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  1. Thanks man and sorry for any inconvenience but I found one locally. Thanks again!
  2. Awesome man! Have any pics? How much are you asking?
  3. Hey guys, lookin for a rac a rod. Let me know what size you have, pic & price would be great! Thanks in advance!
  4. Please keep us updated! This sounds great! But I think you mean Jeremy at Dark Star Surfcasting! If so their bags are simply amazing, the modularity and flexibility with their forward thinking is outstanding! Their customer service and quick responses are top notch!
  5. I’m using a dark star surfcasting sheath for my aqualung squeeze lock. Made from sailcloth, great quality and able to take a beating.
  6. Ok thank you sir!
  7. Can you post a photo of the waders? Do they have a hand pocket? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys I was able to pick one up!
  9. Weekend bump for a used one.
  10. Awesome thanks man!
  11. Would also consider a rac a rod! Thanks
  12. Wtb Hunter rod vault thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks going to close this down!