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  1. Thoughts and prayers , red
  2. Have the same one that @Sandflee is talking about. Have had it on my summit climber for years never had a problem and very easily accessible. I’ve adjusted my seat on my climber a handful of times with it in there. I don’t advise it but just giving an example.
  3. Was there Saturday night with a buddy. Nice place bar staff was friendly and some good bourbon. Will be returning soon.
  4. Ain’t that the truth. Don’t drive in the left lane with your hazards on!!!!
  5. Since I bought my house this year. Was one of my goals but 1 I haven’t been out hunting that much this year (work to much) 2 I would like to pick up a vacuum sealer and grinder before hand and haven’t gotten around to it.
  6. Left candy out this morning, on my way home now. Either the squirrels ate it all or one kid had a great night
  7. Nice buck forester, congrats
  8. Had he same thing happen to me. Right out of my checking account $$$$$$$$. Had to close the checking account and open a new one. They had a description of what it was for but didn’t know where it came from. Chase was quick about getting my money back and denying that transaction. Hopefully everything turns out good for you.
  9. The 8 pointer I shot in 2014 was in front of my camera on video in a scrape it was pretty sweet. One I’ll never forget
  10. I’m in thanks
  11. I’m itching over here to get out with all the activity I hear is going on. Damn work!! I’m off 5 days beginning of November hoping to take something down just to fill the freezer.
  12. Awesome recap!! Thanks for the story
  13. I was the same way never had confidence in them until a couple years ago. Only really have luck with white and white curly tails. Never had luck with the synthetic uncle josh styles tails. I love tinmans teardrop bucktail for rips and they cast great.
  14. No was not meaning for it to come out that way. Sorry