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  1. Sage has gotten away from the fore grip. Now you have the option of regular grip or the extended grip. My wife likes the extended grips on her 11 and 12 wts. I am in the other camp. But I do like the extended grip on our 13s and 16s for billfish. Jake Jordan uses his straight rod method on billfish and the extended grip males it much easier. Personal preference
  2. Ocean stripers are in serious trouble many people believe. We had an unbelievable winer fishery here on the northern outer banks from 1997 until around 2006. It is no more. Know my friends in the Va Beach mouth of the Chesapeake Bay say their striper fishing is just a mere shadow of what it once was. In the EEZ (outside of three miles) you can not even catch and release bass. I do not keep up with much anymore as we do not see any. But I talk to my buddies who are guides in NY, Mass and they are very concerned.
  3. this is strictly an inside waters of NC issue. it effects the Pungo, Pamilco, Neuse rivers. The ocean bass are managed by the Feds.
  4. casting---it was back in the 90s. we were bluefin tuna fishing in Hatteras. Hot water had shoved in and the bluefins vanished. We were searching trolling teasers. The wahoo skied the teaser a few times we pulled it out of gear and made the cast. After we got bit off we put the bait back in gear and dropped back a rigged ballyhoo. Kings are great fun on fly--we have caught many over the wrecks. The best fishing for them I haver had was in Key West. Wife had a 30+ pound fish on fly.
  5. a client of mine has caught several --in Bermuda and Costa Rica. You see them quite often in Baja in Sea of Cortez. Many years ago on the long range boats fishing south of San Diego caught a good number of wahoo on fly. Wendy Gunn caught a beast for a women's tippet record on one of those trips. I have seen one hooked and it bite threw 100 pound shock. The unlucky fish came back and we caught him on spinning rod with wire leader and ballyhoo--got our hooks back and dinner
  6. that can do it for sure --
  7. good lucky and stay strong
  8. not much help form the beach but I have spent the last 25 years catching them only from a boat. We use chum---ground menhaden frozen in 7 pound blocks. Like someone said orange flies work, I like red or red and orange. My favorite material for trying those flies is rabbit. I would think from the beach a popper might work. I believe the sharks you are seeing from the beach would be black tips and spinners. They can be aggressive feeders. Scott Hamilton would be a great source of info
  9. I use it for surf candies and epoxies --works well
  10. no little of northern fly patterns. I use to have decent winter striper fishing but that is long gone. I saw in this tread were someone asked if we had sand-eels--nope or not to my knowledge. If you have a large variety of Clouser's you can catch almost anything in coastal NC. My wife fishes Clouser's almost 95% of the time for albies--just iced with different materials for different bait. We do not have shallow water reds as our tide is only 18" but many places in NC have big tides and reds at times in shallows. I really don't know what new flies they are fishing now but back in the day copperheads and crab patterns were hot. 1/2 & 1/2s are another good fly to have in your box. I use Pops hollow Bucktail Deceiver all the time for cobia. Anyway this a good place to start. my fly box are zip lock bags
  11. 100% lighting The fly is super simple. Saddles then Steve Farrar Blend top and bottom then another small bunch of SFB. Then I tied in two pieces per side of Hedron Lateral Scale Flash. The head is a brush. These flies are tied in my favorite cobia colors--or at least they were last year. I tied a couple of dozen for a donation to Legends of the Fly event next week.
  12. I have been using brushes for almost a year. I am a little slow. I started tying them for new cobia flies and then used them for a my peacock bass flies. The more I learn how to use them the more I like tying with them. I have an upcoming trip back to the amazon this fall--so I will get plenty of practice
  13. these are over 20 yrs old and need recoloring bad
  14. I am now --there have been several times I thought I knew more than the guide---got my butt handed to me.
  15. cool. glad I could hopefully help out. But if you are planning a trip with a guide or outfitter check with them --