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  1. I am also interested in this. Is the AWE 8’8” discontinued and replaced by the 8’6” LT! The LT is the only one listed on their web site.
  2. FS Saragosa SWA 6K Has 14# XL smooth casting on the reel Please see the pics: No jetty drops, no dunks, rinsed after use. $200.00 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping I bought this new and babied it. Includes box, schematic, shims, elastic line cover. Thanks for looking, Pat
  3. fish-on is up next Johnny Bass passes. PM incoming. If not goes to Nick
  4. Holding out for 200.00, thanks! But if you meet me in the middle at $190 we are good.
  5. Have not heard from OP so starting my own FS
  6. I have a very nice Saragosa SWA 6K I bought new, have box, shims, etc. If interested I can post pics when I get home. $200 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.
  7. Is this the LT or SW, SW is 6.2:1? LT is 5.2:1 per Diawa web site. Can you add more pics? USA purchase? Thanks!
  8. FS, Shimano Spheros 4000XG. Bought new at Tackle Direct and spooled with XL Smooth Casting 12lb. This is pretty much as new, I may have used it once or twice. The line looks unused. There is not a mark on it, and all surfaces under the drag knob spool look as new. Includes the box, shims, schematic, and original plastic bag. $99.00 shipped East Coast Firm! Other areas please contact me with your zip. Thanks for looking!
  9. If you can meet me in the middle at $80 that works. Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to you.
  10. Respectivly offering 400.00 shipped to 08037. Offer withdrawn.
  11. Trade only or would you be willing to sell the reel?
  12. Anyone have a nice condition Lamiglas GSB81MS they would like to sell. I am in South Jersey half way between Philly and AC. I do also get down to Cape May area and sometimes near LBI if that would help with pick up. Thanks for looking!
  13. Gen 2? Oops think that only applies to VR50. Are you the original owner. Was it dunked or dropped jetty or sand. How was it used? I would not want/need the line on it. Original box, tool etc?
  14. Done, PM incoming.
  15. Here we have a nice ODM NXD-1064, has been used on the open beach only. Not a mark on the upper, lower only has a small amount of rash from being in a rod holder. (See Pic) Rod is marked 3/4-4. I bought this new from Tackle Direct so the bag is included. $225.00 I can ship this in Heavy Duty 4" tube. East coast in the $30 range or less. Can meet up. I am in South Jersey half way between Philly and AC. Thanks for looking, Pat
  16. Now free shipping for East Coast only! USPS Priority Mail.
  17. The top piece is the longest, and is right around 77” (6’5”)
  18. Fathers day weekend bump!