albies eating snot bait as well. The Eastside of the Cape was alive. Hopefully next week we will get another weather window. The rest of the week and weekend looks windy
  8. We see lots of folks wading on their own on the Tuck. Nice fish there as well —we fish it in March and early April
  9. We fish in Cashiers about an hour west of Asheville. We love it. There are at least one good fly shop in Asheville that can help you out. Hunter Banks is one
  10. March can be very tough on the OBX, as a rule it is the month that has the most weather. Recent reports in the surf have been very slow. Water temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s. Sound side there are a few schoolie stripers being caught but that is mostly a boat thing.
  11. I have many hours with the Xi3. I am a short headed fly line guy--RIOs OBS Intermediate pairs well with this rod for me. But what I like you might not. We still have a few we use for backups and when I pick the 10 up it still makes me smile Mike I agree with you about the Xi2 there were a couple of dogs in that pack.
  12. Bulkhead Deceivers worked for us last year for roosters. Kinky Muddlers worked very as well. I am down to my last few Umpqua Airheads--sadly We firmly believe in almost no flash on flies for roosters. Our captains really feel like no flash makes a huge difference and I am a believer. There is a tier who sells airheads on a board on the wast coast. I have not used them so I cannot speak for them.
  13. commercial gill netters are only allowed 100 pounds per trip The biologist I have talked too think some of it perdition --dogfish, cormorants are two of the biggest eaters in my area. This fall I saw one cormorant swallow a 20" grey with no trouble. But in reality no one knows
  14. We are catching both. Back in the inland waters it is almost all speckled sea trout. I catch more weakfish around Cape Lookout than I do around Oregon Inlet. We call them grey trout and there were a lot of them around the wrecks and jetties this fall and winter
  15. Sage introduced the Maverick this winter to replace the Motive. I was not a fan of the Motive --. I have not fished the Maverick yet but threw the 7,8,9,10 wts. They threw very well and easily and are light in the hand. I look forward to putting them on my boat