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  1. At the recommendation of a few buddies I went ahead and bought two Shimano surf reels with high expectations, but within a year and a half both of them developed issues. After the first season of using the Ultegra 5500, the bearings went. I went to the Shimano website that sells parts and replaced them. The second season the same thing. The bigger, heavier Ultegra 14000 XTB is beginning to get a bit grindy, too, but recently the drag knob button froze up, completing eliminating the baitrunner feature. I went to the website to try to get a replacement and parts for the damn reel are no longer available. I think Shimano should stick with building and selling bicycles and leave reel making to Penn. I've had a Penn Torque 5 for over four years and it still is as smooth as silk. Buy American guys. I'm just sayin'.
  2. Since the main ball bearings for the crank and drive gear didn't feel right, I went ahead and checked the other bearings in the reel. Sure enough, the rear thrust bearing at the end of the pinion gear went bad. Rough as hell. I ordered the replacement and they list it as "Made in Thailand". $6 plus shipping and tax came to $13.15. It seems to me that a reel that sells after a huge discount at over 300 bucks, Shimano would use the best bearings they could find. Used only one season and all of these issues. Never again. My Penn Torque over four years old still smooth as silk. My VS300 still flawless after 10 years.
  3. The grinding smooths out with the handle on top but not the other way around. I thought of that, too, and that's what made me think it was the drive gear clearances. But this morning I took another look at the reel (it's all apart waiting for the new drive gear) and it made me think the bearings that hold the drive gear might be at fault, too. I removed one and found that there's play between the inner race and the housing and when I rotate the inner race with a tapered dowel inserted it doesn't feel that smooth. I don't think there should be excessive play there and there should be absolutely no roughness. If the new drive gear doesn't make a difference I'll order two bearings (about $30).
  4. Thank you Steve. Exactly my thoughts, too. I requested a new drive gear from Shimano and they kindly sent me one without charge. Problem is I had to send it back because it was the wrong one. They've issued a Return Label and I'm now waiting for the correct replacement. Before the problem started I never took the reel apart, and I only used it for the Fall run of bass and blues up to 16lbs.last year. Never had a reel develop issues after only one season. I also have used the 5500 Ultegra for about the same period and it remains smooth as silk. I just hope the drive gear is the problem. If it isn't I'll just send the reel back to them and let them figure it out.
  5. I bought the reel, Shimano Ultegra CI4+ 14000XTB Baitrunner last May and couldn't have used it more than a few times. This year I find the retrieve is noisy and grindy as hell. Weird thing is if I turn the reel sideways and crank the handle it smooths out. I opened it up and see that the drive gear is PLASTIC! I can only assume the teeth have worn so when I turn the reel on its side it takes up the extra play. I tried calling Shimano and got hold of a guy who was clueless. Also, the website doesn't have a schematic for the XTB model, only the XTC. Parts on the schematic look the same but no way to confirm that.Has anyone here had similar issues with these reels? I heard there was an upgrade kit for the drive gears for the smaller Ultegra 5500. Shimano.zip
  6. Just got an accepted offer from another seller. Hold off on the photos. If the deal doesn't go through I'll let you know. Thanks for the reply to my request.
  7. Got any photos? I may be interested in it. Not sure if it's big enough for what I need. Sorry I took so long to reply...was out fishing.
  8. WTB Flatlander 3 or 4 Tube Surf Bag w/accessories... prefer black. Any reasonable price will be considered. The newer the better. Please provide ample photos.
  9. I would take it at that price if the main bag wasn't modified. Sorry.
  10. I'll take it for 325 shipped.
  11. What's your best price?
  12. Did you sell the bag and single tube?
  13. Still got the bag and accessories? BTW...didn't see shoulder belt in the pics...is it included?
  14. My friend left his plug bag in the parking lot at Nickerson's last week and the guy is kind of lost without it. I'm hoping the person who sees this post will reply to me and return the bag. It means a lot to me to see my buddy back on the beach so the reward offer is from me. Please, if you found the bag PM me. mg149@optonline.net
  15. Just thought I'd update the thread. After Alan's and Tony's recommendation I returned the reel and got it back in less than a week. All issues existing before are gone. The reel feels great and operates flawlessly. I can't express enough how much I appreciate the customer service at Penn, and especially the personal attention given by Tony. A great company and made in the USA no less.