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    st augastine fl.
  1. Nice!!!
  2. Reel time gear .com on sale $35.00 reg $50.00. I have one great quality and light weight material. They have other fish too. Just figured I’d share. Merry Christmas!!
  3. Too cool!
  4. Just wondering how is the boxborough fish expo is?
  5. Don't go to St. Augastine way to crowded now.It was a great little town 20 yrs ago till the baby boomers moved in.
  6. Pizza d' action ,they have awesome pizza. I have heard everything is good there. There isn't much in holyoke and it's not the nicest town.Amherst and Northampton have the best restaurants in western ma.
  7. Both 2hrs. before and after.
  8. I have a masterbuilt propane. Not a big fan real pain to regulate temp. I think a pellet smoker is the way to go .Not positive they seem easier to keep the temp right there.
  9. Buy a interstate battery. Firestone sells them .Great battery
  10. Pats win or lose to the fish ?
  11. I'm just looking for any help on tarpon fishing from surf. I will be in St. Augastine Fl. in 3 wks. Any help would be great.