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  1. Really appreciate it! Thanks for the heads up, will scratch it from the list.
  2. Thanks, I am familiar with that rod, trying to be in the 200-250-range, but that could be what I end up with.
  3. Sorry same here, would just send one. Pat
  4. I have at least one.
  5. Bought new one on line.
  6. Looking for a nice condition Suzuki 962 9' 6" surf rod spinning Shipping to 08037 South Jersey, or local meet up within reason. Thanks for looking, Pat
  7. I am also looking to do this now: BH Suzuki 9' 6" Shimano Thunnus CI4 4000
  8. Lamiglas B7320S and BG2500 done!
  9. I have BG3000, Saragosa 5000, but I love my Thunnus CI4 4000-light and smooth.
  10. WTB St. Croix Triumph 9' TSRS90M2 or maybe someone has something in the same ball park, or a better idea. Will be using with a Saragosa 6000 out front in South Jersey. Thanks for looking, Pat Would need to be shipped to 08037 South Jersey area, or meet up within reasonable distance.
  11. Thanks, let me know if you decide to ship and I will take it.
  12. It’s a 2 pc rod right? Would you ship to South Jersey AC area?
  13. Sure, PM incoming
  14. Let me know if you could do 200.00 shipped and I will take it? Pat
  15. SOLD! Thanks Dino
  16. Have 3 jars of Uncle Josh pork rinds, these jars are salt water striper focused baits. 32.00 shipped CONTI USA only
  17. Hi, Looking for a Shimano Thunnus CI4 8000 in lightly used condition. Thanks for looking! Pat
  18. Hi, I thought I would be using this more, so wanted to offer it up for sale. Penn Torque 5 Bailed Black/Gold Serviced by Penn 7/30 and fished a half dozen times Comes with box, manual, stock knob, rubber power knob, and installed metal power knob. 399.00 Includes USPS Priority Insured Mail This is ready to ship and fish Freshly spooled with 17lb Suffix Advanced Mono 399.00 shipped is the price so please don't ask, don't really need to sell it. Trades-The only thing I would take in trade: Shimano Thunnus CI4 8000 in Minty condition 200.00 allowance. Thanks for looking! Pat
  19. ok, here are some pics of the spool: and a pic showing the up dated main shaft
  20. Hi, No damage to the inner spool to knick your line when casting. Yes you are seeing a couple imperfections on the outer spool lip.