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  1. nope being able to add a touch more pressure quickly is a key in fighting big fish. It works for me and has worked for many years
  2. I use 50 pound braid on everything. Never had a problem with braid --it does not burn your fingers like Dacron and I have never been cut by it. I pinch the backing to rod grip to get a quick shot of extra pressure --no problems. Either works but for us it is braid
  3. sounds like a good plan. I know she has another Flats School to teach some time in September but maybe it will work out
  4. No she is not first people. She has been a charter boat captain for 25 years. She was up for a new challenge and we know the owners of Reel Action
  5. I am going to AK the last week in Aug with Reel Action I assume that she will be guiding for them is this correct. What about the saltwater guiding has she given it up ? If you're there the last week in Aug. that would be great. Perhaps we can fish together that week. Bill

    1. bhorsley


      Hey Bill,

      oh no after 25 years of guiding in the summer at OBX she was ready for a new challenge.  Paul and Steve fish with me at Cape Lookout and we were up there in 19.  Great operation.  there is a pretty good chance I will be there hanging out shooting photos the last week of August or when ever the last week of the camp is 

  6. never caught a king but hope to have a few grabs this summer. My wife is going to guide on the Kanetok River this summer. Good news for me is I get to visit a few times. I am going in late June to swing for kings --but there are chums and those awesome rainbows as well. Hopefully I will get back up there at the end of the season and enjoy a few silvers and rainbows. The rainbows on the Kanetok are not the size of the ones Jon has. I see a trip in my future to fish with Jon coming sometime in the future. But what I know about freshwater fly fishing is a hair above zero-- so it is all new and exciting Jon and I fish around each other at Cape Lookout --- he is fishy
  7. my vote RIO OBS 10 wt
  8. Have not seen many rod failures on AJs. The ones I have seen were because of a tired angler with a too heavy of a tippet. 25 pound is the max tippet I use. 20 is much better --if you get tired and loose interest--break him off
  9. don't get me wrong. if you have never tangled with an AJ or other jack on fly --you need to. Awesome fish you can learn a lot fighting them --they will make you a better angler.
  10. for you my brother ABSOLUTELY as long as you don't make me crank on one. Cape Lookout is a prime area for AJs
  11. I guided a lady to most of the tippet records for amberjack years back. We knew of a wreck in 85 ' with low profile which is perfect. She landed the 20, 16, 12, 8 and 6 pound records all on a 10 wt. For the 6 pound we had to cut back the fly line to minimum length allowed by IGFA--which I think was 30' maybe 25'. The line drag was breaking the 6 pound quickly. Once we cut the fly line back it was one and done--21 pounds 8 oz. Just checked the records the 8 and 6 are still holding. I have less then zero desire to catch one myself
  12. hmm. I have caught(no more) or guided clients to 100s of amberjacks on fly. All across the board amberjack pull hard no matter what size. We have landed many on 10 wts but an 11 or 12 wt is much better on the angler and the fish. Amberjacks are going to take you deep and stay deep and have to be pumped up---so you need a rod with a powerful butt. If a fish is on the surface (sailfish) or just under you can take the rod out of the equation and straight line the fish --not many amberjack stay close to the surface.
  13. Harkers is nice if you don't mind a 30 to 40 minute drive to get to a full sized grocery store and anything else. Most winters we can fish several days a month--this winter not so much. Have not fished since 1/13/21 but spring is coming
  14. Ha ha--we have been hunkered down on Harkers Island for 4 months since we quit fishing. I have both of my vaccines and Sarah got her first a few weeks ago. thanks
  15. Sarah had a ladies Flats School at Black Fly Lodge to teach last week. It was the first travel I had done since January 2020 which was at Black Fly Lodge. Bahamas are taking the pandemic pretty seriously --you will need a pre Covid test and apply for Bahamian Health Visa. Easy after you learn not to back space on the forum. You also need a negative test to return to the states. This was administered at the lodge. Even Miami Airport was requiring all persons to masked. Of course when there is a ladies school you can bet the wind is going to blow. First day it was a steady 25 its and gusty. The second day 20 and slowly got better. Last day was slick cam. Unlike men the ladies do not complain about he conditions--they find a way to get it done. We had novices to experienced anglers. I believe everyone caught fish every day. For me it was a chance to photograph the school and visit with our friends at BFL. I even got to throw at a couple of fish! To me the guides are the best and I always learn a few things. Over the years they have become dear friends.