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    Married with 2 kids. Live in MA.
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    ,surf fish from maine to florida . PATRIOTS !!
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  1. Look at the date April 1!!!!!!!
  2. Lots of snags . Good porgy fishing. Get there early all good spots taken quick.
  3. Curious if he ate it.......
  4. Black Hole will be my next rod. I've fish for tarpon off the beaches in fl.Being from Ma. you better believe I'm getting a picture of it in or out of the water. But he will be swimming free when I'm done. Hope you stick around!
  5. Penn 330 GTI never could throw it without backlash. Never fished with it once.
  6. Get a bike and get away from the crowds. There are a lot of decent people there.
  7. Here’s Al Gags Egg
  8. Looks Awesome!!
  9. They look spicy but their not.Maine sells them everywhere. Was in Top Sail N.C. last yr. this convenience store was selling 300/day.Novelty of it I guess.
  10. My condolences to you and your family....
  11. For your first time stay away from the crowds like the scusset pier. Learn how to fish the rotation. Get a bike and be careful on the rocks.Just go fish with what you have now. You may hate the canal it's not for everyone. Good Luck
  12. 1-800-632-8075 is the # I have
  13. tactical angler for me!
  14. Goggleye,I have fished the St. Augastine area many times.45min from Ormand bch. The main species are Whiting,Red Drum,Black Drum,Jack Crevalle,Pompano and mabey a sea trout from the surf. Fresh dead shrimp and fishbites are probably your best bet.Unless you can get a net to catch mullet .Or sand flees for pompano .They are little crabs buried in the sand at the surf line. Summer fishing is usually slow in fl.June should be good though. Ormond has a good pier to fish off too.Good luck!!!
  15. Had to be kids.Glad it's back ....