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  1. Only going to come down for Saturday and Sunday now but still in for bbq
  2. I don't doubt the possibility that there was a large white shark there , would actually be more surprised if there wasn't one. I did however see a mola mola on Sunday in the east end making quite a splash. As far as the seals go I have not seen too many there lately. There was a young one that was hanging around quite a bit just before fourth of July though on the cape side.
  3. Steve I'm a lousy cook but I can bring some chips
  4. There were quite a few traps lined up on the edge of the rocks on the cape side some still with lobsters in them a couple nights ago. Hope the guy that set them got the lobsters before they went to waste.....
  5. Been having the same problem all week . Did all right at night but after the sun started coming up I pretty much couldn't catch anything, just two all week during the daylight. Seemed like they were feeding pretty heavy on sand eels and the two I did catch during the day were on the vision sand eels which was something I never tried using before but figured I had nothing to loose. Did loose a sebile floater this week though , if anyone finds it it had some pretty good mojo.
  6. From the album Forum Attachments

  7. I'm by no means a canal pro but I usually can catch something, this weekend I couldn't catch anything nor did I see anyone else with any fish. Maybe I should sacrifice some more jigs to the canal gods?????????
  8. Conratulations Steve!!!
  9. Sounds great!
  10. I stopped by and fished for a few hours this am, saw a few trolls wearing troll gear but nobody I remember meeting before. Really would have loved to have fished the entire weekend and met up with some of you guys to put faces to names but work and family wouldn't allow it this time. Hopefully this fall it will cause last fall was a blast.
  11. Saw the funnel cloud in Springfield when I was heading homw from work. So far it seems like nobody died but some significant damage done.
  12. I'll be there.I wanted to go on Friday to try and get some Hab's but couldn't make it with work so hopefully there might be a few left still.
  13. Ok good, I'll be there early Sunday
  14. Anyone planning on going Sunday ? Wanted to go today to get a look at some of the plugs before they are wiped out but work just won't allow it.
  15. Nice looking deer! I shot one in NY about 10 years ago but nowhere near as much white on it as this one.