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  1. I’ll be taking mine out on the links..fore!!!!!! Happy Father’s Day
  2. Broke my 10’6 1-4 user error. Just as the night was about to get started lol
  3. Fishing one night this spring I snagged someone’s cut/broken braid. Did the right thing and started pulling in the 50 yards of braid out of the water. Then I felt tugging on the end of the line lol. Turns out a bluefish was gut hooked and still swimming with it. Cut the wire leader as close as possible and watched it swim away
  4. @SnoozeFishing I’ll be doing the same for the first time end of June but seeing as I’ll be going alone I’ll opt for a nap in the truck.
  5. I didn’t know you could do a duel pickup on this. Did you just get a second kit and add to the other side or was there some machining involved?
  6. Closing this down, thank you
  7. Bump
  8. 36”depth 77” width 27” height in good shape. Asking 100$ Central nj
  9. Technically avoided the skunk last night as hooked a broken line with my mag darter and noticed some tugging as I was wrapping up the line. Ended up being like a 12-15” bluefish that swallowed the hook on wire leader. Cut the wire leader as close as possible and watch it swim away.
  10. I’ll take it for the 125. Is the jointed eel still in play. Either way I’ll take it
  11. I’m interested but what is going on right underneath the reel seat. It that from you cutting the butt?
  12. Did you cut the 2” or previous owner ?
  13. I was lucky enough in my township to have it cleared in the 60 days that was allotted. First time FID and handgun permit.
  14. Every once in a while I’ll do this when it’s really disgusting on some RB beaches. I’ll use whatever plastic shopping bags that washed up to pick up peoples trash and they leave everything. (Tents, bait containers, plastic jersey barrier, beer bottles) sometimes people don’t understand that could be a reason a spot gets shut down. Carry in and carry out
  15. You can also try and hydro dip the head if it doesn’t come clean